Bostic Breakdown: Game 1

1st series

-1st and 10: a run to the left. Bostic read his key correct, attacked his gap,almost over ran but was in the on the tackle.

-2nd and 9: read option to the right, quarter back keeper, tight end off the line, fullback lined up to the left of quarterback, Reed from the opposite side blocked Major, Briggs was in a containment position outside and got blocked by tight end, fullback took on Bostic, Bostic kept play inside, and Shea at the end position attacked the running back, RG keeps the ball and gains a first down, Conte takes a horrible angle to the ball. (According to their assignments I wonder who Tucker was thinking should've made the tackle?)

-1st and 10: mix up on this play, suppose to be a play action, running backs ran to the wrong side, only one wideout on the field, wideout to the left, tight end to the right, wide out runs a vertical and Reed runs a post corner. Those that say Bostic bites on play action, well he bit the same as Anderson and briggs which puts him in good company. Wright plays Reed man for man and Reed ends up wide open. Conte could've been playing the middle of field to watch out for the vertical and Reeds down the field release.

-1st and 10: RG hands the ball off to the right and Morris fumbles and they lose 17.

-2nd and 27: Pass play, no play action, Bostic lined up over Reed, Reed release and sits into a zone in between Bostic and Briggs, no defensive fault in my eyes, smart play by Reed, I don't wanna hear it's Bostic's fault for allowing the reception because this will and has happened before Bostic, and it will happen after.

-3rd and 12: Bostic not on field, Briggs and Anderson blitz, pass dropped by Garcon on a slant, field goal

2nd Series

-1st and 10: Toss right, Bostic reads his key correctly, Briggs plays the edge perfectly, Briggs shoe string tackles Morris, Bostic is in position to make the tackle if Briggs missed.

-2nd and 12: Bostic not in, Reed manned up by Briggs, Reed runs a 5 and out, Briggs makes the tackle on Reed.

-3rd and 7: Bostic not in, Redskins motion over reed from right to the left which lines the redskins up with two receivers to both sides, to the right Frey and and Jennings are over their receiver, to the left tillman is over the far receiver, wright and conte are 8 yards off the LOS, briggs and Anderson are in the A gap ready to blitz, nobody is over Reed lined up inside on the left side, on hike wright and Anderson blitz, briggs drops into a zone to the right side of the field, Conte drops straight middle, Tillman is left covering two guys, Outside receiver runs a post corner and Reed runs a curl, Reed was wide open.

-1st and 10: Redskins line up two tights to the right, Bostic lines up over the inside tight end, Anderson lines up over the outside tight ends, safties are lined up more than 10 yards away from LOS, two receiver set, one back in the back field, major starts walking up for a planned blitz to the week side of formation, this leaves only two corners and Conte in coverage, on high line pulls strong and fast to the left, all linebackers go with the flow, RG fakes to morris and rolls back right, all 3 linebackers try to recover, RG rolls and runs right with open field because everybody but the secondary were fooled, secondary holds there coverage so RG takes off down the field with Anderson giving chase.

-2nd and 2: Redskins run inside to the right, Anderson gets blocked cleanly by the left tackle, the play was to be made by either Minter, Paea or Briggs, the ran to Briggs gap, Briggs was blocked by the tight end lined up to the right side of the formation, Bostic attempted to make play and was held and bear hugged by the left guard, Peppers makes the tackle.

-1st and 10: Redskins hand off to the left, play was to be made by peppers or Anderson, Peppers attacked inward instead of outward, tight end lined up to the left of formation was able to get Anderson to flow through the gap inside of him, Bostic had to respect the fullback key up the A gap but in following his key, Morris continued his outside track with no problem, again, play was to be made by either peppers or Anderson. Holding call was called on the receiver blocking tillman, after Morris ran for a first down.

-1st and 13: Toss to Morris right, Briggs Scrapes and misses tackle, Tackle made by Cohen, while scraping to play side Bostic was Bear hugged by the left tackle zoning to the right, any time I use the words bear hugged it could be called for a flag.

