Bears Worst 1st Rd Draft Pick

Let's focus on the period from 1974, when Jim Finks became the GM to the present. He was followed by Jerry Vanisi in 1984. Vanisi was fired in 1986 by Mike McCaskey, and the Bears had no GM until 2001, when Angelo came aboard. In that time frame, Mike McCaskey essentially served as his own GM.

Here's the list of Bears 1st Rd picks since 1974, courtesy of Wikpedia:

1974 1:04 Waymond Bryant Linebacker Tennessee State

1974 1:20 Dave Gallagher Defensive end Michigan

1975 1:04 Walter Payton Half Back Jackson State

1976 1:08 Dennis Lick Offensive tackle Wisconsin

1977 1:15 Ted Albrecht Offensive tackle California

1978 — No Pick — — Traded for Mike Phipps Clev QB

1979 1:04 Dan Hampton Defensive tackle Arkansas

1979 1:09 Al Harris Defensive end Arizona State

1980 1:19 Otis Wilson Linebacker Louisville

1981 1:11 Keith Van Horne Offensive tackle Southern California

1982 1:05 Jim McMahon Quarterback Brigham Young

1983 1:06 Jim Covert Offensive tackle Pittsburgh

1983 1:18 Willie Gault Wide receiver Tennessee

1984 1:11 Wilber Marshall Linebacker Florida

1985 1:22 William Perry Defensive tackle Clemson

1986 1:27 Neal Anderson Half Back Florida

1987 1:26 Jim Harbaugh Quarterback Michigan

1988 1:23 Brad Muster Fullback Stanford

1988 1:27 Wendell Davis Wide receiver Louisiana State

1989 1:11 Donnell Woolford Defensive back Clemson

1989 1:12 Trace Armstrong Defensive end Florida

1990 1:06 Mark Carrier Safety Southern California

1991 1:22 Stan Thomas Offensive tackle Texas

1992 1:22 Alonzo Spellman Defensive end Ohio State

1993 1:07 Curtis Conway Wide Receiver Southern California

1994 1:11 John Thierry Defensive end Alcorn State

1995 1:21 Rashaan Salaam Half Back Colorado 1996 1:13 Walt Harris Defensive back Mississippi State

1997 — No Pick — — Traded for Rick Mirer Seat QB

1998 1:05 Curtis Enis Half Back Penn State

1999 1:12 Cade McNown Quarterback UCLA

2000 1:09 Brian Urlacher Linebacker/Safety New Mexico

2001 1:08 David Terrell Wide Receiver Michigan

2002 1:29 Marc Colombo Offensive tackle Boston College

2003 1:14 Michael Haynes Defensive end Penn State

2003 1:22 Rex Grossman Quarterback Florida

2004 1:14 Tommie Harris Defensive tackle Oklahoma

2005 1:04 Cedric Benson Half Back Texas

2006 — No Pick — — Traded for # 42 (D. Manning) and # 73 (D. Dvorack)

2007 1:31 Greg Olsen Tight End Miami

2008 1:14 Chris Williams Offensive tackle Vanderbilt

2009 — No Pick — —Traded for Jay

2010 — No Pick — —Traded for Jay

2011 1:29 Gabe Carimi Offensive tackle Wisconsin

2012 1:19 Shea McClellin Defensive end Boise State

2013 1:20 Kyle Long Offensive tackle Oregon

Note the string of "no miss" picks from 1979 to 1986: Hampton, Harris, Wilson, Van Horne, McMahon, Covert, Gault, Wilbur, Perry, Anderson. And Neal was the last pick in first round after our SB win! When was there ever an eight-year period like that with NO BUSTS in the first round.If a GM can just make a solid, no-bust first round pick, year after year, we’re Golden.

Anyhow, I won't define "worst ever" but it could be based on dismal talent, dismal lack of production due to early injury, crappiness relative to the other options the Bears had at the time of the selection, etc. I have identified the draft slot next to the year because your "worst ever" selection may depend on whether the player was an early first-round selection or a late one.

I'll throw out a choice to get the ball rolling. Initially, I was thinking the McKnown pick. But, after looking the list over, I have to say the Curtis Enis selection in 1998 at 1:05 was much worse. The guy held out, got hurt early, was switched to FB, never produced much of anything and retired at age 24 after a "career" of rushing for 1,497 yards and four TDs total. And we could have had Fred Taylor or Randy Moss instead!

What’s your opinion?

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