The Bears Den: June 21, 2013 - Offseason news and notes


All's quiet on the Bears front, but another Chicago team has been making news and there's only really one story in the NFL right now.

Storystream latest: Aaron Hernandez arrest warrant issued for obstruction of justice

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How well have teams positioned themselves for three years down the road? - Kevin Seifert: There is genuine and legitimate postseason talk for the 2013 Bears, but years of poor drafting means the future is less certain.

2012 Play-Action, Offense - FootballOutsiders takes a look at how teams fared when using PA. The Bears have been in the bottom 10 in percentage of play-action passes in each of the last two years.

Steve Ronkowski: Bears Playbook - Brandon Marshall, Decoy?

Brandon Marshall, Clothing.


Aaron Hernandez

Hernandez likely to be arrested - Hernandez's involvement in the case is significant enough that a source with knowledge of the investigation said that Hernandez's arrest is likely. It is not yet known what he would be charged with.

Report: Hernandez booted from Gillette - The Patriots TE tried to work out at Gillette Stadium on Thursday but was turned away by team staff, the Boston Herald reported.

Hernandez faces wide range of legal possibilities - Michael McCann: As each hour passes, leaks about Hernandez paint an increasingly dire account of his possible connection to the death of Odin Lloyd.

Wrong crowd can doom NFL players - Alex Marvez: Hernandez may ultimately be cleared of any wrongdoing. But based upon this situation, the three-year NFL veteran already appears guilty of bad judgment in who he chose to surround himself with away from Patriots HQ.

Teams had concerns about Hernandez in 2010 draft - Jarrett Bell: At least one team took the TE off its draft board due to off-field concerns.

Hernandez had perfect score in psychological test before NFL Draft - Alex Marvez: The Patriots are being second-guessed for making a heavy investment in Aaron Hernandez but according to one NFL executive, such criticism isn’t completely fair.


Polish sausage

NFP Agent's Journal - Jack Bechta, a sports agent of 25 years, shares some negotiating tips and stories from the trenches.

Know thy enemy: Packers - Tyler Dunne: Rodgers' numbers the last two years are staggering, but January demands more and, without an effective ground game, he couldn't pass his way into the NFCCG. Mike McCarthy vows that the running game will improve.

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Kevin Seifert: Christian Ponder has turned a corner at minicamp with his decision-making and accuracy, but there were also some head-scratchers that you should never see from an established NFL starter. [Video]

Know thy enemy: Vikings - Chris Burke: AP hopes new WRs can help lift Vikes to new heights.

Kylie Minogue singing "Waltzing Matilda"? That's, like, Australia squared, or something.

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