-2nd and 9: read option to the left, tight end to the left, both bostic and shea take on the back, Briggs from the weak side sees the flow to the opposite side he is met by the fullback, Also during this play Conte is rolling up for a strong side blitz, in essence the fullback clogs up both Conte and Briggs, the tight end lined up on the play side blocks and holds Anderson, but its a sneaky hold, RG keeps the ball for positive yards.

-1st and 10: Redskins attempt a zone run to the left and Wooten gets in the backfield and makes the tackle.

-2nd and 14: pass play, no play action, Anderson lined up other the slot receiver, on hike all three receivers drop into their zone, slot receiver in front of Anderson runs past Anderson into a post route, pass is delivered soon as he cuts into his post, the route was in front of the safeties, and no there wasn't anything Bostic could've done to prevent this pass and catch.

-1st and 10: This run for a touchdown told me a lot about the safeties assignment for the day, I assume they were told not to jump on any play action until they could confirm it was a run, Helu takes this one to the house from the 14 yard line, I have the screen on pause and it looks as if we don't have enough men on the field, looking at the play theres no way you can tell me that are line still attacks gaps like they use to be assigned, the play was to be made by either Paea or Peppers, at hike all three of our linebackers were ambushed by lineman, if any one linebacker was to get away it could've been Anderson because he was being blocked by a tight end, every backer was blocked, and every lineman except for the backside end was blocked, something aint right with this picture, perfect play call on the redskins end, Wright is lined up to the opposite side of play too because he is locked up on Reed, that leaves only Conte, how comforting, touchdown

3rd series

-1st and 10: Dive to the left side, Bostic and Anderson blocked well, Briggs makes the tackle.

-2nd and 8: All linebackers read their keys, Briggs was the first to recognize the end around, Bass makes the stop behind the LOS.

-3rd and 19: Bostic not in, Redskins trying to set up the screen, RG got pressure from wooten sooner than he wanted, RG made a bad incomplete pass, punt.

4th series

-1st and 10: Dive run, Briggs and Bostic take on the fullback, Morris ran to the side of Briggs because took on the fullbacks right shoulder which was the same gap assignment for Bostic, Morris ran to the right of his fullback, tackle made by Jennings and Bostic.

-2nd and 5: On a power toss to the left the play was to be made by Anderson and Bostic, Anderson loses his footing and falls, that fall takes Peppers out, Bostic should have been able to scrape and make the play but what a lot didn't see was the play side guard get a hold of his jersey or arm and pull him to slow him down, by the time he breaks free of another holding the running back runs by him.

-1st and 10: This play was saving by Briggs. There is a read option look on this play, the Tight end releases and blocks Anderson, both Briggs and Bostic read and attack their keys, Again Bostic making the same supposed mistake as Briggs if yall think he is suppose to do something different, good company to be in I guess, two receivers release, one on each side, wright is locked up on Reed but he doesn’t release he blocks wright, Jennings receiver runs an over route across the field, he is basically wide open, but briggs breaks up the pass, this is the same play that was ran in the first quarter and briggs broke up the pass, because again the receiver was open.

-2nd and 10: Ok, the redskins run another run option play, Reed, and fullback are lined up to RG’s right, they fake the dive to fullback so Bostic takes him on, Reed takes on Anderson, that leaves the outside receiver to take on corner, and defensive end Wooten to deal with RG and Morris, Briggs on the other side got taken out by the guard. How is an end suppose to slow play an option with no help?

-3rd and 3: RG slides to his left looking for the pass but the coverage was good, only one safety because Wright was locked up on Reed, Reed didn’t release so Wright attacked the backfield. No Bostic on the field. Turn over on downs. Hester scores on the very next play.

5th series

-1st and 10: Redskins run a dive, both Bostic and Briggs make the tackle.

-2nd and 5: Redskins attempt to run a lead, Bostic reads his key and explodes through his gap to blow up the fullback, Shea makes the tackle for a loss.

-3rd and 6: Redskins release four receivers, trips to one side, Bears are playing man with one safety on top, Conte is locked on Reed, But Conte is lined up 12 yards away from Reed, Reed runs an Over across the field, Briggs and Anderson blitz up the A gaps, Bostic is off the field, pass is complete to Reed for a first down.

