The Bears Den: February 28, 2013 - Offseason news and tokes

Joe Robbins

I was meant to block my guy, but I got high / I let him go right through, 'cos I was high / Now my QB's mad, and I know wh- Ooo, Big Mac Meal after the game?

J’Marcus Webb arrested on drug charges, apologizes on Twitter - Adam L. Jahns & Sean Jensen: J’Marcus Webb took to Twitter Wednesday evening to apologize twice after being charged with possession of a controlled substance. Won't be charged.

Bears have options on the OL - Sean Jensen: The Bears’ OL again was among the worst in the NFL so to revamp the team’s beleaguered unit, they need to add at least two players to the mix.

Sam Householder / Steven Schweickert: FA Tackles / Draft: Guards & Centers and Tackles

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Webb arrested but won't face drug charges - Brad Biggs: Webb isn't necessarily free and clear from an NFL drug policy standpoint but considering the circumstances a suspension would be a surprise. However, he could be made to enter the NFL's confidential drug program.

Webb's career shouldn't go up in smoke - Bob LeGere: His recent speeding and “weeding” notwithstanding, the much-maligned J’Marcus Webb has actually been a huge bargain for the Bears. Kevin Seifert: Status with team unlikely to change significantly.

Webb's arrest is Trestman's first test - Maggie Hendricks: Marc Trestman has been on the job in Chicago for roughly six weeks, and thanks to a drug charge on J'Marcus Webb, the honeymoon is over.

[Video] CTL discussion - Webb fallout, Bears draft needs, whether or not to extend Cutler's contract.

Polian: Cutler has all the intangibles, too - There has never been a question about Jay Cutler's natural ability, but Bill Polian says he has all the intangibles to be great.

[Video] NFL32OT - Herm Edwards breaks down the best CBs in the NFL and gives Charles Tillman some love.

Lester A. Wiltfong Jr: Bears 2013 Roster Turnover: Cornerback

Peanut for MVP!



Draft preview - Dan Pompei: 10 big winners from NFL scouting combine, and which prospects interviewed well?

Free agents - With under two weeks to go, NFP lists its top-50 free agents of 2013.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Chris Burke's offseason preview.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Kevin Seifert: Vikings never had Alex Smith interest after having made Christian Ponder the No. 12 overall pick in 2011, and are (handcuffed) committed to him for the foreseeable future.

Know thy enemy: Lions - John Niyo: Simply put, the Lions can't keep pretending the revolving door in the secondary isn't a primary concern.

Steven Schweickert's guest videogames video week: "Battle Hymn of the Soul: Another final battle theme, and another remix of music elsewhere in the game - and one of my favorite songs in any video game. It's a remix of the Aria of the Soul, which is the Velvet Room theme. It just really fits with the flow of the final battle itself - heavy, at times frantic, very tense, and yet oh so damn satisfying when you win the fight. Alternate selection for the day is "Memories of the School" (also from P3).

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