Plenty of free agents for Bears to sign

Tim Umphrey

While most of the free agent frenzy is long over and most, if not all, the big money deals are done, there are still plenty of capable NFL veterans walking around the proverbial streets looking for work.

The Bears have done their heavy lifting for free agency. The two big-name, big contracts they handed out at the very beginning of the period were all the team can afford for this year.

Likewise, the signings also filled arguably the team's two biggest areas of need; offensive tackle and tight end. Since then the team has announced a signing a day for the last several days; Armando Allen, Kelvin Hayden, Jonathan Scott, James Anderson, Tom Zbikowski and so on.

So, with General Manager Phil Emery continuing to pillage the bargain bin and finding ways to squeeze in small-dollar one-year deals under his tight salary cap, I thought I would point out some guys that are still on the market that could fill needs for the team.

Daryl Smith, LB - Smith is on the wrong side of 30 and isn't a pass rusher, plus he is coming off an injury-plagued season. However, he played for new defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and the Bears could still use some LB depth.

Brandon Moore, OG - The only offensive line positions the Bears aren't set at is guard, especially since Lance Louis signed with the Dolphins. Moore was linked to the Bears before free agency but after this long he could settle for a one year minimum deal.

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Brandon Lloyd, WR - Sure, I heard your collective groans, but hear me out. On a one-year, small money deal, why not? He would fill the speed void the Bears currently have at the receiver position and he has talent.

Steve Breaston, WR - Another potential speed guy for the Bears. Surely his career more closely resembles his pre-2012 numbers when he was playing with consistent QBs.

Rex Grossman, QB - I realize most are probably reacting this way to this suggestion, but it's not as bad as it sounds. He's a capable back up who could be reigned in by the short passes of the Trestman West Coast Offense.

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Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR - DHB was the bust everyone thought he would be in Oakland when Al Davis reached above and beyond to take the speedster in 2009. But he is only one year removed from catching 61 passes for nearly 1,000 yards. The Bears need a guy who can just stretch defenses and catch around 40-45 passes. Why not him?

Israel Idonije, DE - The Bears are familiar with Izzy and rightfully he should end up back in Chicago...for the right price. The Bears need a vet like Izzy to complete their DE rotation. If the two sides can't find common ground, then perhaps the Bears will have to look to the draft.

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There are plenty of other names out there, so browse a free agency tracker and share your thoughts on who would be a good one-year signing for Chicago.

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