-1st and 10: Now this play seems to be the one the Bears practice for, the fullback is to RG’s left, the tight motions across to the right, on hike the fullback comes across to the right, the play fake goes to morris instead of the fullback, Shea takes on the fullback, Anderson takes on the tight end, Briggs scrapes and bust through the guards block, Bostic takes on morris and wins, RG trys to take the play wide to the right but Bostic is too fast for him so RG concedes as Briggs is tracking him down too. Hands to the face penalty called on Cohen.

-1st and 10: One receiver to each side, two tights to the right, RG tosses the ball to the right, Both tight ends double on Briggs, Bostic sees the toss and fires through the gap, Bostic slows Helu real good, but misses the tackle, Tackle made by Cohen and Anderson.

-2nd and 13: Redskins line up five receivers, Bostic is playing spy in the middle, Bears lock up man for man, RG hits the curl route ran by Helu to the right side of the field.

-3rd and 8: Bostic not on the field, Redskins line up 5 receivers, three receivers to the left, im confused to what we are playing, it looks like the corners and wright were manned and Conte, Briggs, and Frey were in a zone, on hike Briggs shades to the three receiver side, which is the left side, the inside receiver Garcon from the right runs an under route across the field, underneath briggs and is wide open for the first down. They should just run the same play because this route has been open the whole game.

-1st and 10: Redskins run a zone run to the right, Bostic reads his key, attacks his gap and blows the play, Briggs comes in on the help.

-2nd and 11: Four receiver set, two on each side, tight line up by receivers, wright and Jennings on the right side, Anderson and tillman on the left side, on hike redskins run a fake zone run to the right, awesome fake, both briggs and Bostic attack the run play, RG rolls to the left, Anderson and Bass giving chase, not sure if we are running man defense or zone, either way Anderson shouldn’t be giving chase, he should be in his zone or manned up with the receiver you don’t see on the screen, Handerson wide up gets the catch and takes it to the four, something I just noticed, Hankerson was the outside receiver to the right of RG and he ran an under across the field, on the hike Jennings stepped up for run support so I assume they were playing a zone, but tillman on the otherside is manned up, and so is wright, Conte was the lone safety, he came up and made the tackle. I don’t know what the heck we were running. Aw yeah Briggs was on the field so you cant say Bostic called the defense, so maybe this defensive call goes above Briggs head.

-1st and goal at the 4: Lead play to the left, Morris spins out of a Briggs tackle while Briggs was fighting off a blocker, Bostic makes the tackle.

-2nd and goal at the 2: RG fakes the run, looks like we are locked up man for man, Briggs blitzes and just misses the sack, wright is locked on Paulson but looses track of him, Bostic was spying the qb, both bit on RG’s stare down to the right side of the field, RG rolls to the left while trying to run from Briggs, RG throws a bad ball to a wide open Paulson, incomplete pass. Conte was playing in the middle of the field in the endzone and honestly not sure what he was doing.

-3rd and goal: This is the miscommunication play where Reed is lined up by himself to the right. Conte runs over but lines up five yards off, he cant get burnt so that was stupid, he should have been aggressive, but that isn’t who Conte is, touchdown redskins.


6th Series

-1st and 10: Read option play,two tight ends, outside tight end lined up to the right motions over to become the fullback, Briggs battles througha hold by right tackle, left tackle blocks Anderson, Bostic plays his proper read which is the fake handoff to morris, the fullback takes on Briggs, Tillman is the only defender to the outside of the play to the left and he has a receiver in front of him, Tillman and Briggs run RG out of bounds.

-2nd and 1: two tights, two receivers, one of each on each side, the dive is to the left, Bostic sees it and attacks his gap, Morris cuts back to the right side of the field, Briggs is there for the cutback and makes the tackle in the backfield.

-3rd and 1: Pass play, Bostic not on the field, trips to the left, tight end to the right, all receivers release, Morris stays in the backfield to block and four man rush, we lock up man to man, Briggs and Anderson play a shallow zone in the middle, Conte the lone safety, Hankerson a receiver lined up in the trips ran a curl and dropped and uncontested pass which would’ve been a first down.

