Cacti’s Best Of The In Game Threads: Week 3, Bears-Steelers

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Quote of the Week, from Sunday’s Conversations during the ESPN halftime of Monday night: Marc Trestman to linesman during one of Bush’s multiple TD runs, "If someone calls it a TD and another doesn’t, shouldn’t that be reviewable?"


One further things from Peter King, MMQB : " 4. Chicago (3-0). Took the air out of Heinz Field in about 15 minutes. How about this: It’s Sept. 23, and the Bears have a two-game lead on the Packers in the NFC North."

1st Q

Not this time!

C-Razzle : Who's up for another 4th quarter comeback?!?!?


Kev loves him some Breaking Bad

PaytonsStiffarm : Can we add this rule for tonight's thread?

Thou shalt not spoil Breaking Bad

Kev H : Breaking bad spoilers = lifetime ban

I’m 100% serious about that.

Your wish shall be granted.

dicksingletary: I want to see their fans leaving the stadium early with a big Bears lead

On hair…

GtM: Jay Cutler has one of the best head of hair

In the qb world. And yet SNF always seem to pick the weirdest pics of him. And most other people too. But still

Dane Noble: I actually told my hair stylist that's the hair I wanted to try and grow.

We tried for a couple months, but unfortunately, I’m a wide receder so it is not possible.

His hairline is truly glorious…

Brendan Hess: Wide Receder?

The Jets could use your skills.


Steven Schweickert : Oh hey, the Bears' game is tonight, isn't it. : HAHAHAHA

Joking right?

Steven Schweickert : Possibly.

It’s not like Spongie and I did two hours of pre-game stream for nothing.

WCG commenting on size of a picture

Ditka’s Stache: Holy sheet(edit.) that is huge

windyirish: Not sure why it appeared so big

Original one is about half the size


windyirish: Welp

Walked into that one


We are still confused about competence

David in Maine: Did jay just have a pocket on that drop?

Will wonders never cease?

bassist33: He's got all day back there.

Allie: i know its martzin(edit.) weird

Alshon having multiple catches opening drive…

Ditka’s Stache: damn diabeetus

Cutler thinks Jeffery is Marshall

The Great WCG Controversy!!! : TCO is doing great

And it is a thing.

Kev H: Not a thing.

David in Maine: Need an Over/under on

"Not a Thing"

I’ll go with 7

Allie: no, really its not

Just Dave: I’m thinking thing…

Kev H: Not a thing.

Allie: if it is a thing

its a stupid thing

Just Dave: The best kind of thing.

Two hours later…

Doshi: Is a thing.

A Few Minutes Later…

someone: TCO! WEE HOO!

Kev H: Not a thing.

NotaThingCounter is at: 3 for those betting at home

Ah, the age old Tebow joke...

C-Razzle : haha

#SNF So far, Jay Cutler has more time in the pocket than Tim Tebow’s condom.

— Peyton’s Head (@PeytonsHead) September 23, 2013

At least a series later...

TheHoaginIreland: Trest Coast Offense marching...

Kev H: Not a thing.

Steven Schweickert : Ding.

Not a Thing Counter: 1

somebody: That's actually No. 2

Steven Schweickert : Missed the first.

Thanks. These threads move faster than I remember. Actually, that’s 3.

Not a Thing Counter: 3

(editor's note: They were both wrong, it's actually 4)

Kev H: The phrase "Trest Coast Offense"

is a number 2.

Steven Schweickert : Except it's a "Not a Thing" counter.

Not a "Trest Coast Offense" counter.

Kev H: I was calling it poop.

The phrase is poop.

(two hours later)

Doshi: Is a thing.

NotaThingCounter : 4

but it's only halfway through the First!

frenchbears113: I know it's early but this Devil Dog is pretty wasted already so peace out my peoples

cubsfansince1957 : Don't leave. Coherence is not necessary on the game threads.

frenchbears113: been doing the thread thing for a few years. you never really ever leave

I guard my bears game with my life.

Just Dave: The Dad misses football for his daughter's princess show.

My family is forbidden from entering the basement after kickoff. Maybe I need to work on those parenting skills.

Bears-Cubs Bulls: My dad just swatted us if we got in front of the TV

You figured out quickly to stay away during football, and I don’t have any rug rats of my own

Allie: ugh

princesses. i’d rather put a campfire out with my face than do anything invovling princesses

I guess we are not used to seeing him...

MPG: who is 58? great play.

Allie: ej williams

i think

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: D.J. WILLIAMS BABY!!!!

You SpoilSport


David in Maine: And Kev appears in 3....2.....1

Kev H: Nope.

somebody: KevCount 3

Kev H: The count was specific to the alternate phrasing.

I am personally not using it to sabotage anyone who said "over"

NotaThingCounter : Still 4

Well...on the multiple Bush TD's that the officials missed....

cubsfansince1957 : Can we get points for each of the touchdowns we just scored.

Score should be 31-0

On to the 2nd Quarter!

We are still a tad bitter.

No Punt Intended: Make them kick it 3 more times

it only seems fair.

Defense might need some work...

Just Dave: We blitz, it works. We blitz, it works. We get them in 3rd and long. We drop 7.

