Bears' Six-Pack Keys to Victory: Preseason Week 3, Raiders Edition

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Spor

The Bears take on the Raiders on Friday night. As usual, we've got some things we're looking for heading into the most important preseason game of the year.

Next up for the Bears is the biggest preseason game from a starter's perspective - the one when we see some more actual gameplanning and the starters potentially playing into the third quarter, as well as the largest sample size of the Marc Trestman offense with the starters. As usual, I've got some questions that I want answered by the Bears when they face the Raiders on Friday night, and most of them have to do with the starters.

1) Continue Doing Work, Offensive Line

The offensive line did some good things against the Chargers. Now, they need to keep doing it against another opponent. It's funny how much better offenses look when they actually have competent line play, and they got a great start on that with Matt Slauson, Jermon Bushrod, Kyle Long and Jordan Mills all providing good play. Coincidentally, none were Bears in 2012.

2) Is Jay Cutler Getting the Offense?

The question isn't asked in doubt. It's asked in a "we've had such a small damn sample size for something that's kinda important" way. Game 1 was kind of an "enh" performance, game 2 wasn't bad outside of the pick and the first drive. Game three, we need to see a step forward.

3) Who are the first guys off the bench?

Snaps in game 3 for anybody that's not a starter are going to be few and far between; who will the first guys on the roster bubble to get those snaps be? Because those'll be the guys in heavy contention for roster spots.

4) Can Jon Bostic continue to grow into the starting spot?

Probably, but the only way to tell is through more game reps. He was okay in game 2, but struggled on play-action looks and a little in coverage. He needs to show more of the game 1 instincts he displayed. With Terrell Pryor seeing some action on Friday night, the Bears may get some look at the read option - he'd better be ready.

5) Is the defensive line ready right now?

Julius Peppers hasn't gotten much playing time (with reason), and Henry Melton hasn't practiced or played since his concussion in game one, leaving Shea McClellin, Corey Wootton and Corvey Irvin/Nate Collins to pick up the slack. They did it in game 2, but can they repeat that in game 3? Can they do it if this is how they line up in week 1?

6) Who will stick at defensive back?

It's a bunch of guys pretty much fighting for the back of the DB depth chart - can someone step up and grab it?

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