After the first round selection of Kyle Long, I screamed into the computer screen. For two years straight, Emery has bucked current trends by drafting a player no one seemed to know much about. This is okay if the pick pans out, but if Floyd or Eifert light it up, particularly this season, Emery's got some 'splaining to do! Last year, I cringed when he took Brandon Hardin over TY Hilton. The latter enjoyed a monster rookie campaign with over 800 yards and 8 TD's . . . from a rookie QB!


1) Kyle Long - still can't get past the fact that we left Floyd and two good corners on the board. I'm convinced we could have traded down and recouped a 3rd rounder to draft a Center (badly needed, by the way). The one thing Emery can do for Long is to pin him down to ONE position. Aside from injuries, the one problem with Angelo's first-round linemen was that they were constantly being switched around. Keep him at one position. In an interview at, Long hinted he would be practicing snapping prior to training camp.


2) Jon Bostic - Very puzzling that of all the Bears' picks, Bostic had the lowest grade at (62). Whether that's accurate or not remains to be seen. However, I can't stomach passing on Arthur Brown. The fact that the Ravens traded up to get him tells me everything I need to know about this pick. As with Long, Bears got very little value here.


4) Khaseem Greene - I was watching Bleacher Report's draft coverage when this pick was called. Unlike ESPN, they don't have a proclivity to cut to commercial once the Bears are on the clock. Matt Miller instantly gave the Bears an A+ and said this was the best pick of the day. Greene possesses a nastiness and the best pass-rushing backer I've seen on the Bears for years (Our linebackers don't blitz well). That will instantly change with Greene, a ballhawking, turnover machine with good intangibles.


5) Jordan Mills - I didn't get a chance to watch Mills much, but it's clear he has a knack for protecting the blindside. While he is strictly a RT, I feel he can challenge Webb and Scott down the road. Solid pick.


6) Cornelius Washington - Again I will refer to Bleacher Report's Matt Miller, who opined that while Washington is a good pass-rusher, he's not a prototypical base end. The Bears shouldn't expect him to stuff the run or fade into coverage, at least not initially. If he's used properly on 3rd down and in sub packages, the Bears may have a stud project on their hands.


7) Marquess Wilson - Very shocked that a player this good fell to the Bears. Should instantly challenge for the 4th WR spot, a glaring weakness on the Bears' roster.


I like the latter picks better. The Long pick is puzzling; in my view, he'll only be an average lineman in the NFL. You need more than average in the first round.


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