The Weekend Bears Den: January 19, 2013 - Postseason News and Notes

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Larry Mayer's Chalk Talk - Larry discusses whether Marc Trestman will call plays, if Jay Cutler will be allowed to audible, and if Trestman addressed Brian Urlacher's future with the Bears.

Trestman's GPS has Bears en route - Jim Miller: Marc Trestman said he wants to be the GPS that shows the Bears where they are going at all times. That eagerness will help his team accomplish their goals.

Trestman takes Bears, Cutler into new era - Barry Rozner: The last time the Bears took a chance like this it was on an unsophisticated, untamed special-teams coach from Dallas. Maybe risk is exactly what the Bears needed after 20 years of Wannstedt, Jauron and Lovie.

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Bears coaching moves

Bears hire assistant coaches Cavanaugh, Peete - Larry Mayer: Marc Trestman continued to assemble his staff Friday, hiring assistants Matt Cavanaugh (QBs) and Skip Peete (RBs).

Mel Tucker hired as Bears DC - Larry Mayer: Former Jaguars DC Mel Tucker is to to fill the same role in Chicago. Plus, two assistants hired from the Alouettes.

Bears make key coaching hires on offense and defense - Dan Pompei & Brad Biggs go over Trestman's coaching staff and the positions left to fill.

Bears’ Trestman might just be guy for the job - Mike Imrem: As owners of the Bears, the McCaskeys have given the impression for three decades that they would like a head coach with "academic intellect." Enter Marc Trestman, registered egghead.

Tebow to Bears? Far-fetched, interesting - Michael C. Wright: Tebow improved quickly over a short span working with Trestman prior to pro day.

Bearsss. Ditka. Polish sausage. Sackman's SuperFans t-shirt design.


Polish sausage

Matt Bowen's playbook - Why pressure sells for Patriots on 3rd down: All-22 look at Cover 1 pressure vs. Texans.

Matt Bowen's playbook - 49ers-Falcons: Is Whitner ready for Gonzalez? What can the 49ers' safety learn from the tape?

Know thy enemy: Packers - Rob Reischel: Green Bay's group of pass catchers will look largely different next season. No one knows who the RB is. The OL and kicking game need work. With free agency set to hit and other veterans soon to be jettisoned, has the window closed?

Jaguars could add Bob Babich as DC - Whatever you might think of Mel Tucker, we'd probably come out ahead in that exchange if this happens.

NFP previews The East West Shrine Game - Russ Lande breaks down five prospects who hurt their draft stock the most.'s Best of the Divisional Round Cheerleaders - A repeat appearance from a former potential future Mrs Spongie from NFL Breast Cancer Awareness month.....

Non-gridiron link of the day - "Google denies running over donkey."

Just Dave and his students doubled up on one of their videos so it seemed like a good opportunity to use this.

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