Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and beyond


Check out or Thoughts on all things NFL and be sure to leave a few of your own in the comment section.

1) My first thought after Percy Harvin was traded to the Seattle Seahawks was how inventively they were going to utilize him in their read option packages. That is one heck of a weapon to add to the mix.

2) With Harvin now in the NFC West, does that give the San Francisco 49ers even more reason to go get Darrell Revis? Would they even have the cap space now with their most recent move?

3) Is it safe to assume that the Minnesota Vikings will be taking a WR in the first round?

4) If I'm a wide out needy team, I'm seriously considering getting an offer sheet together for the New York Giants Victor Cruz. He received a 1st round tender from the Giants, but he's worth it.

5) I think the Arizona Cardinals would be a perfect match for Reggie Bush. He would be a great fit for the new Bruce Arians offense.

6) This is what I had typed before the trade with the 49ers was announced.

6) If the Baltimore Ravens really are desperate to get at least a draft pick for Anquan Boldin, rather that cut him, I'd love to see the Bears dangle a 6th or 7th at them to see if they get lucky. I can't see many teams ready to pony up a pick for a guy that will be released.

With the 49ers getting him for a 6th rounder, that offense is gearing up for another deep playoff run. Anyone think a trade between brothers is fishy?

7) I wonder how many more dominoes will fall in Baltimore now that Joe Flacco has his money?

8) Do some Bears fans really think that Phil Emery has no plans to release/restructure any players to free up some salary cap space?

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9) With Nick Roach garnering so much interest the Bears may end up being free agent players at linebacker now, and if they somehow allow Brian Urlacher to get away, things could really look different with their LB corps.

MORE: Interest in Nick Roach Could Spell Trouble for the Bears

10) The Mothership has the Bears going with Tyler Eifert at #20 in the Draft, and while I understand the need at tight end, I'm just not sold on taking a TE at 20. Here's whatthey ha dto say about the pick;

Under Marc Trestman, look for the Bears to utilize more West Coast offense principles. In that system, it will be important to have a pass catching tight end. Eifert is the best one in the draft and can make more of an impact than an offensive tackle.

Other possibilities: D.J. Fluker, Larry Warford

Bears fans what do you think about that selection?

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