The number one goal in the Bears off-season as fans have been saying for years now, and finally we have a GM who isn't blind is to stabilize the offensive line, by that i mean have AT LEAST a top16 middle of the pack o-line, i don't think Cutler need a Patriots o-line to thrive (although wouldn't hurt)

#1 Move , signing Jake Long, 50 Million 5 years, 28 Guaranteed 10Millions/year.



The exact contract that Ryan Clady rejected, and before someone say Clady won't reach the FA, won't happen the Broncos gonna throw a truck of money to him of franchise him, people are acting like Jake Long is a washed up player, he is only 27 and is just 2 years apart from being considered a perennial all-pro LT, i don't know how can anyone even put Bushrod in the same sentence as him, this guy would at least give Cutler 1 second to throw the ball, and diminish the need to revamp the entire o-line, would be a change of mentality, can you honestly say you would hear Jake Long Bears starting Left Tackle and now be happy about it?

#2 Move - Release Devin Hester, renegotiate his salary, trade him for a pack of jujubeans



But we can't afford the luxury of eating 7 millions of cap room on a player that touches the ball 5 times a game, don't get me wrong i love #23, for some years he was the most, and the only one, thrill we would get watching a Bears game he is the best returner of all-time but he is not valuable anymore to the Bears organization and never will be a serviceable WR, the open cap space (even if is not all of it) would allow us to make another moves.

#3 Move- Re-sign Brian Urlacher 2 years 7 Million, 3 Millions guaranteed



Call me old school, sentimental whatever you want, but i don't wanna see Urlacher wearing another uniform, he needs to finish his career as a Bears and i don't think he is done, last year before the injury he had one of the best seasons of his career, he still have something on the tank plus he would ease the transition on defense, giving a feeling of continuation on that side of the ball.

#4 Move, re-negotiate Julius Peppers contract



He doesn't strike me like a guy that cares that much about money, and he already have enough to 3 generations, he seems to care about Winning (not quoting Charlie Sheen), i'm not that familiar with how contract renegotiation works in terms of cap room, but Cliff Stein is a magician and he can work something to free some room to the Bears work with it? how much i don't know, but i doubt we gonna eat 16 million of cap room on #90 only

#5 MOVE - Sign Jacob Lacey to play the nickel position



That wouldn't cost much, and will solidify an already strong secondary unit, plus would open up another draft possibility on the incoming draft.

#6 MOVE - The Draft

Trade our 1st round pick #20 for the 49ers #31 and #61




Some people gonna say he is undersized, never will work on the NFL yada yada yada, but he is one of the most electrifing players in all college, he is being compared to Percy Harvin and we certain could use one of those, he is terrific in the returning game but unlike Hester he is already perceived as a good router runner, he would challenge for playing time on the Slot position and spark the returning game

Emery was clear that he wants playmakers, and Austin have big plays ahead of him in his NFL career

50) Draft TE Tyler Eifert - Notre Dame



I know people think would be a stretch to get him in the #50 but TEs are usually not draft high, and i think all ND prospects will take a small fall on the draft after the Bama beating, i still think he can be the solution to our middle of the field lack of production

61) Draft Larry Warford OG- UK



Larry Warford is for me on of the most underrated o-lineman in the incoming draft, with all the Bama maulers taking the frontseat on the draft news and mocks people forget about him, he is strong and agile, could fit any scheme whatever is zone blocking or man blocking, never missed a single game since he become a starter , he is reliable and consistent

114) Draft Gerald Hodges LB -Penn State



Hodges is a very interesting prospect, he isn't bigger as Urlacher, but he is fast, he is versatile, scouts believe he can play all 3 positions in a 4-3 defense, and would be a viable candidate to replace Urlacher if we resign him

Round 5) DRAFT TJ JOHNSON , C, South Carolina



Round 6) DRAFT Cory Grissom, DT, South Florida



<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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