7th series

-1st and 10: Redskins line up with one receiver and tight end to each side, Both Bostic and Briggs step un into the A gaps, Redskins run a stretch to the left, right guard locks onto Briggs, left guard locks onto Bostic, left tackle locks onto Bass, Anderson is blocked by Reed, two safties up top, for some reason Wright after high, key word is after, runs up to protect the backside of run though RG isn’t bootlegging, there is no receiver now running back to the side Wright runs up on, that leaves Conte being the last line of defense. Perfect blocking.

-1st and 10: Read option to the left, Tillman takes on his receiver, Reed takes away Wright, the defensive end Bass takes on Morris who gets the play fake, the fullback to the play side takes on Briggs, Bostic takes on RG and wins. If memory serves me correct we are totally screwed when the fullback gets the play fake. Also it seems were are more successful when we let the end take the dive read and let the linebacker get the qb, especially when it’s Bostic. I had to put that in there. Briggs gets hurt on this play. He gives a strong diving effort at qb and the fullback/tight end throws his body weight on briggs as Briggs hits the ground.

-2nd and 9: Redskins fake the dive to the left, the tight end from the right side motions over to the left, I assume he becomes Costanzo’s man, the fullback is Reed, Reed is lined up to the left side, on hike RG fakes the five to the left and Reed comes across behind the LOS and releases into the flats on the right side of the field, not sure whether the fullback would be Bostic or Andersons man as he moves away from the dive action, I would have to assume the dive man belongs to Bostic, Both Bostic and Anderson read the dive, Wright was lined up over the tight end that motioned from the right, Wright stands firm lined up on the right side of the formation, on hike Wright attacks the back field, I wonder if wright is suppose to cover a release from his side, Reed runs right by Wright, I have to make the assumption that Wright was suppose to lay a hat on Reed and then continue his attack to the qb because that’s what I would’ve had him do, Reed ends up wide open in the flat, Anderson gets Reed out of bounds with Bostic giving chase behind him.

-1st and 10: Redskins run a dive to the left, Paea and Bass should’ve made the play but got held and latched on nicely, Bostic gets latched on by the guard, Anderson gets latched on to by the right guard, Costanzo is paying more to the pass then reading the run, He allows Reed to run him away from the play, Anderson continues scraping through his block, Anderson and Cohen make the tackle.

-2nd and 5: RG fakes a dive to the left, one receiver lined up to the left, trips bunch to the right, inside receivers on the bunch block down, two receivers release, Conte is the lone safety, the outside bunch receiver runs a vertical or a post as a decoy, the receiver lined up on the left side in front of tillman runs an arrow aimed at the right corner of the endzone, this is uncoverable route when the qb has time, after dive fake RG rolls to the right, Anderson’s man is open in the flat, Bostic looks dumbfounded trying to figure out who he should cover after the dive fake, only three receivers are in play, RG throws to tillmans man and gains a chunk of yards.

-1st and 10: Redskins line up one receiver and one tight to each side, the run a sweep to the right, Bostic sheds a guards block and shoots through his gap to cover cut back, Costanzo looks like he counted to five and then decide to run for support, Bass looked like Shea trying to hold up the end, Anderson gets pancaked by the playside tackle, Two safeties up top, again they must have been told to make sure it’s not a pass because there definitely wasn’t much support, Aw yeah Conte ran over after the back was five yards out of bounds. Redskins running the No-huddle since Briggs isn’t in. So don’t put that on Bostic, call that smart coaching. It looked like Wright hurt an ankle, but no. He was called over to the sideline and Steltz was put in. Steltz came in not sure where to line up. Realize it’s not Bostic’s responsibility to line up the secondary.

