Why The Bears Won't Draft A Guard in the First Round

Teams usually carry 8 offensive lineman. Right now we have 7 lineman who are going to make the roster:

I think the only position we need to upgrade is center.

1. Bushrod - was signed to a massive deal and is guaranteed to start.

2. Slauson - is a solid guard who excels in pass protection(didn't give up a sack last year in that terrible Jets offense) will take care of the left side.

3. Carimi - was injured last year and played decently at guard. He will make the roster guaranteed-his cap hit is 3 million if we cut him. He is a first round draft pick for a reason, and will improve this year after he makes the permanent switch to guard and has a whole offseason to practice/recover from injury.

4. Webb - was probably our best lineman last year, aside from Louis, played well at RT a couple years ago, and is better now. He'll win the job and hold it down.

5. Brown - The coaches are on record of stating their like of Brown, and he is a 3rd round talent with quality developmental depth with starting experience behind Slauson and Carimi. He was able to step in at guard last year and not be a disaster.

6. Scott - played decent at RT last year, and is good depth as a swing tackle.

7. Garza - He wasn't great last year, but is a good leader, and will be ok playing out this last year of his contract before we let him go. If we were going to to cut him, we would have done so already to get cap space for free agency signings. He along with Kromer, will train the mid round center we are going to draft (Brian Schwenke, Khaled Holmes, or Barrett Jones). Kromer did this in New Orleans with Brian De La Puente and turned him into one of the best centers in the league. I think all of Emery's signings and hirings point to this, along with the attendance of USC's pro day where he could have been scouting either scouting Khaled Holmes or Robert Woods, who will potentially be our first round draft pick, (and who I'm secretly hoping for) or maybe even both. He constantly says he wants playmakers in the early rounds, and I'm almost positive he'll draft a WR CB or DT over OL in the 1st round, and probably the second round as well.

Honestly, a defensive tackle is more of a priority now than an offensive lineman. Defensive lineman rotate constantly, and we only have 3 DTs on the roster, (3 and a half if you count Mcbride). Usual rotations in games involve 4 DTs, and since we've lost Idonije who played some DT, it has become a need. I wouldn't be opposed to drafting a stud DL in the early rounds to start and have Paea as a great rotational guy.

What I think Emery will/should do on draft day:

Trade back - he's hinted at it, and definitely left the door open for it to happen. Perfect trading partner is the 49ers. They have a million picks, and are looking to trade up. We could give them our first for their 2 seconds. Dan Pompei or Brad Briggs (I can't remember which) said that the value adds up almost perfectly. We'll then have 3 second round picks where we take:

-Robert Woods or Justin Hunter - fills our "receiver who will stretch the field" need

-Tyrann Mathieu - definiton of playmaker and fills our nickel corner need

-a top DT like Sylvestor Williams or Jonathon Hankins

In the 4th we take a Center - Brian Schwenke or Khaled Holmes or maybe even Barrett Jones - It's doubful he slides this far but some people are saying he will.

-Then in the 5th and 6th, we take chances on linebackers who have fallen or who could be hidden gems, similar to what Emery did with McCoy and Frey last year (hopefully with a better success this year). We still have Briggs, and even though he is getting older, he is still playing at a high level and should give us at least 3 more good years. James Anderson is actually an upgrade over Roach. He's really good, and isn't that old-29. Despite that one year deal, I think he will be our long term guy on the strong side. DJ Williams, the former 1st round pick, used to be a beast, so hopefully he can revive his career here like Emery said. Our linebacking core is fine contrary to popular belief, so If the late round picks work out, awesome. If not, there's always next year's draft, just like how we were fine at cornerback last year despite having old starters.

So a last positional look at my projected final roster:

3 QB- Cutler, McCown, Blanchard

3 RB - Forte, Bush, Allen

5 WR - Marshall, Jeffery, Bennett, (Woods/Hunter), Weems

4 TE - Bennett, Maneri, Rodriguez, Adams

8 OL - Bushrod, Slauson, Garza, Carimi, Webb, Brown, Scott, (Shwenke/Holmes/Jones)

8 DL - Peppers, Melton, (Williams/Hankins), Wooten, McClellin, Paea, Collins, McBride

5 S - Conte, Wright, Hardin, Zbikowski, Steltz

5 CB - Tillman, Jennings, (Mathieu), Bowman, Hayden

7 LB - Briggs, Williams, Anderson, Costanzo, Thomas, Decicco, (5th round draft pick)

1 KR - Hester

1 K - Gould

1 P - Podlesh

1 LS - Mannelly

And finally the Bears should sign one more FA DT like Okoye to compete with Edwin Williams and our 6th round pick for the last roster spot to make 53.

This is my ideal draft. What do you think?

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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