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I recently posted a response in a Saturday Bear Den Post to inquiry to see if there was any interest in starting up a Fantasy Football Dynasty League. I got a surprising response back already. Talking with a few interested parties I was turned on to the idea of making a fan post on the subject.

Its very early in the process of setting up the league, draft wont come till August. But with trying to set up a Dynasty League comes a lot of work and a key aspect to creating a successful league is filtering the right people into the league. If I can create a large enough pile of interested people to draw from, I will have the best chance of creating a league that will last.

The following is something I typed up. Some of it has been copied and pasted from and edited to fit my vision of the league. Please realize I do not view myself as a writer so don't judge :

Welcome to Dynasty Fantasy Football

What is a Dynasty League?

A dynasty style fantasy football league is a league where you retain most or all of your players from year to year. In ours we will be allowing teams to retain their whole roster. This creates an environment which is very different from that of a redraft league. By enabling team owners to keep players and build a team over time, there is a much stronger sense of team ownership, and success is achieved with a greater sense of satisfaction.
Mistakes or successes in a dynasty league can affect the fortunes of a franchise for years to come, just like in the NFL. A dynasty league also facilitates trades, including trading of draft picks, and it encourages a deeper roster pool, so young ‘project' players can be identified and groomed.

New additions to the game that come with Dynasty League

IDP's - Individual Defensive Players have been add to rosters. They include the following : one Defensive End (DE), one Defensive Tackle (DT), 2 Defense Backs (DB) ,and one Linebacker (LB) . There will be a scoring breaking down for more details, but to sum it up points are scored off sacks, tackles, tackles for loss, interceptions, and passes defended. IDP's add a much greater degree of depth and interest to the game and bring more trade and future draft options.

Expanded Rosters- With the addition of IDP's , the current starting line up is now at 13 players, with 13 bench spots for a total of 26 spots. Please see position break downs for more detail and restriction in place

The addition of IR spots- Injured Reserve spots have been add to the league. This allows players that have been placed on the official NFL IR list to be placed on your very own IR list so that you still keep that player without having to forgo a roster spot. There is a limit of 2 IR spots per team and our league manager site will only allow players that have actually been placed on IR in the NFL to be placed on your IR.

The addition of the Taxi Squad- Adding taxi squads allows teams to draft or pick up players that could have future potential without giving up a roster spot. The catch is though once the player has promoted to your active list, he can not be demoted back to the taxi squad for the rest of the season. Players on your taxi squad can also be picked up by other teams, though you have first rights to them and the team that comes away with him must add that player to their roster. Players that have been promoted to active maybe be dropped, in which they will become a FA. The maximum spots for a taxi squad is 3.

Trading draft pics- Teams will now have the ability to trade drafts picks in current drafts along with future drafts (up to 3 years ahead). Player trades can also include draft picks.
Future drafts- After the first start up draft (which will included 28 rounds total), every season after that will include a 3 round draft to be held sometime after the NFL draft. At that point all new rookies and current FA will become avaible to be drafted. Any FAs available at the end of the regular NFL season (week 17) will be locked till the next draft. Any players not drafted will then be available via normal FA transaction.

League Break Down

League Name
: ???
Website of League Manager: or possibly another platform
League ID: TBD
Entree Fee: TBD but will be managed by to ensure safe and reliable fund transfers.
League Size: 12 teams divided into 2 conferences with 2 divisions in each of 3 teams (total of 4 divisions)
League Schedule: 13 week regular season: You will pay each each in your division twice (4 games total), you will play all other teams once for a total of 9 games.
Playoffs: Each conference will have a 1st place team in each division. The top team from the conference will have a bye week 14. The other division leader will then play the wild card team (determined by the 3rd overall best record in conference) in week 14. Winner of that then plays 1st place team in week 15. Winner of that game goes to championship game week 16 against other conference.
Pay outs: TBD once Entree Fee is set, there will be a first, second and third place pay out.
Roster Break down

Starting Spots
1 QB (a limit of 3 allowed on your roster at a given time, excluding IR and taxi squad spots)
2 RB
2 WR
1 TE
1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)
1 PK (kicker)
1 DE (this includes Outside Linebackers)
1 DT
1 LB
2 DBs
Bench Spots
13 bench spots
2 Injuried Reserve spots (see Dynasty Intro for rules regarding IR)
2 taxi squad spots (see Dynasty Intro for rules regarding taxi squads)


All trades must be approved by the commissioner. Teams may trade for trade picks also (up to 3 years in advanced). There is a trade deadline of week 10. We also are looking at the idea of trades/FA pick ups costing real money too which would then go to the pot, we will discuss this once the league is formed.
Free Agents
The league will be using a blind bid waiver system. Each team starts out with a budget of $100 (fake money). Blind Bidding takes place from kickoff of the first game of the week through Wednesday at 7:00 PM. Then its first come, first served till kickoff of the first game of the following week. Waivers end on week 16 kickoff and FA are locked till next seasons draft.
Point system
For detail on how the point system breaks down please see the website (once created) for there is way to much to write. But to give a basic overview, this will be scored like a PPR/C (Points per reception/carrier league). This type of scoring relies on performance more than TDs. And IDP's score points based on tackles, sacks, and more.
Draft order will be picked at random for the first draft. The first draft will be a large draft so that teams may fill all 26 (for now may change) spots. Several ways are being looked at on how to conduct it. The current options are one long live draft person or on line thru the site), conducting the draft via email (which the site supports and runs for us) or separating the live draft into 2 days. We will know more once we get the team spots filled and feed back is given.
The following seasons will have much shorter drafts consisting of 3 rounds. This drafts will included all new rookies and any current FA's on market at time. It will take place around preseason so that teams may get a look at current rookies performance in camps. Draft order will be based on prior season records, with tie breaker being strength of schedule of prior season.

I will be working next on a application and a way to track those so that I can keep everyone informed over the next months. Feel free to post suggestions of questions. My email is so you can hit me up there too.

ALSO THE RULES ABOVE ARE NOT SET IN STONE, this is just getting the foundation down.

Thanks guys!!!

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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