Final Fantasy Football IV: Internal Struggle and Stuff

It's at this point in the Fantasy Football season that you're either making plans for the championship game or joining the multitude of others in bemoaning their team's poor fortune. So this can also double as your "My Fantasy Team Sucks!" Post. My team has Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson; by default, it sucks. But anyway.

You also have lots of tough decisions to make with regards to your roster. Byes start this week, so you'll be wrestling with who to start while your top draft pick is out. I wanted to start Andrew Luck at this point, but he's on bye, and Matthew Stafford's been missing a little time, so I have to consider dropping one of my backup RBs to bring in a third quarterback. Or I sit and pray with Stafford. Internal struggles and stuff. Nothing to the tune of Cecil becoming a Paladin or anything like that, but struggle enough.

The results from last week:

Orange Shy Guy (Steven S., 119.82, 2-1) Defeats DJMooreshrug (Dave G., 70.08, 1-2)
Toughactin Tinactins (David T., 157.20, 2-1) Defeats Cuddly Babystealers (Kev H., 126.82, 2-1)
Victorious Secret (Ashley C., 104.42, 2-1) Defeats Hanie-mentum (Steve R., 92.22, 0-3)
MobyDickinaFishbowl (J'Dave, 119.98, 2-1) Defeats I'm A Man I'm Forte (Sam, 63.72, 2-1)
Drunken Polar Bears (TJ, 127.08, 2-1) Defeats Chicago Wildcards (Brendan, 62.70, 0-3)
Lovie's Stern Mind (Doshi, 132.24, 2-1) Defeats Gimme Pizza (Kay P., 78.30, 1-2 / 0-1)

Okay, I'll give Kay a pass, for her just jumping in. But Brendan, no excuses, son. At least outperform Ronk. Come on, man. Aside from that, there's a massive cluster at 2-1. So, this week, time to break the cluster.

This week's sched:

Orange Shy Guy (Steven S., 2-1, 0.00) vs Victorious Secret (Ashley C., 2-1, 0.00)
Cuddly Babystealers (Kev H, 2-1, 0.00) vs DJMooreshrug (Dave G., 1-2, 30.40)
Toughactin Tinactins (Dave T, 2-1, 13.60) vs Gimme Pizza (Kay P, 1-2 / 0-1, 0.00)
I'm A Man I'm Forte (Sam, 2-1, 0.00) vs Hanie-mentum (Steve R, 0-3, 6.00)
Chicago Wildcards (Brendan, 0-3, 0.00) vs MobyDickinaFishbowl (J'Dave, 2-1, 18.70)
Lovie's Stern Mind (Doshi, 2-1, 0.00) vs Drunken Polar Bears (TJ, 2-1, 25.64)

And this week in roster pickups...

Any moves that you don't like here? How do you predict this week happening? How's your fantasy team coming along?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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