Giving Birth to a Monster in Midway

Our New GM:

The reason why Emery was hired.

  • From the beginning I have been a fan of the Emery method. I love his meticulous way. I enjoy his way of gathering every inkling of information and knowledge and deciphering it in his own way to come to a final conclusion.
  • A new season is upon us, a new day is here. Phil Emery and his way is breathing life into the organization and it's fans. Phil Emery is Giving Birth to a New Monster in Midway.

The Hiring:

Marc Trestman hiring Process

  • What I appreciate most about our head coaching search was that it was unlike what we usually see. Normally the G.M. has in mind who he wants or he goes with the guy that has the most hype. Emery covered all grounds with his search and selected the guy that could carry out his mission.

Preparing a Field General:

A must read Jay Cutler Scouting Report

  • After I read this report I said wow. It's almost as if no coach who has coached Cutler in the league read this report.
  • Emery and Trestman are finally putting Cutler in a position to succeed and I'm excited.
  • After reading this report and being witness to what Cutler has endured in the league you can't help but to take notice of his toughness. Cutler is second among all quarterbacks in the league when it comes to yearly sacks in their respective careers. He averages 35 a year for his career, Ben Roethleisberger is at 45. And for those of you who didn't know or seem to overlook this fact, Jay Cutler is a diabetic.

Our Battle Roster:


Jay Cutler

Josh McCown

  • I think Josh is more of a coach on the field than a back-up but no one wants to have a back-up on the field to begin with. They are called back-ups for a reason. Hopefully we will witness a year where our primary in Jay Cutler is the only one we have to see take the field. Trestman's primary concern on offense is protecting Cutler and I am excited to see that process maturate.


Matt Forte

Micheal Bush

Micheal Ford

  • I can't think of better backfield in the league. I so hope Forte stays healthy just so he can put up historic numbers. But if for any reason Forte goes down I have no concerns with Bush taking over. Last but not least I like Ford so much I would be ok if he was our second back. He is definitely a steal for us. The fact that he went to LSU a school that uses so many backs he was never thrusted into a role that put all running back responsibilities on his shoulder. Again I say, Da Best backfield in Da League.


Tony Fiammetta


Brandon Marshall

Alshon Jeffery

Earl Bennett

Joe Anderson

Marques Wilson

Eric Weems

  • This is the best receiving group the Bears have ever had. I would rank this receiving group second this year right behind the Broncos, but if I broke down the numbers I might be able to prove we have the #1 receiving group in the league.


Martellus Bennett

Steve Maneri

Kyle Adams

  • Oh how we've waited so long to have a tight end again. Martellus is a cross between B. Marshall and Kyle Long in a tight ends body. Martellus is a great character and yet so nasty on the field. Steve Maneri is the big body of the group and will see plenty of the field. There may not be anything wow-ing about Kyle Adams but he is consistent and I know Cutler appreciates consistency. We have enough starters providing the wow factor to not require it from our third tight end position.


LT-Jermon Bushrod

LG-Matt Slauson

C-Roberto Garza

RG-Kyle Long

RT-Jordan Mills

LG/RG-James Brown

LT/RT-Eben Britton

LT/RT-Jonathan Scott

C-Taylor Boggs

  • Emery and Trestman have remodeled our line and I'm happy about it. This particular group is a whole story within itself. If they continue to build on what they accomplished together during the pre-season they will be a force to be reckon with.


Julius Peppers

Corey Wooten

Shea McClellin

Cornelius Washington

Henry Melton

Stephen Paea

Nick Collins

Zach Minter

David Bass

  • I know I'm biased but this defensive line group is right behind the niners and lions in ranking. I think think our potential is greater than any team in the league. Nobody in the league has a fourth DT better than our Zach Minter. Im excited to our rotation at full throttle.


Lance Briggs

Jon Bostic

James Anderson

D.J. Williams

Khaseem Greene

Blake Anderson

  • Never before have I seen our linebacker group this complete. Im hopeful for the growth of our young ones, and hopeful for the health of our veteran linebackers. The depth of this position is sitting pretty good in my eyes, despite only holding onto 6 backers.


Chris Conte

Major Wright

Craig Steltz

Anthony Walters

Charles Tillman

Tim Jennings

Kelvin Hayden

Isiah Frey

Zack Bowman

C.J. Wilson

Sherrick McManis

  • I am not worried about this group not one bit. They get the job done. Even if we incur and injury I think we still can survive. We took two renegade type corners and made them pro bowlers and I think that continues this year.


Patrick Mannelly

Robbie Gould

Devin Hester

Adam Podlesh

  • We will again finish with a top five special teams if not the #1. Im excited to see if the old man Hester can rekindle his spark.


TE-Fendi Onobun

FB-Harvey Unga

LB-Jerry Franklin

DE-Aston Whiteside

CB-Demontre Hurst

WR-Ricardo Lockette

QB-Jerrod Johnson


  • What I like most about this list are a lot of them are boom or bust projects and that's where they belong. Demontre Hurst is more than capable of holding down a roster spot but there are veterans in place keeping him on the P.S.

My Predictions/Statements:

  • Four to five of our guys on offense will be picked for the Pro Bowl
  • We will make it to the NFC Championship game
  • We have the personnel to go undefeated
  • Four to five of our guys on defense will be picked for the Pro Bowl
  • At least one of our ST guys will be picked for the Pro Bowl
  • We will have a top five defense
  • We will finish with a top ten offense
  • Cutler will finish top five among all qb's (permitting no injury)
  • Forte will be amongs the top backs in the touchdown category
  • Marshall will still finish with a 100 catches
  • Bostic will be in the DROY conversation
  • Peppers will have more sacks this year than any other year as a Bear
  • Not sure if it can be done but Long will be in the OROY conversation too.
  • Aaron Rodgers will not walk away from the first game of the season healthy.
  • Marc Trestman will be Coach of the Year
  • Ford may be the best goal line back we have.

Da New Monsters of Da Midway

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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