-2nd and 2: Before the hike know that there is a tight end and and receiver lined up tight to the line to the right of RG, with Morris in the pistol, Anderson is lined up over the guard, Jennings is lined up over his receiver, Jennings is two yards off of his receiver making him an easy block, Steltz is lined up 12 yards off of the tight end lined up to the right side, so we are again overmatched by the lineup, Redskins run a zone to right, not sure what the heck Shea was doing, looks like he took contact and then ran to the side line, Bostic looked tired and got latched onto by a guard, Anderson was in position to make a clean tackle and looked like he didn’t want none and allowed himself to be hit by the play side tackle, but could’ve made the tackle before he even got touched by the tackle, Steltz at least shows his face and makes the tackle.

-1st and goal: No huddle, same formation, Redskins run a zone to the left, play should be made by peppers, costanzo or Bostic, all three had a player latched on, Conte has slow reaction, peppers didn’t looked like he tried to hard to make a play, Bostic gets held by the playside guard but still looks super tired, Costanzo looks like trash getting blocked by the tight end, Conte gets ran slap over, touchdown. Bowman looked like he was waiting for one of his teammates to make a play.

8th Series

-1st and 10: RG fakes the zone run to the left, Bostic reads the run and attacks, RG rolls out to the right, redskins release three receivers to the right, coverage is pretty decent, RG out rolls Bass trying to contain the end, Anderson and Bass run RG out of bounds.

-2nd and 4: No huddle, oh wow, Redskins run zone read to the weak side, to the left, with only fullback and tailback, no tight end, the play side tackle attacks bostic, bostic fights through the block, Bostic gets held by the tackle, Bostic fights through the tackles hold only to be met by fullback, pepper reads the fake dive to morris, Anderson gets taken out by a guard Costanzo has a fullback in front of him with no ball, Costanzo attacks the morris though the play fake already took place, fullback has no one to block so he attacks Bostic, remind you I still don’t see a safety, and no RG has no intention on passing the ball, Peppers realizes morris doesn’t have the ball so he gives chase to RG, Costanzo wonders why peppers is running in the other direction so he starts to turn his hips to follow Peppers chase, Anderson is scraping through the guards block, Bostic and Tillman force RG out of bounds while everybody else looks slow as dirt, Conte shows his face as RG steps out of bounds.

-1st and 10: Redskins run a lead zone run to the right, perfect blocking, one receiver to each side, tight end lined up to the right, Anderson engaged by play side tackle, Bostic engaged by left guard, body on everybody but Peppers, Peppers lined up to the left, blocks so perfect the fullback has nobody to block and lays a hat on wright, Jennings and peppers ride Morris out of bounds, oh wait, here comes Conte.

-1st and 10: Redskins run a zone to the left, play to be made by peppers, Costanzo, and Bostic, for some reason Costanzo takes out the feet of a blocker attacking him though Morris was already outside of the blocker, Peppers gets up the field but Morris was already passed him, Paea and Shea hauling tale to force the play outside, Bostic scrapes through his guards block for force Morris to cut the ball up short of the side line, tackle made by Shea and Paea.

-2nd and 9: Play action by RG, not a very convincing play action like normal, Constazo drops in coverage deeper and faster than both Bostic and Briggs, Major Wright locks up his tight end, tight end stays at the LOS, two receivers release at hike, Morris releases after ball fake and Anderson picks him up so I assume they are in man, RG gets greedy by throwing to his deep receiver, he should have thrown to Jennings guy because he ran a post and he was open despite Costanzo being underneath him, RG got the touchdown, Conte goes to the girl flopping like a little girl and Tillman played the ball too short thinking he had help, touchdown.

9th Series

-1st and 10: Lead dive to the left but running back cuts it back to the right, paea and wooten get good penetration to blow up the interior blocking, if the runningback would’ve ran where he was suppose to he would still be running, Bostic attacks where the run was suppose to go and battles through a hold, Anderson adds insurance on the tackle made by Paea.

-2nd and 10: Greene in on defense, read option left, Green and Bostic read the fake inside to morris, peppers reads morris too so that’s not good, Anderson reading and watching RG, But the fullback is standing in front of him so RG has plenty of ground in front of him, refs call bogus flag on Greene. Offsetting penalties.

