Things I can't help but hate.

As competitive as sports are, being a fan can often rival that competition. Inside even the most educated fan is a meatball dying to prove his fandom is superior to others. I've compiled a list of things that often upset me (but really shouldn't) that other fans do.

1. Ranting on and on about their fantasy team, DURING A BEARS GAME. Seriously dude, you have the other 10 hours of this day to complain or brag, shut 'er down during the game bro, literally no one else cares.

2. Expressing any interest in another team. People who claim "that's my AFC team" or "they aren't in the Bears division" are awful people whose allegiance should forever be questioned. The NFL schedule is 16 games long, there simply isn't enough games in a year to allow such actions.

3. Listening to sports talk radio and expressing their sentiment, word for word, as your opinion. This is one that is just impossible for me to be polite about. When you hear someone doing this, stop them and tell them you heard it already. It will benefit you and them.

4. Anyone who puts their own name on a Bears Jersey. This one doesn't really need a reason behind it. If you do such a thing you are a bad person.

5. Bears fans who like college football more than the pros. It is fine to like college ball more than the pros, but you need to concede any allegiance to a pro team if you do. You can like the NFL, but if you like college more you can not like a specific NFL team, if you choose this lifestyle.

6. Fans wearing Bears gear and knowing nothing about the product. Last year I was talking to an acquaintence of mine who was decked out in Bears hat and Peppers jersey. I mentioned how terrible the Roy Williams pickup was, not only did he not know of the pickup, he was very excited that Williams was joining. You are not allowed to have such asinine opinions while representing that you are a fan of a team I also enjoy. It makes me look like an idiot, and any other self-respecting Bears fan who has watched a game in the past 5 years.

7. Missing more than one game in a season. If your job schedules you during game time, you quit it's that simple. If a family plans something during a game you get emancipated. If you claim you are a fan and are asking me what happened in the game, our conversation is over.

8. Not watching in HD. The technology is there people, throw down the $275 for an HD tv if for nothing else Bears football.

9. Claiming watching at home or at the stadium is vastly superior than the other. Each way is fine and has its own merits. I like watching at home slightly more, but I also enjoy going to a game or two live, you know what's fun about both? THAT IT'S THE BEARS!

10. Buying or wearing a jersey of any non-Bears players. I have friends who like certain players (see reason 1) and buy their jerseys. That is conceding that you would rather represent some dude on another team than you would someone on your own favorite team, that reason alone should make you feel great shame and discomfort.

That's it for now, all of those things truly annoy the hell out of me, and probably shouldn't.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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