A Message to Webb



What happened? Seriously, what happened this off season? Last year you played relatively well. Adding to this the constant change on that line around you last year and it makes it that much more impressive. You were a starting quality left tackle just a year ago.

Is it switching to the right side? Or did the new coaching staff try to make an adjustment to your technique that you never felt comfortable with? Did you never get comfortable with the new playbook, and were unsure with your assignments?

I always knew you struggled with inconsistent technique but you were hardly the only player with that problem. I figured improving the players around you and putting you into a stable line up could only help. I always knew you were not a perfect player but you consistently trended in the right direction, which I could live with.

Anyway, I want to thank you for your effort while you were here. You far exceeded the expectations for a 7th round pick and you obviously worked for that. You made vast improvement each year up until this one and those improvements do not happen without considerable effort on your part.

Some fans will criticize you for eating McDonalds, and acting like a goofball on Twitter, but that is hardly a concern. You never came into camp out of shape and never had an injury. You seem perfectly capable of taking care of yourself. Please don't worry about the fans and be yourself. Twitter is Twitter, it is not hurting your play on the field. The content of a tweet does not impact a team, and you never were a big distraction. Except of course for the media and fans jumping all over your case.

The internet psychology was the worst. "Did you see that, he did not shove the player he is supposed to be protecting. He does not want to be here!" "He did not hang his head after a bad play, he is not a competitor!" Give me (and Webb) a break. Fact of the matter is these fans going in depth into your body language trying to find anything that can fit their narrative that you suck, are the same people who get into a fit when other fans and the media examine the body language of Jay Cutler. That is hypocrisy.

The fact of the matter is you are a competitor. A seventh round rookie does not continue to improve without effort. You have made so much improvement between your first year and last year it is like watching a different player. You have far exceeded expectations for your draft status and I expect more to come.

Webb you were thrown to sharks way too early. You were a developmental player who needed at the very least a year if not two to be ready for the NFL. Instead you were thrown in too early and you struggled. Since that moment you have forever had the ire of the fans and the media. You were examined so heavily under a microscope. You make one mistake and it warrants an ESPN article (even in practice), other lineman make a mistake and it goes unnoticed.

Webb you were never quite consistent enough for me, but you were headed in the right direction. I have no problem with giving Mills a shot. But heaven forbid if Mills struggles because he will be thrown under the microscope same as you were.

Webb I wish you the best of luck, and I think it will work out in your best interest when you are on a new team without the media firestorm. Thanks for the effort. Even though most fans will claim it was never there.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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