2013 NFL Draft: What Would You Have Done?

Grant Halverson

The Bears spent the last three days making their selections. Where would you have gone?

Over the last three days we saw the Bears turn five draft picks into six rookie players. I thought we'd spend part of today discussing what you would have done. You can pick anybody else available at that point, or stick with the original pick if you so choose, but assume that if you pick a different player, the original pick goes off the board before the Bears' next pick.

Round 1 - Kyle Long, OT/OG

Probably the most controversial pick of the draft from the Bears' perspective. Long hasn't played on the offensive line for long (only picking up four starts in one season) and is certainly a raw, raw athlete, but he has some undeniable upside. At this point, the Bears have their pick of linebackers, Sharrif Floyd is available, Tyler Eifert is available, and so is Desmond Trufant.

Round 2 - Jonathan Bostic, LB

The Bears went linebacker here, but the Bears chose Bostic over Arthur Brown, who maybe you like more. Maybe you liked a Matt Barkley at this point in the draft. How about Eddie Lacy or Travis Kelce?

Round 4 - Khaseem Greene, LB

The Bears chose to double up on linebackers here. Marcus Lattimore went off the board in the compensatory picks; would you have taken a chance on him here as he recovers from knee surgery, or would he have been a later-round pick? How about defensive tackle Jesse Williams?

Round 5 - Traded Down 10 Spots; Jordan Mills, OT; Marquess Wilson (7th Round), WR

Now, I've got Marquess Wilson up here too for a reason - maybe you wouldn't have traded down in this spot. If not, then you don't get a 7th-round pick, but you get a crack at RB Zac Stacy, TE Luke Wilson, or CB Micah Hyde, among others.

Round 6 - Cornelius Washington, DE

Maybe this is the part of the draft where you look at a quarterback; Zac Dysert didn't go until after the Bears' 7th round pick, would you have taken him here? Would you have spent a draft pick on Tyler Bray at this point? How about RB Theo Riddick? Maybe WR Charles Johnson?

Round 7 - Marquess Wilson, WR

If you would have done the above trade-down, is here where you would have taken Dysert or Bray?

If you need a refresher on who went where, here's the NFL.com draft tracker from the last three days.

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