-2nd and 10: read option right, Shea reads the dive to morris, fullback release to Costanze, Bostic blows threw the tackles block, Shea read the fake dive and attacks RG, tackle that Bostic got by comes back to hit Bostic in the back and Bostic and Shea corner RG, peppers and Anderson finally show to help, Anderson gets the tackle.

-3rd and 7: Redskins release four receivers, Bears drop into a zone , Bostic got a depth of about 17 yards with Reed going up the middle, RG trys to hit an underneath curl on the hash but Frey breaks it up.

10th Series

-1st and 10: Redskins run a toss left, play to be made by peppers, Costanzo, and Bostic, Bostic blows by the tight end blocking him lays hat on Helu. Flag on the play, holding on defense, by Paea. -1st and 10: Read option to the right, two receiver set to the left, one receiver to the right, Redskins run something they had ran all game, the take the outside receiver and give the high end around look, Bostic, Anderson, and Costanzo read the fake dive to morris and the end around, Reed locked up by wright runs and over route behind the linebackers, Jennings man runs a vertical, Reed makes the uncontested catch, Reed breaks Conte’s tackle and gets tackled by Wright. And if you would like to know who’s zone he caught the ball in if they were to drop, it was Andersons.

-1st and 10: no-huddle, one run to the left, play should be made by peppers, Bostic, Anderson or Costanzo, Bad angle by Anderson, Peppers being held real good, and Bostic battles a guard who does a good job of a hold-and-push block, by the time Bostic breaks free of his hold, he is pushed into a bad angle, Costanzo gets blocked good by Reed, Bowman and Costanzo make the tackle along the side line.

-2nd and 4: no huddle, Zone run to the right, good attack by our D-line, tackle made behind theLOS by Cohen with Bostic making sure he goes down.

-3rd and 5: RG with the play action and roll out to the right, Bostic reads fake and falls back into zone while shadowing qb, trips to the left, one receiver to the right, Conte lined up over Reed about 6 yards off of the LOS, Conte sprints to the left while shadowing Reed who is trying to release out from the right side of formation though he was lined up in the trips, Bostic, Conte, and Wooten are all in front of RG, RG gets away from the pressure of Cohen, RG then out runs Shea with a a stiff arm to the face mask, good coverage by Jennings but his guy makes the catch for the first down.

-1st and 10: Play action, Bostic watches his key then drops into his zone, secondary playing a zone coverage, RG almost throws an interception to Bowman, but pass too high.

-2nd and 10: Pass play, redskins release five, pass to Jennings man on a curl route, first down, the Bears played man coverage, redskins motioned the back out so safety picked up back, Bostic slid over and played the tight man for man, tried to press and failed, but recovered real quick.

-3rd and 1: RG runs a read option to the right, Bears have Wright down in the Box next to Bostic, Bostic and Anderson read there keys to the right, Morris cuts back left, play to be made my nobody at this point, nobody but Wright but that’s no good, Cohen got pancaked to the ground on the snap which opened a huge hole, Conte comes up and makes the tackle.

-1st and 10: Pass play, Bears play man with Bostic as spy, RG throws to Bowmans man on the curl

-2nd and 4: Pass play, Bears drop into a cover two, Santana moss drops the pass when hit by Bowman, Anderson was there too.

-3rd and 4:

Pass play, Bears rush four, bears play man with Anderson spying, Bostic covers the back out of the back field releasing to the left, Conte manning up Reed, RG hits Reed in between Anderson and Conte. Reed ran a beautiful outside in whip route

-1st and goal on the 3: Redskins run a zone run to theright, the Bears line blows up the middle, Bostic reads his gap and attacks, Helu cuts back to the left, Peppers gets driven to the right making things easier for Helu, Bowman and Frey are left to the left side of the formation, Conte is still trying to figure out where the ball is, Frey gets blocked by moss, and Bowman is too busy standing around and looking instead of attacking the ball carrier, if that was tillman instead of Bowman he would’ve bought us at least one more play, Helu touchdown.

As much as some of you dislike Bostic he was the best defender on the field once Briggs exited, and I could make the argument he was the best defender on the field with Briggs on the field.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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