NFC Playoff Picture: Bears ride victory over Packers to 3-way tie for division

Against all odds, Shea McClellin may have singlehandedly changed the entire NFC playoff picture. - Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After 8 games, there is a three-way tie for first in the NFC North. Tiebreakers currently give the division to the Lions, and the 2013 rematch at Soldier Field this Sunday is the biggest game of Marc Trestman's NFL head coaching career. (So far)

After a much-needed divisional win over the Packers on Monday Night Football, the Bears pushed themselves into the conversation not only for a wild card spot, but to possibly take over control of the NFC North if they can pull off the big win against the Lions on November 10th.

But if the playoffs started today, they wouldn't be in. It's because they lost that first game to the Lions. It's because of those conference games they've lost, including the Saints game, and the Redskins game (each a 1 score game.) It's because football is a cruel mistress.

But there's a lot of light ahead. The Bears only have 2 games left against teams with winning records, for what that's worth. The Packers could have problems with Rodgers being out a yet to be determined length of time. The two teams directly ahead of them play each other, so only one can gain ground.

Check out the current standings, and look for rooting interests in each game below. Don't agree? Tell us why.

Wk. Rank Last Wk. Team Div W L Div Rec Conf Rec Wk10 Opponent
1 - Seattle Seahawks West 8 1 3-0 5-0 @Falcons
2 - New Orleans Saints South 6 2 2-0 4-0 Cowboys
3 - Detroit Lions North 5 3 2-1 4-2 @Bears
4 - Dallas Cowboys East 5 4 3-0 5-1 @Saints
5 - San Francisco 49ers West 6 2 2-1 3-1 Panthers
6 - Carolina Panthers South 5 3 2-0 5-2 @49ers
7 - Chicago Bears North 5 3 2-1 3-3 Lions
8 - Green Bay Packers North 5 3 2-1 3-2 Eagles
9 - Arizona Cardinals West 4 4 0-3 4-4 Texans
10 - Philadelphia Eagles East 4 5 2-2 3-2 @Packers
11 - Washington Redskins East 3 5 0-2 1-4 @Vikings

Seahawks @ Falcons

This game, as it is, has virtually no effect on the Bears at this exact moment. Let's root for the Falcons because it's fun to see Seattle lose.

Cowboys @ Saints

Let's go Saints here. Realistically, the Bears are more likely to be against Cowboys in a tiebreaker scenario, and the Saints already have a head to head against Chicago.

Lions @ Bears

Bears. 'Nuff said. Well, not really. Winning this game makes a lot of the rest of the rooting interests less important.

49ers @ Panthers

49ers. Help the Panthers record fall back down.

Packers @ Eagles

Eagles. Never the Packers.

Texans @ Cardinals

Texans. Just cuz.

Redskins @ Vikings

Vikings. Redskins also maintain a tiebreaker over the Bears

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