The Devil I Know...the Jay Cutler Story

Jonathan Daniel

I'm a relatively neutral Cutler fan. I'm glad we have him, I think he makes some mistakes that are all on him, I think the O-line and repeated scheme changes hurt him, and I think some of his antics are both fantastic and disappointing. I would have a beer with the guy; it's doubtful I'd send him a Christmas card. I get both sides of the Pro vs. Anti Cutler rhetoric.

On today's (7/10/13) Den, there was this article by Kevin Seifert. From it, I wanted to highlight this passage:

The Bears must remember how long they searched before acquiring Cutler, and also how dearly they paid. Cutler's leadership skills are questionable at best, but the Bears would be setting a high standard if they decide they can do better at the position.

I don't care which side of the argument you're on. I find it difficult that we can't agree that the above is true.

A lot of fans, and even some of the talking heads, will make statements about not resigning him and finding a new number 1 QB. This doesn't just apply to Cutler, as I hear it by callers to NFL Radio for teams that have a QB ranked around 12-22 (just estimating), which is around where I think Jay Cutler is currently ranked (closer to 12, though). These calls often boil down to let's get rid of him and get a better QB. Yes, there are more words spoken, but their comments can often be distilled to, "I want a better QB."

Listen, I want a better QB. I'm ok with Jay (and rhyming), but I'd take a better QB just like all those other teams would take a better QB. The problem is...where is he coming from? Many people clamor for the end result of a top 5-10 QB, but they are silent on the approach to getting that QB. If after the 2013 season, even if Jay puts up his best season as a Bear yet still realistic numbers, I'll be fine with letting him go if we can find a better replacement. I'll pack his bags. I'll glare awkwardly and repeatedly at his wife while doing so...but I'll pack his bags. And I'll help move him out. (How much can I get for a roll of toilet paper that once belonged to Jay Cutler? What if it's slightly used?)

But to do that, let me know how we're going to replace him. We as Bear fans have found him, or perhaps his production, to be mediocre. I agree. I agree that there are excuses, and I agree there are sometimes no excuses. But, where can you find me something above mediocre right now? I don't follow college football, but outside of RGIII, Luck, Newton, and Wilson, I haven't seen young QBs be overly productive immediately. I'm not saying Andy Dalton, the kid in Florida, etc. aren't decent QBs or can't become better, but I don't think their better than Jay. Also, those players, as well as most young QBs will take time (years?) to develop to mediocre. Unless we have a top 5 pick, which I doubt and hope we don't for a long, long time, I don't see how we can get a surefire rookie QB. On top of that, the phrase "surefire rookie QB" is an oxymoron. You could get that sure thing, read: Luck or RGIII. Or, you could get that "sure thing," read: Leaf, J. Russell. Bottom line, I think we can agree you're more likely to get a sure thing high in the draft, but so high that we won't be getting that "more likely sure thing." The rest is a crapshoot, and we have no way of knowing whether we'll get someone who can immediately be better than Jay. I'll take the devil I know...

Ok, the draft isn't great, especially where we'd pick. Let's look at free there a top 10 guy around? Although I can't attest to its accuracy, here is a list of the QB free agents for 2014. I literally grinned when I saw the list. Not a smile...a full, Cheshire cat grin as if I just saw my grandma slip and fall on ice...cause that stuff is hilarious. Who in the name of God would we want to sign off that list? See any top 10 guys? Want to get the gang back together with Grossman and Hanie? Nothing to see here, let's move on.

OK, let's trade for a QB; we did it once, we can do it again. As people like to point out during draft time, it takes two to tango in a trade. (I like alliteration as much as rhyming.) Think a lot of teams are going to trade a top 10 QB? Name one other than the Cutler trade in recent memory. Go ahead I'll wait......
Still waiting......
I'm so hungry, how is it only 10:24am....
You done yet?!...

Ok, there you go. (You may have thought of one; I didn't. You win and your gold star is in the mail, show off.) Nobody is trading a top 10 QB. Let say, for the sake of argument, somebody did want to trade a top 10 guy...maybe for cap purposes, etc. We'll be giving at least a couple 1st rounders (I'm assuming). Even if it's still less than that, it will still be a lot for the Chicago Bears. LOOK AT ALL THOSE YOUNG STUDS ON OUR D-LINE AND IN OUR SECONDARY!!!! I'm kidding, don't look. Did you look? Wow, really...that's sad. Anyway, they're predominantly old. Guys on offense aren't getting younger. If you listen quietly on some evening, just over the mellow, whispy tones of the breeze coming off Lake Michigan, you can hear Roberto Garza's knees screaming in agony. You see where I'm going with this, we're in no position to mortgage our future draft picks for a top 10 QB again. And, PLEASE REMEMBER, this was even under the assumption that we found a trade partner.

I love Cutler. I hate Cutler. Sometimes my cup runeth over from excitement due to him. Other times I'm googling "how to tie a noose" because I just want it to end. But, he's mediocrity with the ability for more. I don't see how we'll get better in the next few years through the draft, FA, or trades without doing either short term or possible long term damage.

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