A One Round Mock for Your Enjoyment

Because I am bored, and I enjoy the draft, here's a first round mock for you guys.
As always this is based off of a combination of BPA and team need.
This mock happened simply because I was bored, my next,actual edition of my "SMD Legit Mocks" will be a 7 rounder that will appear in your news feeds in a couple weeks.
So enjoy this.

Round 1

1. Kansas City - Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M - With the additions of Alex Smith and Chase Daniel, the Chiefs have all but told everyone that they will be taking Luke Joeckel with the #1 pick. Joeckel may not be the most athletic or the strongest lineman in the draft, but he's the best. He's smart and solid. In my opinion he is better than Joe Thomas was coming out.

2. Jacksonville - Shariff Floyd DT Florida - With Knightly not coming back and the Jags having one of the worst DLs in football, they have to add some speed to that area of the field. Shariff Floyd is the premier 4-3 DT in this draft. He's fast, strong, and smart. A perfect fit for Gus Bradley's speed oriented style of defense.

3. Oakland - Chance Warmack OG Alabama - Warmack is the best player in the draft. Yes, I may look crazy mocking him this high, but when you consider that the argument can be made for him going #1 overall, you come to the realization that Chance Warmack is just that good.

4. Philadelphia - Dee Miliner CB Alabama - I think I've been mocking this pick since December. Philly needs cornerbacks and Miliner is the best one to come out since Charles Woodson. He's big, he's fast, and he can play either zone, or man. He will fit great in Chip Kelly's hybrid style 3-4 defense.

5. Detroit - Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan - I really hate mocking Fisher this low honestly, I believe in any other year he's the #1 overall pick, but with Warmack and Joeckel coming out, he gets pushed down. Fisher is best compared to 49ers OT Joe Staley. He's a smart guy who is going to win a 1v1 matchup every time. He could stand to bulk up for the pro game, but his pass protection skills, as they are, are great to perfect.

6. Cleveland - Geno Smith QB West Virginia - With a new coach, and a new offensive mastermind, Cleveland will definitely be looking to upgrade their quarterback position fully expect Buffalo, or Arizona to trade up into the top 5 so that they can leap frog Cleveland for Geno. The knocks on Geno are that he didn't produce in the big games, but I'll give you two stats and then leave it there. 42 TDs to 6 INTs. (Drops drumsticks and walks away)

7. Arizona - Matt Barkley QB USC - Arizona is going to dump Kevin Kolb, and they haven't traded for Ryan Mallet, so I'll give them a QB here. Personally I don't think Barkely is worth a first round pick, but you know how teams value QBs and with Geno Smith off the board, Barkley is the next man up. Matt Barkley is a smart guy who has good touch; the only question is his arm strength.

8. Buffalo - Mike Glennon QB North Carolina State - Another QB goes. Buffalo is going to get a QB in the first round; Buddy Nix has already stated that. It's just a matter of if they're going to trade up into the top 5 and grab Geno, or if they're going to wait and see which one is left over. Glennon is a big guy with a strong arm; he has a lot of potential.

9. New York Jets - Dion Jordan OLB Oregon - Due to the run on QBs, possibly the best pass rusher in the draft falls here. Jets need offensive help, but they can't ignore the talent Jordan brings to a team in need of some youth and identity.

10. Tennessee - Bjoern Werner DE FSU - The Titans went offense crazy in FA so that leads me to believe they'll go defense in the first round. Werner is a big, strong guy who can get after the passer. He's a high motor player who plays from whistle to whistle and the Titans could use some youth on the defensive line.

11. San Diego - Cordarrelle Patterson WR Tennessee - Phillip Rivers may be on his last ride. He's old, and his production has gone down significantly over the past few years. The coaches look to add some young talent here after the departure of Vincent Jackson and Patterson presents BPA.

12. Miami - Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma - Miami need a left tackle. Jake Long is a Ram and John Stewart looks to be a fit at Right Tackle. Lane Johnson here makes sense. He's a big, athletic guy who excels in pass coverage, and won't be hurt by Ryan Tannehill doing some improve work.

13. Tampa Bay - Desmond Trufant CB Washington - Tampa Bay had the worst pass defense in the league last year, they need DB help bad. After signing Deshonn Goldson in FA, they'll look to grab a CB in the first round of the draft. In this instance I like Desmond Trufant better than Xavier Rhodes here. Trufant is better in man defense, which Schiano runs a lot of, and is a better tackler than Rhodes.

14. Carolina - Sheldon Richardson DT Missouri - In order for Ron Rivera's defense to work, he needs a 3-technique defensive tackle. Sheldon Richardson is a freaky athlete, who can flat out rush the passer. He's the next in the Tommie Harris / Henry Melton line of defensive tackles. His run defense is suspect, but with Luke Kuechley working the MLB spot, he won't have to excel in rush defense, just get after the QB.

15. New Orleans - Ezekial Ansah DE BYU - New Orleans needs help everywhere on defense, so I'm sure they'll start by building up their front 7 and working out. Ansah is this years' JPP, or Vernon Gholston. A workout warrior with little football experience who was able to show off his athleticism at the All Star Games and the Combine.

