Player Spotlight: Menelik Watson

Here we go again. In order for the Bears to have any success, Phil Emery and new head coach Marc Trestman must fix the offensive line. Currently on the roster the Bears have a bunch of 6'8 guys who are fat and can't move. A bunch of over-sized guards if you will. A long with those guys they have a 40 year old center, an undrafted rookie and a bunch of free agents.

Bears have to figure out how to keep their QB (whoever it ends up being) clean and healthy for the next 10 years. That means locking down both sides of the offensive line, left and right. Seeing as Webb came along well there at the last half of last season I'm going to introduce you to the best right tackle in the draft, and yes that means I prefer him over DJ Fluker, even though this guy is a Seminole (puuuuke)



Menelik Watson played basketball until 2010, when he moved to America to pursue football. He is by far the most physically talented lineman in the draft with the expectations of a 4.7 - 4.75 40 and could get close to a 40" vertical. His upside is off the charts, same level as Lane Johnson, however due to his fairly young football career, his knowledge of the game is small, so he doesn't have the same floor as the other guys. His ceiling though, is by far and away the highest of any offensive lineman in the draft.

Watson is a strong pass protector. He knows how to slide his feet and distribute his weight in a way that puts him in great position to defend. He's strong and delivers a good, solid "punch" to the defender. He consistently makes it to the second level after jarring defensive lineman out of the play. Now, he often times is so quick off the ball the defender can't even get started, but a lot of times he was also so slow off the ball that he would get ran passed. This is product of being a raw talent.

Watson has only ever played RT, however with him being so athletic it's not absurd to question a move to left tackle for him, much like Tyron Smith.

I see Watson going in the first round when all is said and done. He has long arms, strong legs and is the fastest OLman in this year's draft.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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