Yards per sack under Trestman

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One thing I was thinking about this season was that not only the team is allowing less sacks, but also a sack was no longer a drive-killer like it had been in the past. Seeing McCown being credited with two sacks but minimal loss of yardage made me wonder if the team was not only allowing less sacks, but also making them shorter losses.

I've decided to recompile all data from the Sack Watch comment, with a more turstworthy source (instead of the first google-fu result), the well known, and also add the last year of the Grossman/Orton era. So, here's the numbers:

2008 Sacks Yards Avg
Orton 27 160 5.92
Grossman 2 8 4
TOTAL 29 168 5.79

2009 Sacks Yards Avg
Cutler 35 204 5.82
Hanie 0 0 0
TOTAL 35 204 5.82

2010 Sacks Yards Avg
Cutler 52 352 6.76
Hanie 2 15 7.5
Collins 2 15 7.5
TOTAL 56 382 6.82

2011 Sacks Yards Avg
Cutler 23 159 6.91
Hanie 19 133 7
McCown 7 43 6.14
TOTAL 49 335 6.83

2012 Sacks Yards Avg
Cutler 38 250 6.57
Campbell 6 49 8.16
TOTAL 44 299 6.79

2013 (W11) Sacks Yards Avg
Cutler 11 80 7.27
McCown 5 12 2.4
TOTAL 16 92 5.75

Well, I'm no fancy big city stats analyst, but some things are pretty evident:

  • The numbers tell the whole story. Less sacks, less lost yards, more efficient offense.
  • Surprisingly, Cutler is being sacked a few inches beyond his usual average - this suggests me what really killed the offenses was the usual (redacted) sandwich of a sack, run for loss or penalty on consecutive plays.
  • In this system, McCown is a very smart player reading the rush, and is managing to turn most sacks into anything barely worse than a bad run (or as we call it here, Forte between the tackles). Unless it's on a third down or down the clock, they're not drive killers.
  • With Campbell, on the other hand, has put his deer-in-headlights impression against the 49ers last season in another perspective. Losing 8 yards on every sack is not putting the team in a bigger hole, it's more driving off a cliff.
  • On his first season, Cutler avoided major losses, but under the Martzfense, that number increased by a full yard, then increased again in the year he decided to ask someone to tell Martz to go, well, martz himself. Vanilla Tice offense very slightly improved, but judging by Campbell, hard to say if the system was better, or Cutler decided to play Survivor: Bears Backfield.
  • This years' average per sack is 6.64. As a comparison with the teams with less sacks, Broncos have a round 6 yards lost per sack average, the Lions 7.6. Teams with highly mobile QBs are losing 8.7 (Washington), 5.62 (49ers), 6,2 (Seahawks) and 7.85 (Panthers). McCown might not be a track athlete, but he rarely loses track of where he is.

So, what else everyone takes from this?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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