Ten Thoughts on the NFL: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

NFL preseason week two has concluded, and we've learned a lot about the upcoming season. Check out this edition of Lester's NFL thoughts, but take out the Lester and insert Kev for a bolder, spicier mix.

1) Dustin Keller has absolutely no knee left right now. If you watch that play, it is some scary stuff. I felt like the most interesting comment was from the player who caused the injury:

There's definitely some truth to that, and it's something that could continue coming up should players keep going lower and lower. A helmet is going to be stronger than a knee most times. Keller says he's coming back stronger after, but unless that's going to be a robot knee I'm not sure how that's possible.

2) Until recently, I'd been willing to write the Seahawks season last year off as a fluke, but then they absolutely ruined the Denver Broncos lives this weekend. I know it's only the preseason, but yikes. Everyone on that extended roster is bought in, and if they stay that way, they're going to cause a pretty big ruckus in the NFL.

3) It appears the Vikings are still poised to get as far as Adrian Peterson's legs can carry them. Doug Farrar has a great piece that speaks to an issue Ponder has at identifying things. After reading this article, I caught some of the Bills/Vikings game on NFL Network, and everything he says is valid.

4) Football is really dangerous, folks, no matter how much the NFL attempts to dial up player safety. There's a report that Barkevious Mingo could have died due to the lung injury he sustained in the game against St. Louis. Eddie Royal injured himself in a similar way in practice. There's only so many pads you can wear and only so much technique you can coach. Combine this with scary injuries like Derek Wolfe's in Denver, and it does show you why their pay scale is just a little bit higher than those doing data entry.

5) EJ Manuel was hot on track to be the starter in Buffalo for week one before a knee procedure this week knocked him back. This puts Kevin Kolb in the likely line to start in Buffalo. Manuel gives them best long-term chance for success of the two, so better to let Kolb try his luck early and give Manuel the full time to heal. It doesn't help that the Bills have to open up against the division rival Patriots.

6) Tom Coughlin was kind enough to give us the early reminder this season that the NFL is focusing on coaches leaving the bench area. The Unsportsmanlike penalty call came after he came out to try and let them know he wanted a timeout. I get the idea of keeping them out of there, but I'm not sure how they're supposed to get their attention. It'll be interesting to see how many of these get doled out during close, heated games this season.

7) Blaine Gabbert has been officially named the starting quarterback for the Jaguars in week 1, despite a hairline fracture in his thumb, and also that part about where he's not a particularly great quarterback

8) The Eagles are getting closer to making their quarterback determination which should clearly be Michael Vick, though Chip Kelly seems unable to admit it at this point.

9) If you haven't read Smart Football's piece on packaged plays, it's right here. Go do it, I can wait.


Oh, excellent, you're back. This is something, as the article mentions, that you can expect to see a bit from the Bears. It doesn't mean that Cutler needs to run, but for a line full of inexperienced pass blockers, you can queue them up in a run blocking look, draw the linebackers to the line a little bit, and then go over their heads to a Brandon Marshall or a Martellus Bennett (though knowing Jay Cutler, probably just a Brandon Marshall)

10) What kind of wacky physics allow this to happen?

Great heads up play by Wayne to fix the fact that Andrew Luck threw a spectacularly terrible ball

10a) How 'bout that Kyle Long, eh? I bet he makes the Superfans proud...

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