It doesn’t work.

WCG has Psychics!

LostInSTL : Time for a pick 6????....

Notorius P.E.D. : YOU CALLED IT DUDE!!!!!!


Wally007: WHO CALLED IT????

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: I thought it was Lostradamus

Here's a great philospohy.

Sparky The Barbarian: DEFENSE

You score Field Goal on us, we score Touchdown on you.

Steven Schweickert: That's the (new) Chicago way!

After the 15 yard roughing the kicker goes for a TD

Allie: martzin(edit.) sheepballs(edit.)

Well....we could dream

Sparky The Barbarian : Keep sending the pressure.... They can't make that throw and catch all night.

Bears-Cubs Bulls: and we have to wrap up the QB when we touch him

Dungy isn't our favorite commentator apparently...

Allie: oh i like trestman's halftimes so far

but nbcs are usually a preachy drag from dungy

lmfsilva: At least he stopped starring at the camera

His first shows were weird. He looked like he was trying to hypnotize someone.

Allie: the man has no eye lids

and desperately needs a sammich or 12

On to the 3rd Quarter!

On Matellus Bennett after he danced his way through defenders

Allie: i totally didn't pay attention this off season

why is he a black unicorn?

BOBdaBEAR: Self-given nickname

Allie: oh

he’s a character. his pressers a trip

BearNecessities: for no reasons that make any sense

On whether to kick a 27 yard field goal...or try to draw them offsides and kick a 32 instead...

Allie: does that even work on anyone other than the bengals?

At least we were still watching the game....

cubsfansince1957 : Looks like some Steelers' fans traded their seats with other fans disguised as empty seats.

Way to stick by your team, guys.

On playcalling...

Edward_Thefirst: Trestman being too conservative when we’re leading

me not like

75bearsfan: Was thinking the same..

But why open playbook now and give other 3-4 teams (Packers) something else to plan for?

Edward_Thefirst: i guess, but is better to test big plays in game situation, since we were conservative too in the pre-season

Beer Down!: Yes

Let’s give the half the stadium that’s left a reason to get excited

Random Kev note whilst denying TCO is in fact a thing.

Kev H: Here's a fun fact

After three games, the Giants are giving up 38.3 points per game.

cubsfansince1957 : How do you have time to figure that out in the middle of this game?

Kev H: I'm like,

really good at blogging or whatever.

NotaThingCounter : Still 4

Say it ain't so Optimus!

Erik Christopher Duerrwaechter: Way to go Mel Tucker

Even with the entire Bears’ playbook, and all these stars, you find a way to mess this up.

This pretty much sums up the quarter...

Steven Schweickert : It only took two WTF-outstanding catches on the Steelers' part.

It’s not like they were massive blown coverages or something.

"They" being the touchdown catches.



Steven Schweickert : Yes, yes, of course.

Kev H: I know, right?

It’s clearly Mel Tucker’s fault that the $20,000,000 defensive line doesn’t do anything, forcing him to use his middle linebacker to generate anything resembling a pass rush.

Steven Schweickert : Pretty much.

Wait a second, what’s a defensive line pass rush again?

So we Doomed and Gloomed Our Way to the Fourth Quarter...

At least someone's still got some optimism...and a mention for a Han Solo ref!

Sparky The Barbarian : I'm away for a while and the Steelers get Delusions of Grandeur

After Jay gets his first touch on ball in 4th

Allie: he pulls it off again

and maybe i’ll even let that stupid stupid tco bulldilf be a thing

Ditka's Stache : its gonna be a thing


Mixed reaction to the Cutler trucking of a DB...

Ditka's Stache : slide cutler you dumb martzer(edit.)

MPG : the martz(edit.) was he thinking

cubsfansince1957 : Wow, Jay eschews the slide.

What a man!

Right before Marshall caught a back shoulder throw...

ES46NE10 : screw it

go deep

Da Midway Monster : Throw the martzing(edit.) ball downfield.

We don’t have 100 yards passing yet.

DaHamsta : Marshall shows up when needed

That is what makes him good

On a crucial play...


David in Maine: He did

brunokm: Earl becomes my favorite Bennett for the week if that's a TD

On that TD...

suckmyditka : Anyone else's espn app

Just tell them "Matt forte -26 yard run tackled in own end zone"

Guilty Bear : I don't think that's right.

I for one glad the TCO isn't this...

TheHoaginIreland : Tresticles, baby

Kev Hates us all...

Brendan Hess : Oh and Allie,

TCO is a 4th quarter amazing catch "thing" :)

Allie : fine

its a thing. i hate it, we are offically the worst website ever at naming dilf… but fine. its a thing

crackedcactus : Whoo HOO! It's a THING!

Brendan Hess : I proudly endorse

all of this message. Clutchler and the TCO strike again.

Kev H : I hate you

Not complete without a Jets reference...

dicksingletary : Rex Ryan called in to Refs to confirm E. Bennetts feet inbounds

And to ice this game...

Nomad30 : Great view of Peppers after grabbing the ball.

"Get off me, martz(edit.)."

Meanwhile, special teams martzs(edit.) up the extra point.

Alright, that was fun. TCO has been born. The Kittens are next, let's go four and Oh!

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