Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond

Michael Hickey

I have your NFL Thoughts right here, so check out what's on my mind, and be sure to leave a few thoughts of your own in the comment section.

1) Can the NFL give the notation that denotes division champs to the New Orleans Saints right now? They lead the NFC South at 5-0, and the other three teams have a combined 2 wins. Are the Atlanta Falcons really that bad?

2) I liked the Jacksonville Jaguars trading left tackle Eugene Monroe to the Baltimore Ravens. He was a guy that they didn't have long term plans for, so why not flip him for a couple draft picks. It was unfortunate that they lost rookie left tackle Luke Joeckel to a season ending ankle injury.

3) The term "video game numbers" should never be used again, unless an NFL game surpasses that Denver Broncos and Dallas Cowboys combined quarterback stat line.

Peyton Manning and Tony Romo combined for 920 yards and 9 touchdowns.

4) I picked a terrible week to bench the Arizona Cardinals defense in my fantasy league. They picked up seven sacks, one for a safety, and had three interceptions. How can the Carolina Panthers play so bad after a bye week? The more important question may be; How much longer will they keep Ron Rivera as head coach?

5) Just how bad are the 0-5 New York Giants? In their five loses they've allowed 36,41,38, 31, and 36 points so far. The suddenly stumbling Chicago Bears could use a laugher on Thursday Night, but they better not take the Tom Coughlin coached G-Men lightly.

6) I understand the reasoning to push the San Diego Chargers vs the Oakland Raiders game to late Sunday evening, but that was just silly. Hopefully the NFL works out a better contingency plan for next time, and hopefully the Detroit Tigers can knock the A's out of the playoffs and erase Oakland Coliseum from the MLB schedule for 2013. Go Tigers!

7) One more Raiders thought, Matt Flynn was cut.


8) Knocking the Seattle Seahawks from the ranks of the unbeaten is a big win for the Indianapolis Colts.

9) Jay Cutler didn't play a perfect game, he lost another fumble, and he had a couple "almost interceptions", but he did rack up the quietest 350 yard, 2 touchdown passing day that I've ever seen. I know it's early, but he's currently in the midst of his best season rating-wise (93.0) and completion percentage-wise (65.7%).

And just for the record, are we back to tracking his "almost interceptions" again? Social media was all abuzz about Jay almost throwing picks.

10) Bears rookie right tackle Jordan Mills had a play late in the game where he was again playing to the whistle, and he again got under the skin of a defender. I like this kid's makeup. His play has fallen off a bit, which is expected for a rookie, but I see a bright future for him.

10a) Alshon Jeffery is the real deal.

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