Bold Predictions - 2013 Draft Edition

Since Lester made a bold prediction that Phil Emery would not draft an O-Lineman this year - a prediction I disagree with - I thought it'd be good to get down some predictions of my own and have a place for others to put theirs. I'm hoping to do another post of season predictions around minicamp time.


Predicting Emery is dangerous. He's working beyond full time trying to improve our team and we're armchair pundits saying what seems obvious to us. Last year we understood the need for a DE (McClellin). Jeffery was slightly more of a surprise but made a lot of sense. Hardin was another Safety, Rodriguez was a fullback (and most of us had a mancrush on Clutts) and then Emery picked two cornerbacks.

So all of us thinking we needed O-Line help and a DT were both wrong and disappointed. Emery isn't that predictable.

Not all of the below are bold predictions, some are theoretically pretty safe. But making a safe prediction that turns out to be wrong hurts the ego more, so I think they qualify anyway.


1. Emery will draft an offensive lineman, a cornerback and a linebacker. We need young talent in all three areas, there's some strength in the draft and the Bears have met with several players at these positions.

2. Emery will not draft a safety, a ST specialist or a running back. Not positions of need/value.

3. Emery will trade down from #20. I think there's a good enough chance that a team will want to come up to get a QB at that pick.

4. If Ryan Swope's available at #50 he will become a Bear. We're not drafting a WR with our first pick but Swope is a playmaker with measurables who fits well into a Trestman offense and is sufficiently different from the kind of receivers we already have.

5. If I'm wrong with prediction 3 and Emery does pick at #20, we pick either Tyler Eifert or Alec Ogletree.

6. If we trade down to late 1st/very early 2nd we either draft Zach Ertz or Arthur Brown.

7. Emery will do something totally unexpected. Maybe drafting QB first/second round. Or multiple trade downs (including for a pick next year). Obviously, the nature of this prediction is that I won't be able to predict it but there will be a WTF moment for us at WCG.

Over to you

Any predictions you care to get down in writing before the draft?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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