Bears Vs. Raiders: Notes, Scribbles and Things Jotted Down

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who looked good? Who hurt his stock? We're going over the details, notes and leftover minutiae from yesterday's game against the Raiders.

  • Good first series by the defense; After getting gashed for a first down by Rashad Jennings and an eight-yard gain, Stephen Paea made some good penetration to get into the backfield and allow Jonathan Bostic to recognize and clean up the play behind the line of scrimmage, then Lance Briggs holds up Rod Streater for Major Wright to finish to force fourth down. Good to see assist-style defense and gang-tackling is still in effect.
  • A three-TE opening package with a run right? I guess they really wanted to see some run blocking.
  • Alshon Jeffery can make some nice plays after the catch. How he didn't fall on the Oakland infield dirt, I won't ever know.
  • First two targets, Jeffery, and then Martellus Bennett. With good protection, holding back a linebacker blitz up the middle.
  • First drive of the game ends on Brandon Marshall getting the ball tipped away from behind by D.J. Hayden, then the next pass is dropped by Marshall. Those are just plays that have to be made, especially if a drive that had looked really good is going to continue.
  • Isaiah Frey again nearly made a play on special teams, as Josh Cribbs lost the handle on one.
  • Man, the Packers really made Matt Flynn look good a couple years ago. Tim Jennings is still improving those ball skills.
  • Beautiful run after the catch by Matt Forte to get a touchdown on the swing pass. All Forte does is get the ball, set up his blockers, and burst by. Jeffery's block to give Forte the big break running by really set the tone for the run. Hard-working block, but a hard-working touchdown. Martellus Bennett's block was a helper too, but Jeffery sprung the play.
  • Also notice on the touchdown, Forte was originally split into the slot before being called back to Cutler's side in the shotgun, with Michael Bush on the other side.
  • Charles Tillman on a DB blitz for a sack? Well then. When's the last time that happened?
  • Even Sebastian Janikowski can have an off day.
  • Those Bears' receivers sure can run-block.
  • Welp. Fendi Onobun may be a good athlete, but he dropped another one. While wide open. I haven't been too enamored with his blocking, but it's clear he's not a receiver. I think I'd pass at this point. (Not to him though.)
  • Time in the pocket is a beautiful thing.
  • Between Tony Fiametta and Kyle Long, Michael Bush's touchdown romp was more or less clear sailing - well, as clear sailing as it can be for a power runner with a lead blocker for twelve yards.
  • The Raiders get a big offensive play, and it's turned down because of illegal formation. First quarter is pretty much all Bears, all the time.
  • Stephen Paea's really showing a lot more penetration this round.
  • Devin Hester let a punt bounce, grabbed it high, somehow made himself a little room and got 19 yards on a classic Devin Hester punt return attempt. Except without the East-West. The hell, Devin?
  • So, a quick thought on Jay Cutler. When he doesn't have much time, he goes to Brandon Marshall. When he does have time, and he's had plenty of it in this game, he looks for Alshon Jeffery or the TE/FB target that's in the game.
  • 3rd and 10 - The offensive line had to handle a delayed blitz. Matt Forte stoned the blitzer, and Cutler took off up the middle of the field, got the first down, and got down. Perfect decision making on that one.
  • Hey, he can throw passes away too!
  • Marquess Wilson is getting some work with the ones in the second quarter. Cutler trusted him to go up and get one for a first down in the middle of the field. Next play was a run by Forte in Wilson's direction, and Wilson didn't exactly get a good block on his guy. By contrast, the next play goes to Jeffery's side, and Jeffery engages a block with just enough space for Forte to get another couple yards.
  • Zach Minter came in with the Bears up 24-0 in the second quarter. He started by getting stonewalled then run right by by Flynn for nine yards.
  • Isaiah Frey's interception was drawing high fives between Mel Tucker and Chris Harris. And it was a great play by the second-year defensive back. And with the injury to Zackary Bowman's hamstring, Frey might be the de facto winner at nickle back here.
  • Jim Miller: "He's gonna make the plays on game day..." Well, it's game day, why has Marshall dropped another pass today?
  • The Bears committed a pre-snap penalty in the preseason. The end of days is nigh.
  • The Martellus Bennett incompletion on second and 15 was a good read, and open, but just a drop. Third and fifteen, the throw to Marshall was never seen, but Cutler also had some pressure in his face and lobbed it up. Kind of a dangerous ball, if anyone else were there.
  • With Terrelle Pryor coming in in the second quarter, the Bears got some looks against the read option and a mobile quarterback - Jonathan Bostic looked pretty good tracking down the quarterback.
  • Steve Maneri, Fendi Onobun and Tony Fiametta were bouncing between the H-Back/FB spots and tight end. And receivers have been bouncing between the outside and the slot - again, pounding the versatility buzzword.
  • Yes, Cutler got sacked. Roberto Garza's snap was low and Cutler never got a handle on it. He tried to scramble with it and hit the turf.
  • Robbie Gould from 53. That's... just... Yep. Normal.
  • And Janikowski one-ups him by going from 58. So much for that off day.
  • Kyle Long is human after all, missed a block on a Josh McCown rollout.
  • I counted at least four attempts to take town Terrelle Pryor before he rolled out and hit Rod Streater downfield. Make the tackle, and finish the play. You can't let a quarterback, any quarterback, get free to make a throw out of bounds, or worse, to an open receiver.
  • To be fair, Pryor's got wheels. Containment up the middle of the line got loose and Pryor made the Bears pay for it. Again, gotta finish.
  • I'm really worried about the Bears' chances if they're starting their full second string. Also to be fair, Pryor's wheels are a tough weapon to fully compensate for.
  • I'm pretty sure that at this point, you can't take out Kyle Long and Jordan Mills from the starting offensive line. And bringing on board four new starters to this offensive line and having them play as well as they have in the preseason is a brief slap in the face to the "consistency" argument. And that second offensive line really doesn't give Josh McCown any time.
  • Jacoby Ford could be a nice weapon for the Raiders, if healthy.
  • Kyle Moore had a decent showing as a backup defensive end, but tackle Christian Tupou had himself a fine evening. Had a couple nice penetrations.
  • Onobun dropped another pass. I'm pretty sure the book's shut on him now, if it wasn't already slammed shut, chained shut, and has a steamroller planted on top of it.
  • The more I watch Josh McCown, the more I start to feel a bit of worry that he's not a top-tier backup, more of a 2/3.
  • Sam Rosen counted three dropped interceptions for the Bears. Not sure on three, but there were at least two. Ball skills, man.
  • And C.J. Wilson got in on the interception party. Matt McGloin overthrows his receiver and Wilson's right there, the next play after his drop. Brandon Hardin was sent on the blitz that caused pressure on McGloin - hey, he did a thing! (Well, a thing better than the rest of his game...)
  • Michael Ford still runs hard, and he's got a pretty nice spin move. Very well done for the touchdown.
  • Cornelius Washington made a nice play to break through and leap to bat a pass, and later stormed into the backfield to pick up a sack. He's making himself noticed when he gets on the field, even if he's not quite ready just yet.
  • J'Marcus Webb isn't playing his way into a roster spot, folks.

Not a whole lot else to really say. The Bears' first-team offense looked fantastic, except for the drops. The rest of it, not so much, but plenty of the guys on the deeper depth chart won't be around as of Tuesday, so it won't matter. We can be encouraged the first-team offense did something we just flat out aren't used to - executing against a defense they should execute again.

That's all I've got. What'd you notice?

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