Bears at Lions Observations:

Well that sucked. Thoroughly out played by Detroit no less. Scariest part is these problems have been evident in every game. Our defense has been worse and our offense is hit and miss, mostly miss.


We are not playing well. We are not executing and are not playing well as a team. We still get turnovers because our great players are making plays. Tillman forcing fumbles, Peppers getting a strip, etc. As a whole we have not been able to stop everyone.

I don't know why they have fallen off. I do think Tucker is partially to blame, but I do not think it is fair to expect him to be Lovie Smith. Lovie is one of the premier defensive minds in the league, and he had an answer for everyone and everything. I think people took it for granted.

Our pressure is not up to par, but it is getting better. Detroit has only allowed two sacks prior to this, and Big Ben is tough to bring down. It is still not good enough, but hopefully it improves. Losing Melton hurts.

The team is just not executing, not getting off on third down. If it does not improve we may start the DC musical chairs. I still think Mel should have used his own system, then he would know how to change it.


We are pathetic. We have been most of the season. We are better than last year, but that is a really bad standard to hold us to. We do not move the ball, and we do not stretch the field. We do not convert third downs. I was hoping we would be an explosive high scoring offense. We have the talent to be. Marshall, Jeffery and Martellus are all beating coverage and getting open consistently.

Jay played terrible today. He was off. I don't know if anyone else noticed but on the strip sack he had the ball at his waist, which is what Trestman tried to coach him out of. When it gets tough he reverts back to old Jay. I don't know if he can be fixed. Whatever, he is our quarterback and we cannot expect him to takeover games. He will play his role and hopefully will be able to get the ball to our play makers. He is our best shot to win this year.

The play calling is terrible. Our offense is a combination of short passes, dump offs and runs. We almost seem to refuse to stretch the field. You cannot consistently score like that. Then when we need to score Jay heaves up jump balls to Marshall, Jeffery, and the Bennetts. Where is the creative play calling? Where are the plays designed to exploit mismatches? Where are the screen plays? Forte is really good off the screen. No creativity, and way too conservative.

Dump offs do not work if all 5 receivers are within ten yards. Also on third and 5 don't throw the ball behind the line of scrimmage. This should be common sense. And they should get the hint after it does not work the first 5 times.

Our offensive line was not that bad this game. We gave up some sacks, but we passed the ball a lot and Jay has to get rid of the ball faster. Could have been better, but not terrible. Long had a rough-ish game.

I don't want to hear it is early and they have not installed all of the offense. Chip Kelly is being creative and they do not have anywhere near the talent we do at the quarterback and offensive line positions. I expect better from the offensive guru.

Special teams:

Was okay. Gould was perfect, Podlesh had a bad punt, Mannelly is god. Kickoff coverage was good as well.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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