Chicago Bears 2013 Schedule: Taking a Look at the NFC North

Let's hope this happens to this guy a lot. - Mike Ehrmann

We've got all of the NFL schedules now. We may think the Bears have a tough schedule, but the other teams in the league aren't necessarily going to fare too much better. Let's take a look at the Black 'n' Blue.

Looking at the Bears schedule, it's easy to get discouraged. The thing to keep in mind, though, is that the Bears have the "benefit" of finishing third in 2012, so their schedule is slightly different. Check out the schedule, and we'll talk about it below.

Bears Packers Lions Vikings
Week 1 Bengals @ 49ers Vikings @ Lions
Week 2 Vikings Redskins @ Cardinals @ Bears
Week 3 @ Steelers @ Bengals @ Redskins Browns
Week 4 @ Lions BYE Bears Steelers
Week 5 Saints Lions @ Packers BYE
Week 6 Giants @ Ravens @ Browns Panthers
Week 7 @ Redskins Browns Bengals @ Giants
Week 8 BYE @ Vikings Cowboys Packers
Week 9 @ Packers Bears BYE @ Cowboys
Week 10 Lions Eagles @ Bears Redskins
Week 11 Ravens @ Giants @ Steelers @ Seahawks
Week 12 @ Rams Vikings Buccaneers @ Packers
Week 13 @ Vikings @ Lions Packers Bears
Week 14 Cowboys Falcons @ Eagles @ Ravens
Week 15 @ Browns @ Cowboys Ravens Eagles
Week 16 @ Eagles Steelers Giants @ Bengals
Week 17 Packers @ Bears @ Vikings Lions

Packers: The Packers start off tough, and aren't helped out when they reach their bye in week 4. Furthermore, they spend the last 8 weeks of the season alternating home and away, which can play havoc with a team who is trying to establish some rhythm.

Lions: The Lions bye comes in week 9, which should be a good chance for them to regroup and move forward through the second half of the season. If they have their game together, they could have a very good chance at finishing strong, with two of their last three games at home.

Vikings: The Vikings are another early bye team. They also start off with back to back road games, something no other team in the division has to do. The middle of their schedule could be rough on them, with three straight games against 2012 playoff teams, including two games on the road.

As you can see, it could be worse. Provided the Bears can get off to a decent enough start, they could push through the backside of the season and grab one of those six elusive spots.

What do you think, Bears fans? Whose schedule would you rather have? Vote below!

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