Fantasy Poll, Week 2

Hey all - I forgot the weekly poll in the Tuesday article, since we have the Thurs game. After the jump, weigh in on Bears players and their fantasy destinies this week.

Last week (4 days ago), Jay Cutler finished 8th among Quarterbacks, Matt Forte 8th among Running Backs, Michael Bush 10th among RBs, Brandon Marshall 6th among Wide Receivers, Alshon Jeffery 12th among WRs, Robbie Gould 12th among Kickers and the Bears D/ST 8th among D/ST units. The poll asked simply who would finish highest at their specific position, to account for point differentials. I used standard ESPN scoring for this exercise. The answer was Brandon Marshall, but man did we see a lot of fantasy production from our beloved Bears. In a 12 team league, we had 1 QB, 2 RBs, 2 WRs, 1 K, and 1 D/ST all qualify as "#1s" scoring wise. That might be a franchise fantasy football record.

In PPR land, the correct answer stayed Marshall as he bumped up to #3 at his position.

Also, this week, since Sat. is too late:

Jay Cutler is still a borderline #1/#2, and not a must start...until he does this again, then I will truly, truly believe. The true sign of trust is starting someone in a league over an expert predicted better play when money is on the line!

Brandon Marshall is a must start at #1/#2 WR

Matt Forte is a must start at #1/#2 RB

RB Michael Bush is a valid Flex option, but I won't push him as a starter quite yet. WR Alshon Jeffery is probably still a bench player in my opinion, unless you are terribly thin (like say, you drafted Beanie Wells and David Nelson type guys as flex plays and can't use them now). Not being down on the rookie, but he is a rookie and much as people hate the "if you take away this 1 play" argument, I find it very useful in statistic studies, analytics, and fantasy football...and without his 43 yard TD catch, he wasn't in the top 36 receivers as a 2 catch, 40 yard player.

The Kicker is "Gould" as we may kick more FGs this week.

Our D/ST is a tough call. I am riding them out, as I did with the 49ers in a league last week. Simply put, if you are the type to carry two and have two good ones, feel free to go another direction, but if its the top 10 Bears D/ST or a FA street pickup, well... do we know enough about the NFL to play the matchups yet? I wouldn't...not when the Jets just scored 48.

Who do we think is the highest ranked fantasy play at their position this week?

Cutler, Marshall, Forte, Jeffery, Bush, Gould, the D/ST, Bennett? The Sanzenmafia?

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