16. St. Louis - Tavon Austin WR West Virginia - Probably the best play maker in the draft. Tavon Austin presents a rough matchups for defense as he can line up anywhere on the field and hurt you. I've compared him to Santana Moss and Randall Cobb. He's a Swiss Army Knife and the Rams need a player like that. If they expect to get anything out of Sam Bradford in his prime, then they better get him a weapon like Tavon Austin.

17. Pittsburgh - Barkevious Mingo OLB LSU - No James Harrison means that Pitt will be in search of the next great Steelers pass rusher. Mingo presents them with a size/speed guy who excels at pass rushing, but could drop into coverage if needed.

18. Dallas - Jonathan Cooper OG North Carolina - Dallas' offensive line is bad, real bad. If they have any hopes of this being a successful season then they better fix it, now. I understand their defense is switching from a 3-4 to a 4-3 and that they could use a Defensive End and a 3-Tech, but Cooper is too good to pass up on here. He gives teams a solid pass protector, and someone who can run on screens and sweeps.

19. New York Giants - Star Lotulelei DT Utah - I feel like the Giants always get a steal. They always get a player who drops for some reason or another and then turns out to be a complete baller, making 31 other teams look stupid. Star Lotulelei had #1 potential before teams learned of his heart condition. I still believe he is a first round pick, but I don't think he will go in the top 10, too much of a risk for a team that needs a franchise player. Giants can afford the risk.

20. Chicago - Jarvis Jones OLB Georgia - Jones falls a bit here due to his neck problems, but is by far and away the BPA. Do I expect him to be here in April? No, but for this mock he is and the Bears couldn't pass him up. The Bears need a good linebacker, and although Jones is strictly an OLB, he's a damned good one. Some think that Jones is strictly a 3-4 guy, but I disagree. In fact I believe Jones is the best 4-3 OLB in this draft. He can drop back, he can rush the passer, and he is strong against the run. If this happens in April Bears would be getting a huge steal.

21. Cincinnati - Manti Te'o ILB Norte Dame - Yes. I'm still "that guy" who is mocking Manti in the first round. Call me crazy, but I don't think teams will care about his fake girlfriend, and I doubt they will pay too much attention to his bad game against Alabama. I think they'll turn the tape on and see a great player, with great instincts who moves well behind a defensive line and is strong in the run game.

22. St. Louis (from WAS) - Kenny Vaccaro FS Texas - If the draft fell this way for the Rams they would have to be ecstatic. Kenny Vaccaro is a very good Free Safety and could possibly be a top 10 pick before all is said and done. Quentin Mikell was released yesterday, so the Rams are looking for his replacement.

23. Minnesota - Kennan Allen WR California - Name one WR on the Minnesota roster. Okay, I'll give you a minute. Can't think of one? Exactly. They need weapons. Kennan Allen is a guy who can line up in multiple positions and make plays.

24. Indianapolis - Johnathon Hankins DT Ohio State - In order for Chuck Pagano's defense to work, he needs a big, run stopping nose tackle. Hankins is the guy for the job. He's a big man who can not only stop the run, but also get after the passer a little.

25. Minnesota (from SEA) - Kawann Short DT Purdue - Minnesota could very well take another receiver here, but they also need defensive line help, particularly defensive tackle. Kevin Williams is old, and they have no one else of name really. Kawann Short made a name for himself at the All Star Games and has been a fast riser. He's a good 3-Tech who excels in pass rushing.

26. Green Bay - Xavier Rhodes CB FSU - With the loss of Charles Woodson and their defense being horrible, Green Bay will be looking to stockpile their defensive backs. They had some decent play from Tramon Williams the past few years, and Casey Hayward looked good last year, but Xavier Rhodes would give them the versatility to put him at CB or at FS.

27. Houston - Alex Okafor OLB/DE Texas - Houston has lost basically all of its pass rushers over the past couple years. They need to restock, bad. Okafor is a speed rush guy who could translate well to a 3-4 outside backer.

28. Denver - Johnthan Banks CB Mississippi State - Denver's defensive backfield sucks. Evidence of this can be found in the playoff game against the Ravens. Champ Bailey is old and washed up, and they have no one on the other side. Banks is a big, physical guy who could play man and zone. He could even move to safety.

29. New England - Robert Woods WR USC - The Patriots like guys who are proven. They like guys with production and who could have more production than the guy who is the leading wide receiver in USC history? Nuff Said.

30. Atlanta - Datone Jones DE UCLA - Atlanta needs to improve their front 7 if they plan on making any noise again this year. Datone Jones is a big guy who is solid against the run and can rush the passer. He's a 4-3 only guy, so Atlanta makes sense.

31. San Francisco - Jesse Williams DT Alabama - The first of eleven picks by San Fran. They need to find someone who can play opposite Jason Smith, and eventually take over for him. Jesse Williams has that same type of killer instinct that Smith has and that Harbaugh loves.

32. Baltimore - Alec Ogletree ILB Georgia - Baltimore has no middle linebackers to speak of. They have to draft at least one person this year that can play middle linebacker. Alec Ogletree is a superb athlete with some behavioral issues, but any good NFL locker room could do fine to snuff those out, or at least keep him under control. I believe if Baltimore wants any success they need two ILBs this offseason. Maybe sign Karlos Dansby and they definitely need to draft one in round one.

There you have it. A one round mock draft. What would you change? What do you like?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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