The Next Great Chicago Bear MLB

I hate to be a consipiracy theorist but the Chicago Bears couldn't have asked for a better year to have their next great middle linebacker fall into their hands. I use the words fall into our hands because I expect the Bears to be competing for the playoffs year in and year out. I don't expect us to ever have a top ten pick but I definitely wont be mad if a top ten pick falls into our grasp.

I refer to consipiracy because it feels like certain things that have happened over this offseason have been masterminded by Phil Emery or something.

I was just telling SMD not to long ago that I felt like the Vontaze Burfict selection by the Bengals was a conspiracy. This guy went from being a first round talent to a combine bust and a knuckle head. And just as fast as his stock went down his production went right back up to where it was projected to be when he got on the field for the Bengals. I hope we plan to tap into that type of production from our linebacker selection.

Who would've thought Urlacher would nolonger be a Chicago Bear. But that is where we are this very day. Even if Urlacher would've re-signed we would still have to locate our next great middle linebacker.

Do you have anyone in mind for our next MLB?

Do you think we can get our next Great One in this years draft? (I Do)

Can you call out your pick for the next great middle linebacker and his name sound great?

>-Here are five names that may be on our radar-

Zavier Gooden

2009 - 30 tackles - 3 tfl's - 0 sacks - 0 int's

2010 - 85 tackles - 7.5 tfl's - 3 sacks - 2 int's

2011 - 80 tackles - 6 tfl's - 1 sacks - 2 int's

2012 - 61 tackles - 4 tfl's - 0 sacks - 1 int's

I've watched plenty of film on this stud and he is equipped with speed and muscle. He is a former free safety and running back. One thing I found odd was I couldn't even find Gooden on Wikipedia. That's not a good sign in the race to become the next King of our defense. He looks the part without the pads and once the pads are on it's not too bad either. He is a solid tackler but he isn't a hitter. One thing I noticed on film was the defense his team ran always had him attacking soon as the ball was snapped. Because of that, on film he would be would look out of place. Gooden is a third to fourth round pick who will probally de drafted in the second because of his speed. This guy may be capable of lining up at MLB but he is best served at s Nick Roach replacement.

Khaseem Greene

2010 - 77 tackles - 2 int's

2011 - 141 tackles - 14.5 tfl's - 3.5 sacks - 2 ff

2012 - 136 tackles - 12 tfl's - 6 sacks - 2 int's - 6 ff

Greene was the Big East Defensive Player of the Year this past year. He is about as solid as you can find in this year's draft. He played safety his freshmen and sophomore year. His sophomore year being 2010. He some how finds a way to be around the ball on almost every play. He is the type of player the Bears would like to have on the field playing for them. When I watch film on this kid there doesn't seem to be anything spectacular that stands out but he gets the job done. Greene like Gooden is more of a tackler than a hitter. Greene is a second round guy who I would definitely rather have lined up in the middle rather than the outside. But nothing about Greene shouts out the next great one.

Alec Ogletree 2012 - 111 tackles - 11.5 tfl's - 3 sacks - 1 int's

In my book this guy is all hype. Im tired of hearing how this guy is an athlete. His multiple position play has nothing to do with him being an athlete. He came into college as an undersized outside linebacker so they lined him up at strong safety. Georgia lined him up at safety the last three games of the 2010 season and he played well. Im tired of the Urlacher comparison because he played safety. This dude played strong safety not free safety like Urlacher. His speed comes nowhere to Urlacher's either. When I watch film of the kid he has the knack to make himself apart of the play and that's hard to teach. But the one thing he is definitely gonna have to learn is to play with more discipline. Our defense is built on discipline and right now this kid doesn't have it. Ogletree doesn't have the instincts to play middle linebacker for us but I could definitely see this kid replacing Nick Roach. Even with less responsibility I think it would take a couple years for him to become the player we would need him to be. With all that being said my dis-like for this guy has nothing to do with his off the field issues but they are worth taking into account. In 2010 this kid got arrested for stealing a scooter helmet. Not a scooter, car, or some money, he stole a scooter helmet. I think this definitely takes him off the list of being able to play head games with Aaron Rodgers. This next issue is part of the reason why Ogletree's name is surrounded with hype. He failed a drug test and was suspended for 4 games in the 2012 season. Despite that suspension Ogletree put up some awesome numbers. I cant help but ask how any of you then could go on to want this guy to lead your defense after getting a DUI a couple days before the combine. Uhh dummy you suppose to get drunk after it's over.

