National Signing Day 2014: A look back at Chicago Bears players from high school


Today was a big day for NCAA football, as high school players could officially sign their collegiate letters of intent. Let's look back at how our Chicago Bears players were rated coming out of high school.

As plenty of 5-star high school recruits signed their collegiate letters of intent today (you can get a full update on your favorite players and/or schools HERE), we decided to take a look back at some of the Chicago Bears high school ratings (ratings via Rivals and

Note: Players listed with N/A are either older than the high school class of 2002, which is when Rivals started tracking players, or the player never received a rating to begin with.


Garza, Roberto: N/A

Boggs, Taylor: N/A


Long, Kyle: 3 stars

Slausen, Matt: N/A

Britton, Eben: 4 stars


Brown, James: 1 star

Bushrod: Jermon: No rating

Mills, Jordan: 3 stars

Scott, Jonathan: N/A


Bennett, Martellus: 5 stars (great HS post-game article HERE)

Onobun, Fendi: 4 star basketball recruit; N/A football

Rosario, Dante: 3 stars


Forte, Matt: 2 stars

Bush, Michael: 4 stars

Fiametta, Tony: 2 stars

Ford, Michael: 4 stars


Cutler, Jay: 5 stars

McCown, Josh: N/A

Palmer, Jordan: 2 stars


Anderson, Joe: 2 stars

Bennett, Earl: 3 stars

Jeffery, Alshon: 4 stars

Marshall, Brandon: 2 stars

Toliver: Terrance: 5 stars

Weems, Eric: N/A

Wilson, Marquess: 3 stars


Cohen, Landon: 2 stars

Collins, Nate: 2 stars

Melton, Henry: 4 stars

Paea, Stephen: 3 stars

Ratliff, Jeremiah: N/A


Bass, David: N/A

McClellin, Shea: 2 stars

Ozougwu, Cheta: 2 stars

Peppers, Julius: N/A

Washington, Cornelius: 4 stars

Wootton, Corey: 3 stars


Anderson, James: N/A

Bostic, Jonanthan: 4 stars

Briggs, Lance: N/A

Costanzo, Blake: N/A

Franklin, Jerry: 3 stars

Greene, Khaseem: 2 stars

Williams, D.J.: N/A


Bowman, Zackary: 5 stars

Frey, Isaiah: 2 stars

Hayden, Kelvin: 4 stars

Jennings, Tim: 2 stars

McManis, Sherrick: 2 stars

Martin, Derrick: N/A

Tillman, Charles: N/A


Conte, Chris: 3 stars

Steltz, Craig: 4 stars

Walters, Anthony: 2 stars

Wright, Major: 4 stars


Gould, Robbie: N/A

Mannelly, Patrick: N/A

Podlesh, Adam: 2 stars

While high school ratings obviously don't translate into the NFL, it is interesting to see where some of these players stood before their college careers began.

The lone 5-star recruits that are currently with the Bears are Jay Cutler, Martellus Bennett, Terrance Toliver, and Zackary Bowman. Something tells me Julius Peppers was probably a 5-star recruit in both football and basketball.

As the first day of national recruiting comes to a close, of course Alabama and LSU are among the big winners.  FOr a complete run-down, of today's signings, click HERE.

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