Improved and balsy Bears mock draft

I decided to go with a new approach an draft entire offense in this mock, all the way, same thing Patriots did with D last draft, i think the only position we need in D loud and clear is LB and i'd rather resign Urlacher with the home discount and maybe another LB in FA just for depth, if we keep the D and the scheme we were using, most of the times we gonna see 2 LB in the field, and i'm ok with them being Briggs, Roach and Urlacher for one more season

Also i'm doing this mock with the notion that the Bears gonna sign one of the premium OT in the free agency, pick your poison, Long, Albert, Bushrod, Clady

that being said, i don't think we should stay at the 20 spot, we need a 3rd round pick and to me there's not a slam dunk pick there, and if we can't get Eric Fisher or Luke Joeckel i'd rather trade down

One particular scenario is pretty likely to happening, Chiefs part way with Brandon Albert and have to draft a LT, that would make them pick Jake Lockuel with the first pick, if that happens a new regime needs a new QB what would make them the number 1 candidate to a trade, they would likely get back into the 1st round to pick a QB, and we are in a position where a Geno Smith or Matt Barkley could be avaliable where we pick

So let's go with that scenario

Bears sign Brandon Albert, Chiefs draft Luke Joeckel with the first overall pick, we trade our 20 for their 34 and 63

with the 34th pick Bears select : TAVON AUSINT, WR, WEST VIRGINIA


The guy is the definition of playmaker and versatility, it's perceived as one of the best route runners in the drat, can be aligned as WR/RB and is a terrific returning man, he fits the West Coast Offense like a glove and have the ability to stretch the field or work the middle, whatever is needed the only reason he won't be drafted in the TOP10 it's his size

With the 50th pick Bears select: LARRY WARFORD, OG, KENTUCKY



Here is a guy with versatility again, something that Emery loves, he have the size for be a mauler road grader OG, but he isn't supposed to be athletic for a guy of his size he is 6-3 333 lbs, but runs allegedly a 5.00 40, he could add some muscle and lose some weight to be in a zone blocking scheme, or stay at his size and be a mauler, LG if Lance Louis recovers, or RG if he doesn't , the analysis of ESPN on his pass protection make me drool

Pass Protection 2 Just decent quickness in set. Lacks elite lateral agility but does a solid job of mirroring and sliding versus double moves. Keeps his feet moving and stays balanced when working laterally. Better balance in pass pro than he does as a run blocker in space. Shows outstanding awareness in pass pro. Plays with a wide base and does a nice job of anchoring versus bull rush when he's set initially. Displays a powerful initial punch to jar defenders.

With the 63th pick Bears select : JORDAN REED , TE , FLORIDA 6-3. 240 lbs



Here is my sleeper of the draft, with Eifert and Zertz getting all the atention in the TE position this guy is falling off the cracks, he don't have the height of a TE, but is fast, strong and agile, people compare him to Aaron Hernandez more than a Zach Gronkowski type of guy, but he is a playmaker, have soft hands and on the downside don't have the blocking ability that Eifert and Zertz have, thus he would being drafted in the 3rd round

with the 114th pick Bears select : KHALED HOLMES, C , USC - 6'4 , 308 lbs

via i.turner.naa.comUsc-khaled-holmes-c-12-split-photo_medium

A guard before, turned into C in the senior year, struggled a little in his adaptation, but have the most important thing possible for a Center, a good head over the shoulders, guy is a natural leader, academic All-American candidate, he would be a good replacement to sit behind Garza of even a starter if he adapts faster to the NFL

from ESPN: "Displays natural instincts and a high football IQ. Constantly seen setting/adjusting protections during film study. Keeps head on a swivel in protection quickly recognizes defensive line stunts as well as identifies pressures from the second level. Assignment sound in the run game and locates targets quickly as a second level blocker. Flashes ability to adjust on the fly as a run blocker."

With the 146th pick Bears select: DION SIMS, TE MICHIGAN ST, 6'5 , 276 lbs

Yes another TE, we need a total revamp in the TE position and part ways with almost all of our guys, none of them have pan out, and Sims is a physical specimen, Huge and Fast have great hands, probably the best hands in the TE position in this draft, and like the Patriots we could use a pair of good catching TE, and Spaeth as our Blocker one

"Appears to have big hands. They swallow the football on film. Can extend arms and snatch the ball out of the air. Former basketball player that know how to use frame to box out and makes plays in traffic. Shows the ability to high point fade routes when lines up wide in the red zone."

With the 178th pick Bears select: MARCUS LATTIMORE RB, SOUTH CAROLINA, 6'0 232 Lbs



Now here is a total gamble, as usual you do with late late round picks, talk about a guy that would be 1st round if wasn't for one of the worst injuries i ever saw in football, after see the miracles of modern medicine, the way Adrian Peterson recovered to look even better than before, we can afford a risk of end up with 1st round talent in the 6th round

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