Arthur Brown

2011 - 95 tackles - 2 sacks - 1 int's

2012 - 91 tackels - 6tfl's - 1 sack - 2 int's

Arthur Brown is a different breed. He is of the U at heart. Arthur Brown played linebacker and fullback in high school. He was a top recruit. Arthur Brown attended Oklahoma's summer camp and ran a 4.4 40 yard dash. Pete Carroll said Brown was the best linebacker he had see in 7 years. Brown decided to attend Miami and got off to a slow start. They initially had him lined up at outside linebacker but like Ray Lewis they realized that was the wrong position for Brown and moved him inside to middle linebacker. They moved him inside just in time for Brown to play mlb for the last two games of the 2008 season. Phenomenal was the word used to describe Brown's play during those last two games. In 2009 Brown's play regressed and soon led to him transferring to Kansas St. Brown has the size of Roach but the heart of Ray Lewis. He can make every tackle and shows a little pop every now and then. He plays with discipline and probally can play every linebacker position for the Bears. With that being said I just don't see him as the Bears next great middle linebacker. There is something missing when I think of Brown as Urlacher's replacement. I would be more than ok with Brown lined up in the middle but in my eyes he is a Nick Roach or Lance Briggs replacement.

Manti Te'o

>Heisman Trophy Runner-up

Lott Trophy

Maxwell Award

Chuck Bednarik Award

Walter Camp Award

Bronko Nagurski Trophy

Butkus Award

Lombardi Award

ARA Sportmanship Award

Unanimous First Team All-American

First Team Academic All-Amercican

2009 - 63 tackles - 5.5 tfl's - 1 sack

2010 - 103 tackles - 9.5 tfl's

2011 - 128 tackles - 13.5 tfl's - 5 sacks

2012 - 113 tackles - 5.5 tfl's - 1.5 sacks - 7 interceptions

Manti came in playing the outside LB position but was soon moved to the middle. Many of you have referred to Ogletree as an athlete but everybody i've spoken of on this post except for ogletree could be considered an athlete. Manti played linebacker and running back in high school. If you ever seen him run after an interception you can see the running back in him. Whether you wanna believe it or not Manti Te'o is the real deal. It's funny how the media works. Those same voters that enabled him to receive all those awards now say he is a second round pick because of the fake girl friend situation. When I watch this guy on film I see the next great Chicago Bear MLB. His Build, his field awareness, and his field leadership are just a couple things that stand out to me. This kid is so good I'm willing to overlook his horrible 40 time he ran at the combine. Manti's other combine numbers are right up there at the top and his position drills were awesome. Manti Te'o has Chicago Bear written all over him. He is ready to step in from day one. I'm a little disappointed in IMG which is who prepared Te'o for the combine so I hope they have him prepared for his pro day. His start was horrible, but once he got going he looked good. I hope and expect him to run under 4.7 for his pro day. His pro day is the key to what happens next between Te'o and the Chicago Bears.

For those of you who judge him on the fake girl friend shame on you. It's highly unlikely but that could've happened to any of us. Te'o bleeds football but there are other parts of his life that he hasn't given the same attention to. He is on the all-academic team so he isn't stupid but his ignorance and sheltered life opened the door for him to be the perfect victim.

For those of you who judge Te'o on the Alabama game shame on you. Alabama dominated everybody last year. What's crazy is those of you who say you don't want Manti because of the Alabama game are the same ones who want Alec Ogletree. Ogletree didn't do any better against Alabama. Georgia has nine of their defensive players entering the draft compared to Notre Dame's four.

Alabama vs. Georgia

Lacy - 20 carries - 181 yards - 9.1 avg - 2 td's - longest run of 41 yards

Yeldon - 25 carries - 153 yards - 6.1 avg - 1 td - longest run of 31 yards

Receiving - 13 receptions - 162 yards - 12.5 avg

Alabama vs Notre Dame

Lacy - 20 carries - 140 yards - 7.0 avg - 1 td - longest run of 20 yards

Yeldon - 21 carries - 108 yards - 5.1 avg - 1 td - longest run of 10 yards

Receiving - 20 receptions - 264 yards - 13.2 avg

>Manti's fate will rest on his 40 time at his pro day.. I sure hope he does well enough because this is the guy I want calling out the defense for the future.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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