Cacti's Posts of the Week: The Best of Week 2 Bears-Vikings Game Threads

Excellent win by the Bears, a late touchdown drive, and some not so good kickoff coverage(or otherwise, looking at you Fox!).

First Quarter

Someone called this before kickoff. I need your lotto numbers stat:

Dils: Kinda worried about the conditions. But today will be a big game for Hester.

New Year, Same Questions….

Cubfansince1957: Is there a place on the internet that I can watch the game?
DaHamsta: Probably

Well…the thought counts…

ES46NE10: also go redskins

Opening kickoff for a TD.

Just Dave: One way to keep AP from scoring

Must be some church…

frenchbears113: Oh Martz(edit.) YEAH!!!!! Paea doing a Haka..... Makes me miss my childhood back in Christchurch

On Clay Matthews numerus dubious commercials….

Kev H: Well no wonder Clay is doing so well in this commercial. the Bears apparently fielded exactly zero people I’ve ever heard of.
Ditka's Stache: One would think that verizon had a better wardrobe department
Rocinantel: Martz(edit.) Clay Matthews

We are still figuring out how to feel about this "offense" thing…

Kev H: Sustained drives are weird. I’m not necessarily sure I know how to deal with it.

On a comment about GB being up only by 3…

Robert Rence: Why aren't they down by 30?
ES46NE10: you raise a very good question
Guilty Bear: My Genie has the day off. I'm about to fire him.

Maybe we are a little hard on Hester…

Allie: geez devin. really?
Beer Down!: If I can't run sideways… I want nothing to do with it
lawyeti: at least he didnt run backwards again
Allie: letting it bounce 15 yards isn't the same thing?

After a Marshall TD…

Just Dave: Deep Ball.
Allie: no, i lied. this offense is Martzing(edit.) awesome
lmfsilva: SCHWING

2nd Quarter

Major Wright exited for a series with injury.

emdub: Major Wright injured? That's a first.
suckmyditka: He's moved on from injuring his teammates
Allie: looks concussiony

Weems knows punting rules better then WCG..

Ditka's Stache: What the martz(edit.) was weems doing?
Beer Down!: what… the…. martz(edit.)….

Miller Lite is poor beer…

Just Dave: Miller Lite: Making it easier to shotgun a few beers
Allie: giving up on making the beer taste good. they invest all their money in can research

Still discussing the Weems play throughout the next series…

The Kaiser: So my understanding on that Weems play: If he knocks it back into the end zone without ever having possession and Minnie downed it back there, it would also be a touchback. Is that right?
The Fat Man: I don't know. I that play made me dumber

I'm only going to do this rarely but…Going to toot this horn!

Myself: Love the TCO.
Myself: TCO FTW.
ES46NE10: tacos?

On watching actual drives…

boydvv54: it's almost like offenses were supposed to pick up third downs all this time. and we just didn’t know it…..
emdub: First down, second down, Set up punt down, punt!
Allie: i know! its like they're doing it on purpose instead of by luck and accident

Oh it is a thing Kev. Very much a thing.

DutchBear: This TCO is a lot better for my blood pressure

Allie being introduced to TCO

Allie: tco?
Kev H: Don't worry. Not a thing.
ES46NE10: tacos
someone… Trest Coast Offense. Most definently a thing
Allie: that.. may just be the stupidest phrase ever coined on this site and… thats saying something
someone: Better then Kev's Trestfence.....hehe.
Kev H: SEE!!!! Allie knows what’s up. Trestfense for the win.
ES46NE10: that's even worse than TCO, which is already terrible

Kev is fun when his acronym isn't picked…

somebody...: Let's see how many Kev bans for using the TCO...
David in Maine: Over under:6. I’ll take the over

I think all of us felt this on that tipped pass…

Ditka's Stache: why not just fucking run it in as;jdknh A HGASN;KJ NAD;KJB;ADKZbnLADNBKLJA’DB

Right Before Jennings returns to last season form

Nomad30: Minnesota has all the mojo so far.
Cubfansince1957: not anymore. Thank you Tim Jennings! Bhuhahahahhahahahaa.
LostinSTL: O the Vikings offense cannot do anything... so what’s the worry?
AngryGiant: What do you mean? Ponder just threw a touchdown to Jennings

One good thing about Fox's feed being down…

Dils: Glad I didn't get to see that
Bears-Cubs Bulls: TD Vikings. Martz(edit.)

1930's television here we go!

BearBratt: 1st and 10 ball on MN 33. 0:19 secs remaining
Just Dave: Thank you.
Ditka's Stache: WE are on Min 33 yard line
Bears-Cubs Bulls: keep us posted

3rd Quarter! What a half!

The Summary

Da Midway Monster: So Fox sucks. And when we get inside the 5 we need to run the ball.
dicksingletary: agree, let's see bush touch the field (giggidy)
DDigital: They Were probably worried about the clock with no timeouts. Thus, the passes. But of course I’m just guessing since we couldn’t actually see it.

In the middle of asking for a stream link…

Kev H: Also you can't ask for streams on threads. Unless you want me to ban you. Which, contrary to popular belief, I don’t want to do. Unless I do.
someone: TCO
Just Dave: Yes. The Trest Coast Offense. It’s a thing.
David in Maine: The Ban Hammer is a thing, right? J/K
ES46NE10: it's what Kev H calls the thing in his pants

in the background but the very next post…



Edward_Thefirst: ok 20 points unanswered that’s my goal to the second half, no reason to not do it, unless you’re a commie
Bears-Cubs Bulls: communists watch football too
62GTO: They're trying to sign Tebow

On Peterson's fumble…

RogersPark Kris: tie goes to the stripper right?
DaHamsta: In this case, yes
Just Dave: TWSS

Holding out a hope and a prayer for Julius Peppers…

LostinSTL: I'd like to see some Peppers magic now....
David in Maine: Maybe if we say his name 3 times, he'll appear.... Julius, julius, julius
LostinSTL: peppers, peppers, peppers...
Beer Down!: Click your heals together

No need of comment.

ES46NE10: this is what happens when you don't step on a team's throat when you should
lmfsilva: Paging Dr. Suh...

Holding out hope of a good 4th Q

After the Cutler interception on the goal line…

Allie: this next 14 min may just kill me

On a important detail…

C-Razzle: Trestman's first cahllange. DRINK!

How we felt.

75bearsfan: Just joined...WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???
Shruggs: Minny has lady luck today.

After a Forte fumble…

suckmyditka: Well that's the game
mustang6944: Turnovers did us in.
Bears-Cubs Bulls: except the 6 minutes of time
ES46NE10: fence, how many virgins did you sacrifice and to who
RogersPark Kris: I blame Sleepy Hollow
No Punt Intended: you spelled Thorco wrong


Shuggs: Game is not over. Focus on Bennett, they can’t cover him for Dilf(edit).

Do we doubt or what?

DutchBear: Jay will win this one for us
75bearsfan: What has he done so far today to make you believe that he can?
DutchBear: Not much, gotta believe he can else no point in watching

Now that's the spirit!

ES46NE10: 66 yards to victory

How we felt…

Kev H: This is the slowest two minute drive ever.

Down to the wire….

Allie: 22 seconds o.m.g.
T.Moore: Marion barber again

Then the black magical unicorn appears!

Allie: in? are you martzing(edit.) kidding me!!!>!?!??!


Cubfansince1957: Rip the hearts out of those Vikings. May their lamentations never cease.

Still so stunned by the majesty of black unicorn we are numb to this…

Allie: fumble?
Just Dave: Probably. Close call but ruled a fumble. Our ball.

On that note we exit the building.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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