Chicago Bears 7 Round Mock Draft

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We usually try and bring you a couple mock drafts each week to dissect in our Mocking The Mocks series, but today we're trying something different. Today we want you to pour over the selections that I made using the Fanspeak Draft Simulator.

Thanks to our friends over at Fanspeak we have full access to their On The Clock Draft Simulator. In their Premium version trades are allowed, so I decided to tackle a full seven round mock for the Chicago Bears.

Before the draft even started I was offered two separate trade packages to move down in the draft. Moving down is something I'd like to do at some point, but I wanted to wait and see how picks 1-13 would fall. As luck would have it, the draft fell in my favor and I managed to get one of the players I was hoping for at 14.

When the 2nd round was about to start, I was offered a healthy package of picks to drop completely out of the round by the Houston Texans. I accepted their offer of the first pick in the 3rd, 4th, and 5th rounds for my 2nd rounder.

With an extra 3rd round pick to play with, I figured I'd move my own 3rd rounder and drop down some more while adding another selection. I flipped the 18th pick in the 3rd round to the Carolina Panthers for their 3rd rounder, which was 28th in the round, and their 4th rounder.

I felt inclined to add more picks with the Bears roster in need of some youth, and my wheeling and dealing left me with 10 total picks.

Here is my total draft haul, and to check out the entire seven rounds you can click here.

Round 1 - Pick 14: Aaron Donald, Defensive Tackle, Pittsburgh
I think Donald would be the cherry on top of the brand new defensive line Sundae that Phil Emery constructed. Size is an issue for some, but a compact 285 pounds in his 6'1" frame isn't exactly small. He's athletic enough that he occasionally lined up at defensive end in college, and he has the quickness and strength to be the penetrating 3-Tech DT the Bears need.

Round 3 - Pick 65: Deone Buchannon, Strong Safety, Washington State
From an athletic standpoint, Buchannon rates right up there with the top safety prospects in the draft. He started every game the last two years, as a sophomore he started 11 of 12 games and as a freshman he started 8 of 12 games. He brings experience and physicality to the position.

Round 3 - Pick 92: Carlos Hyde, Running Back, Ohio State
I wasn't expecting to go with a running back so early, but the value from taking Hyde at this point was too good to pass up. had him rated as their #2 back, with a 2nd round grade, and their 51st overall prospect. He's a bigger back (6', 230) that plays with power. Scouts say he excels in pass protection, and that he's a viable receiving option out of the backfield.

Round 4 - Pick 101: Josh Huff, Wide Receiver, Oregon
Again, I wasn't looking for a wide out here, but the way the draft fell, I thought Huff brought the best value. He has decent size at 5'11" and 206 pounds, he has return ability, he's played some running back, and he's covered kicks. Those 5th and 6th wide outs on a roster need to be able to play special teams, and Huff can do that for you.

Round 4 - Pick 117: Ego Ferguson, Defensive Tackle, LSU
Ferguson could have benefited by staying in school for his senior year, but he does have potential to be a 3 Tech DT. Scouts say the inexperienced Ferguson needs some hard coaching at the next level.

Round 4 - Pick 128: Will Clarke, Defensive End, West Virginia
Phil Emery likes guys that transcend scheme and Clarke projects to both a 3-4 DE and a 4-3 DE. With some more strength, the 6'6" 271 pounder could kick inside to DT. He has good athleticism, he just needs to put it all together.

Round 5 - Pick 141: Daniel McCullers, Defensive Tackle, Tennessee
Maybe it's overkill, but with as poor the D-Line played last year, I feel the Bears should keep adding to their depth. McCullers brings a different aspect to the team since he is 6'7" and 352 pounds. He would be a true Monster of the Midway.

Round 5 - Pick 156: Marcus Roberson, Cornerback, Florida
I thought I'd have a corner drafted by the 5th round, but the draft wasn't falling that way. Roberson had a 2nd round grade from, so I thought he was good value here. He's a good athlete with good size (6', 191), but he needs to get stronger.

Round 6 - Pick 183: Craig Loston, Safety, LSU
Loston is another physical safety, but the Bears need some good tacklers back there. He has played special teams and he projects to be able to play both safety spots.

Round 6 - Pick 191: Colt Lyerla, Tight End, Oregon
This tight end class isn't rated very highly by scouts, but the Bears could use some competition in camp. Lyerla is an athletic player with a checkered past. Exactly the type of guy you take a late flier on. If he matures and takes to NFL coaching he could be a legit threat at TE.

Now you know the drill... Check out the full mock draft, and let me know if you would have went in a different direction with any of my picks.

I had so much fun with Fanspeak's Mock Draft Simulator that I may revisit it again next week.

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