What are team could look like next season

Before i post the depth chart let me just set the situation:

Cuts: Davis, Toeania

Trades: Bush(frees Cap and not a good fit for spread) on Draft day to New York Jets For #72 3RD. #20 pick to the Broncos(Move Ahead of St.Louis for Kennan Allen OR Alec Ogletree)For #28 1RD + #90 3RD+ Future 6th RD

Player Resigning; Melton,Hayes, Roach, Izzy,Collins, Okoye, Hayden, Scott, Louis

In Free Agency

1) I think we go after a LT and a LG but only get one: Jake Long LT and Andy Levitre LG are at the top of my list. in the end i think Levitre will be most cost effective

2) TE- could be addressed in draft but i think more likely done by signing either Pitta or Keller

3)Defensive Depth DT- Derrick Landri is a solid pass rusher and can get penetration will signed for vet minimum as 5th DT

MLB- Ray Maualuga- has been playing on reputation and needs to prove himself to be as good as advertised, but a good backup for Roach signed cheap; SLB next Aaron Curry has the Talent and was a top 5 pick because of that invite to camp and see what he has left.

In Draft;

1)#28- Barrett Jones has the talent to become the Leader of this offensive line for the next decade. one of the Smartest and most versatile players in the draft

2) #50 Tyler Eifert in Every mock draft i have seen both Eifert and Ertz have slid deep into the second with the right Scenario one of the two might slide to us. Eifert is the better of the two with great hight at 6'6 250. Solid blocker with great hands and ability to make plays down the seem. That being said if we miss on both i think Kyle Long in the Best player available at the pick the possible LT of the future. great footwork and athleticism , not alot of experience but he is project player that could be a steal at 50 2 or 3 years from now.

3) #72 Marcus Wheaton is an absolute playmaker and at 6'1 he can operate out of the slot causing mismatches on Nickelbacks and LBS and brings another weapon for Cutler's Arsenal

#90 Tyran Mathieu while he has had his problem he seem to have figure out what he needs to do. We all saw the Honey Badger in his prime. his is an absolute force and could compete for the nickel back position from day one + he can Return Punts. one of the most exciting and dangerous defensive players i have ever seen. however, if the Honey Badger has not figured out that there are more important thing in life than weed this pick could be a disaster. i have high hopes though( no pun intended).

4)#114 It start to come down to Best available player. i like Quessenberyy out of SJSU but he might be gone by now. Very interesting pick i can't find out a whole lot about him. Seems like a Project player that can play Tackle but is probably most suited for Guard in the spread. Could be a future star on the Oline. However another pick here which is more realistic is Gerald Hodges LB Penn St. Hodges can and has played all three spots he is a 2.5 year starter and lead the team his SR. season with 106 tackles. He has average coverage skill but great instincts and speed( began career as a safety)

5)#148 Marcus Lattimore RB South Carolina. IF we could Luck in Lattimore in the 5th round that would be an absolute steal. While he may not be 100% next season. If recovers from his knee injury we could have the next Adrain Peterson. However, the is a big IF. because if he doesnt recover from his second severe Knee injury we could have a swing and a miss player but in the 5th round i think it is worth the risk.

6) #180 T.J. Johnson C South Carolina Depth pick right now but with time could play Guard and with Garza gone next year it time to solidify the interior offensive Line. He was a 3 year starter and team captain. He has never missed a game and could be a future starter on the offensive line

Rookie FA Looks: Nick Clancy LB BC, Jordan Rodgers QB Vandy, Zack Boren FB Ohio State, Roy Roundtree WR Mich,Jake Stonbrener TE Ohio st, Secondary Players and KR+PRs

QB: Jay Cutler,McCown,Blanchard

RB:Forte,Lattimore Allen

H-Back: Spaeth

WR 1: Marshell

WR 2: Jeffery

Slot 1: Bennett, Hester

Slot 2: Wheaton,Weems

TE: Pitta, Eifert, E-Rod

LT: Webb, Brown

LG: Levitre,Jones

C:Jones,Garza, Johnson

RG: Garza/Louis(will Probably miss a good chunk of next season)

RT: Carimi, Scott

RE: Peppers ,Ozougwa /Stand Up End: McCellin

1 Tech:Paea, Collins

3 Tech: Melton, Okoye, Landri

LE: Wooton/ Izzy

WLB: Briggs,Costanzo

MLB:Roach, Maualuga

SLB:Hayes, Hodges, Curry

CB1: TIllman,Frey

CB2: Jennings,McMantis

NB: Hayden/Mathieu

FS:Conte, Hardin, Walters

SS:Wright, Steltz

Future Needs LT, LB,CB, DE

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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