Week 2 Picks

Anyone else feel that, if this first TNF game did not feature Da Bears, it would come across as a lot more annoying and kinda throw us all off-kilter? In any case, having a game every Thursday night throughout the season is an interesting move by the NFL. We'll see how that plays out.

I know I went 6-10 last week with my picks, but I've tried to learn from my mistakes. I'm also one step closer to the realization that predicting the outcome of an NFL game is an exercise in futility. Not that it'll deter me or anything...


Bears @ Packers:
For the 1st time in...recent memory, the Bears have an offense that can keep pace with the Packers' own prolific attack. Our D has also been pretty consistently good against the Packers, limiting the explosive offense and keeping Aaron Rodgers in check. The question is, will Jay Cutler be able to dissect that suspect defense and put some points on the board? The offensive line is the key to this game, and I think they take the confidence gained from Sunday and play their hearts out in this one.
Predictions: Urlacher picks off Rodgers. Melton is a disruptive force in the middle, but does not notch a sack. The Packers total less than 50 rushing yards.

Cowboys @ Seahawks:
This should be an interesting game. The Cowboys are coming off an impressive road win against the reigning champs, and the 'Hawks are trudging home after a loss to the soul- QB-searching Arizona Cardinals. I have one real reason for choosing Seattle: The 12th Man. Qwest field is arguably the toughest venue for road teams, and the Seahawks' defense should capitalize.
Predictions: Wilson throws 3 TD passes and adds another on the ground. Earl Thomas shows off his athleticism and football IQ on an interception of Romo. Murray totals over 100 scrimmage yards, but does not find the end zone.

Broncos @ Falcons:
The Broncos are coming off a comfortable victory against the Steelers. The Falcons offense was its own hype machine against the Chiefs. Manning looks to be in form, but Matt Ryan should be able to match him play for play, masterstroke for masterstroke, especially with the home-field advantage. The Falcons arsenal of offensive weapons, led by Julio Jones, proves too much for the Broncos D, and the Falcons should take this one in a shootout.
Predictions: The winning QB throws less TD passes. Peyton Manning makes a play that proves he's back and asserts his HOF-worthy awesomeness. Michael Turner rushes for about 60 yards, but hits paydirt twice.

UPSET SPECIAL--Jets @ Steelers:
The Jets showed me something last week. In particular, Sanchez proved, against an allegedly good defense, that he can play QB in this league. At a high level. It'll be the Jets consistently good defense that wins them this game, however, as these two teams make the case that defense is still relevant in the 21st-century NFL.
Predictions: This game features a total of 7 turnovers. Tim Tebow rushes for a TD. The game comes down to a last-minute field goal.

There it is. My picks, and some selected explanations, for week 2. I'm hoping for much better than 6-10. Preferably, I get at least 11 right and edge above 50% on the season. But, any given Sunday...(or Thursday, or Monday...)

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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