Analyzing the Bears off-season... from a not so great source.

Unfortunately I do not live in Illinois, in fact to be precise I live 1,110 miles from Olivet Nazarene University to my front door. I absolutely hate it, I hate Florida and I hate the heat especially (the team as well). So I have been unable to attend any of the Bears training camp, I am mad of course because I seem a little left out of the whole process of seeing McClellin playing DE for the first time and Urlacher working on his knee once again. It all seems, well, unfair to me. But I decided to go ahead and analyse the Bears off-season with what knowledge I currently have. If my analysis is not up to par, pay to move me to Illinois and get me a job, I'll be more than happy too. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. I don't want to live in Humboldt Park, I want to live in Edison Park. So no job at Mickey D's.

The Offense:

Between the acquisition of Brandon Marshall and the added dimension to the QB and HB positions, the Bears have done a great job. They brought in key guys that will boost the offense into at least a top ten offense. With the rocket arm of Cutler, the legs of Forte, and the hands of Marshall the Bears offense should be improved dramatically especially after seeing the huge improvement of Jay Cutler before he had gotten injured last year. Also, did I mention Forte finally got his contract? I didn't? Oh sorry, well, he did.

The Defense:

No, the Bears did not go out and sign a huge name like Mario Williams. But they did draft smart and they signed key guys that will improve their defense. With the addition of Shea McClellin, Peppers will have the athletic pass rusher he has needed for a long time. It may take a few games, or maybe even a season for McClellin to be deadly but until then Idonije should definitely suffice. But back to the signed free agents, the Bears went out and signed OLB, Geno Hayes and CB, Kelvin Hayden. Both were solid pick-ups especially Hayden, Hayden could easily take over for Tim Jennings by the end of the preseason, easily.

Special Teams:

With CB, Corey Graham, moving to the Baltimore Ravens, the Bears lost one the best gunners in the league. But the Bears still have the best special teams coach in the NFL in Dave Toub. The Bears went out and drafted both Isaiah Frey and Greg McCoy, both were dangerous return men back in college and either could become the new gunner. But since the Bears let arguably one of the best special teamers go they brought in Blake Costanzo who is another guy that is arguably the best special teamer in the NFL. But of course don't forget about the addition of Eric Weems who is in the top five of best return men in the NFL. Under Devin Hester the Bears easily have the best special teams unit once again.

Biggest worry for the Bears:

The Biggest worry would have to be, is there enough. Is there enough talent throughout this roster to make it to the super bowl and win it. There is also the unknowing of how good this offense will be, Marshall could continue to drop passes and maybe Cutler is not as good as we all think. Overall, what I said is what no Bears fan wants to think. But what if this whole new face lift of the Bears just doesn't work out?

We will see where this team takes Chicago, maybe to the super bowl or maybe to a disappointing season. You never know, that's what's so great about sports. Thanks for reading.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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