Pre-Post Season Chicago Bear's Wish List

QB- Im not even going to touch on this position. Im unsure on what Trestman specifically looks for in a quarterback so I will wait until we have selected one in a draft before I can properly piece together a list.

After further research: I looked at some measurables of certain quarterbacks and statistics. Be mindful that quarterbacks named Shane Carden, Adam Kennedy, and Brendan Kay will probably be on our radar. But most importantly be mindful of who i think is the best quarterback in college. This is the quarterback i think we should grab, and wouldnt mind us grabbing him early if need be. I am almost certain this kid will be high on Trestman and Kromer's radar. This kid could take over year one and out do the prized rookies of these past couple years. My words dont matter if this kid goes somewhere else but if he come to Chicago he will set every record Chicago has. Yes im speaking boldly but thats who i am and after looking at stats on paper and watching this kid in action im a believer in what he could do with the Quarterback Whisperer as his coach.

Future QB: Midway Monster of Da Future

RB- This is another hard position to assess because there are a plethora of backs to choose from. The one thing we can assume is Trest will definitely keep his eyes open for a back that can catch, to pair with his running ability.

After further research: I have found a couple backs that fit what we do on offense. In particular two stand out above the rest. It just so happens they are on the same team, but one is only a freshmen so we cant have him. There are some other guys that command attention in our scheme as well. Their names are Josh Ferguson, Charles Sims, and Trey Watts. I really like Watts as a sleeper. But the best fit for the Bears is coming off an injury so that should help us to attain his services if we decide to do away with Bush.

Da Next Matt Forte, but better

FB-There are multiple fullbacks that can be listed but most of them would probally be a waste of a pick, a pick that we will definitely need to direct towards the defense. But there is one athlete that we should be able to snag on day three because of the injury that ended his season. This guy can fulfill the H-back, fullback, and 2nd tight end role. That athlete is Trey Burton. He is the unselfish version of Tim Tebow. We should definitely add him to our arsenal of weapons.

*Trey Burton :

TE- Im not sure why im the only who thinks we need to get another tight end. Yeah we can get that person in free agency but the crop doesn't look to well. I rather grab some youth. We need someone who can pose a threat if Martellus goes down. Who we currently have on the roster wont cut it, and if memory serves me currectly they are all on one year contracts. Last year everybody wanted us to grab another tight regardless of the fact we had Martellus. Now im hearing some of yall say we don't need to draft one at all. Im not talking about using our first round pick for the position. That's another reason why I like Trey Burton, because he could fill so many roles with us. I have a list of four that I like. It has come to my attention that my favorite one is recovering from being a coke-head. Maybe we can pull a Vontaze Burfict and get him as a UDFA, but I still have to post the film because dude is a beast.

Jace Amaro-

Austin Seferian-Jenkins-

Xavier Gimble-

*Colt Lyerla-

WR- I have a bunch of speedsters and one long legged guy who has some speed behind him. I believe if Dri Archer is available in the third round or possibly the second round we should snag him. I understand Our defense is in great need of help, so I hope Archer makes it to the third but it's highly unlikely. Archer is again a triple threat, something both Trest and Emery can appreciate. HE can be a back up runningback, returner, and slot receiver. He is a more bang for your buck type of guy.

Josh Huff-

*Dri Archer-

Tevin Reese-

Jeremy Gallon-

Andre Debose-

Martavis Bryant-

C- If we decide not go after the saints center there are two centers that I would like us to go after in the draft.

Weston Richberg- Colorado St.

Hroniss Grasu- Oregon

DE- We definitely may want to go after the best free agent at this position. This list isn't as good as last year's list. I only found three guys who fit what we need. I didn't include clowney because I know there is no way he falls to us.

Scott Crichton-

Kareem Martin-

*Aaron Lynch-

DT- I have seen so many names posted for DT, but there is one guy that fits what we want to accomplish and I think he is the best DT hands down for us. I believe the draft is so deep at special talent at other positions that this guy could possibly fall to us. If we go DT in the first round then this is the guy I want, his name is Aaron Donald.

Aaron Donald-

Will Sutton-

George Uko-

LB- If we decide to move Bostic to the outside i rather us go with more youth than delaying the process by going with a veteran. There are only 3 guys i see that could possibly get the job done. Im not to high on Mosley and Skov for some reason.

Christian Jones-

Andrew Jackson-

Denzel Perryman-

P- There is only one punter I want. His name is Tom Hornsey from Memphis.

*Tom Hornsey-

S- Im not sure who to keep between Major and Conte. How about we re-sign both for another year and let them compete for free safety, or we could just let them go completely. The fact that I have no idea how we should address the situation should tell you a lot. I definitely think we need a much more physical strong safety. I would like a more physical free safety but we cant be too greedy just yet. There are some safeties I feel we should keep our eyes on.

Deone Buchanon- Washington St.

Calvin Pryor- Louisville

Ed Reynolds- Stanford

Craig Loston- LSU

Antone Exum- Virginia Tech

Alden Darby- Arizona St.

This is just the beginning of my work. There will be more to come, with hopefully more names added to this each position's wish list.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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