Mocking the Draft

I'm making a few assumptions here

(1)The Bears sign a premier OG, preferably Levitre

(2)The Bears don't pursue an OT in FA

(3)Urlacher is extended.

The Bears look to improve the interior of their line and Trestman looks to develop an inside out pass protection scheme.

Without further ado:

1. KC - Luke Joekel LT

KC gets a FA QB for the Walrus, possibly Matt Flynn, and Albert goes into unrestricted free agency. Joekel will continue to impress as the Draft progress moves along.

2. Jacksonville - Star Lotulelei DT

I don't know what looks worse, the Jags new logo or their offense. However, the Jags take Star to strengthen a weak defensive line. Look for the Jags to stay away from the hometown hero Bjoern Werner for the same reason they don't want Tim Tebow, because fuck you thats why (and you don't want fans making your depth chart).

3. Oakland - Geno Smith QB

According to some reports, Oakland is in love with Geno Smith. Also, the Raiders are renowned for swinging for the fences on subpar prospects. If Geno isn't available look for Oakland to draft a punter as a sacrifice to the zombie king, Al Davis.

4. Philadelphia - Eric Fisher LT

Vick restructures his contract and holds on to his starting role in Philly, unlike the football. Bell sucked and you can't trust Jason Peters to come back 100%. Chip Kelly will wait one more year for his quarterback. Look for the Eagles to trade back.

5. Detroit - Bjoern Werner DE

Vanden Bosch is gone so Detroit looks to replace him with a DE with a similar motor and similar name. The Lions come from the NFC North, where pass rush is king and cover 2 corners can be had a dime a dozen.

6. Cleveland - Barkevious Mingo DE

Cleveland wants to bring in competition to challenge Weeden, but not here. Mingo grades out well and should get some good press. Look for him to remain one of the top 3 pass rushers in the draft. I hate Kiper, but this pick might not be too far off.

7. Arizona - Any QB that ascends to consensus number 2

This is a copout, but I'd like the irony of another USC QB in the desert. I think Wilson ends up getting the nod. Bruce Arians knows he needs a QB and he needs one fast to be successful. Whoever is chosen as the second QB becomes a nonfactor within three years.

8. Buffalo - Jarvis Jones OLB/DE

The Bills need a pass rush. They overpaid for a nonexistent pass rush last year, but get a beast in Jarvis Jones.

9. NYJ - Dee Milliner CB

The best corner prospect steps into big shoes and tries to replace the best corner in the league. Oh! ...and the Jets still don't have a QB next year and goodbye Rex in 2014.

10. Tennessee - Ezekiel Ansah DE

By this point everyone is saying this mock draft is BS and there is no way Chance Warmack stays on the board. In this draft, however, he falls.

11. San Diego - Cordarelle Patterson WR

Mike McCoy goes after a LT in free agency and gets a Wide Receiver for the worst Derp face Quarterback in the league.

12. Miami - Kenny Vaccaro SS

If Jake Long becomes an UFA, Philbin moves Martin to LT. Expect the Phins to find Tackle help in free agency and draft BPA. In this case, Vaccaro is a steal.

13. Tampa Bay - Xavier Rhodes CB

The Tampa secondary needs help. Whichever prospect emerges as the second best corner in the league will not get past the thirteenth pick, if Tampa doesn't find any trade partners.

14. Carolina - Sheldon Richardson DT

Carolina's defense looked weakest on its interior defensive line.

15. Gnawlins - Damontre Moore DE

Will Smith will not be in NO next year. The Saints will have some goo pass rushers left by the time they're on the clock.

16. St. Louis- Lane Johnson LT

Sam Bradford will never be anything more than average, but in the meantime they have to surround him with help and keep him off the turf.

17. Pittsburgh - Dion Jordan DE

BPA and can replace James Harrison.

18. Dallas - Sharrif Floyd DT

Dallas's switch to 4-3 is made worse by their cap constraints. The Boys let Spencer walk.

19. NYG - Manti Te'o ILB

This town might not be big enough for the two most overrated virgins *cough* Tebow *cough*.

20. Chicago - Trades back (HOU) Keenan Allen

Houston needs a big body opposite the aging Andre Johnson and would love to jump ahead of three teams that could use a definite upgrade at the position.

Bears acquire the (1) 27 pick, (3) 89th pick (4) 123rd pick for the (1) 20th, and (6) 178th.

21. Cincinnati - Chance Warmack G Bama

Edit: This about the same range that DeCastro fell last year. Everything I am reading about Warmack sounds like it was pulled from DeCastro's bio last year, even down to the Hutchinson comparisons.

22. St Louis - Eric Reid S LSU

Without a big body receiver worthy of a first round nomination, Fisher goes with Reid and solidifies the safety position.

23. Minnesota - Tyler Eifert TE ND

Percy leaves town and leaves a big deficit in playmaking ability. This might look like a crazy pick, but it would make the running game in Minnesota even deadlier and provide the passing game with two big bodied, playmaking TEs that would rightfully challenge NE's TE supremacy.

24. Indy - Jonathon Hankins NT OSU

Hankins is a is a big body and should transition well into a nose tackle role.

25. Seattle - Zach Ertz TE Stan

Surrounding Wilson with big targets will only accelerate his development.

26. Green Bay - Desmond Trufant CB Washington

GB's secondary is atrocious. Period.

27. Chicago from Houston - Barrett Jones C Bama

The kid can play. He can give us an immediate upgrade at one of the two guard positions and replace Garza next year at Center.

28. Denver - Johnathon Banks CB Mississippi State

Champ Bailey is not only pass his prime, but should be put to pasture. He had a horrible game against Baltimore.

29. New England - Jesse Williams DT Bama

The Patriots need to focus on developing a lineman worthy of standing next to Vince Wilfork.

30. Atlanta - Datone Jones DE UCLA

That defense needs a pass rush.

31. San Fran - Matt Elam S Florida

They need an upgrade over Dashon Goldson.

32. Baltimore - Alec Ogletree LB UGA

No Ray no problem.

Bears Remaining

2nd round 50th Pick: Kyle Long LT/ Kevin Minter ILB LSU

Long comes from an impressive family pedigree and can push for playing time if Carimi is solidified as a bust next year. Webb gets the nod as the starting LT. Long's first role is as the swing tackle.

/Minter might drop because at 6'1 245, he might be viewed as undersized.

3rd round 89th pick: Travis Kelce TE Cincy

Urlacher will return and the need for a MLB might trump the need for a TE, but if Kelce drops the Bears should take him without question.

4th Round: Devin Taylor DE SCar / Gavin Escobar TE San Diego State

Never enough pass rushers / If we don't get Kelce in the third, there was no TE more valuable to his team than Escobar last year.

5th Round: Denard Robinson WR Michigan/ Tyrann Mathieu CB/ (randomly throw a dart at a list with the best players available listed)

Find a special teams player to replace the Devin era.

Success in drafting players after the 3rd round is about is random as it gets.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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