Winning didn't matter but a question was answered...

Fendi Onobun was terrible. He couldn't block and he couldn't catch-- that stone hands drop in the End Zone cost us big; Allen fumbled like the very next play. And the alligator arms? That cost us a pick 6.

You could make an argument that #84 single-handedly lost that game for us-- but winning didn't matter. Unless he turns into the next Dennis Pitta in the next two games-- you got to figure, he's toast.

Mineri (Maneri?) was not overly impressive either-- he missed a couple blocks ; when that is your only role on the team, well, that's an issue.

Pope didn't get enough playing time time to make an evaluation (Hope for Pope?.) He clearly let one DE fly right by (ending in an ugly sack) but it wasn't clear if that was his assignment as there was another TE (85?) trailing behind him and he used an Omiyale-esq turn-style maneuver with the rusher as well.

Anyway, that about sums up the TE's...Agree with the point they have been making on Bear Report: behind the Black Unicorn, it is a mess.

Note: Did anyone miss the news on Spaeth?

Now some more positive-- unless you have #25 on your back-- news... Michael Ford's production was excellent . There was never a question about him as a runner at LSU. Or as a returner. The knock was catching the ball and he looked smooth. The kid is quick and he has a little power for sure. Scored a TD. Carried the pile for a couple firsts. You've got to think that Allen is hearing footsteps now-- I'm talking like, #46 footsteps.

Note: There was a screen in the last possession that was called back for holding but in that play Ford made like 5 or 6 guys miss before diving for the first down mark. It was impressive. In a real game, the smart move might have been just to get out of bounds but he was smart enough to know that winning didn't matter today-- ha had to showcase.

But he wasn't alone: Frey held is ground with the ones, Bostic showcased, Greene showcased, Wilson showcased, Long showcased (in a way) and Jordan Mills -- Mills played much better than most were expecting-- Bears fans have very low OL expectations though.

Mills and Long seemed to be displaying to the coaches what they learned (and didn't learn) over the last two weeks. When they were engaging with the right players, they were stout! And don't forget- Mills made a real clutch fumble recovery right on the goal line-- showed some awareness.

On top of all that, #80Anderson seems to be picking up right where he left off in camp and according to reports, so did Nate Collins.

To any outsider, this team looks bad and I'm sure they'll get panned in the mainstream-- big time. (When does Url's mainstream gig start? Quotes from him will make Fox a killing.) It is hard to argue though, the OL, Cutler, the injuies, the ages...there are a lot of questions.

There is one question though, that has been answered: looking at the youth and Emerey's views on drafting, Trestman's scheme....this FO is going to blow this thing up as soon as this year ends. I do believe that is the unspoken message, In Emerey's detailed voice: "Win it all. This is your last chance because no matter what, we're taking a new direction next off season." Aside from the GM, the HC and (and his boyz) that could apply to almost everything and everyone else on this team-- from the defensive scheme-- impacting just about every last- Lovie- vet left on the team-- to Angelo's great hope (#6.) Emerey, Trestman their jobs are not at stake--the same can't be said for just about every key veteran player on the team but not so for all the Emerey picks that shined today.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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