Post Emery Show Mock Draft

I did my mock draft before Phil Emery did what Ninja GMs are supposed to do, including FA Signs, as a professional GM of course he out did my plans.

I had T.J Ward, Justin Tuck and Sam Shields, he gave us Lamarr Houston, Jared Allen and Tillman back i think he did better, do you agree?

That said in my earlier draft i had we going almost all Defense the entire draft but Emery was so sucessfull in restocking the D that this time i'm open to give Kromer and Trestman some weapons and Depht in the offense.

Here is my 2.0 draft

-With the 14 Pick Bears select (yes, no suspense here i'm sorry but it's Donald)

Aaron Donald DT Pitt 6-0 285 lbs , 22 ys old



Not trying to inventing the wheel here, when the guy looks like a football player, have the college numbers, the intangibles, the measurements (except for height), you know if walks like a duck....

Many things can go wrong with Donald, and in draft when someone starting to be so praised and so wanted by a fanbase some people will go on the opposite direction because they think is cool to be Emerying us in their picks or because they think is hype, but in Donald he checks all the boxes, and that's what you're supposed to do drafting, minimizing the risks.

Athletic ability? Check

College Production? Check

Game tape? Check

Fits the scheme? Check

Combine numbers? Check

-With the 51 pick Bears Select




Austin was supposed to be THE TE of the draft 2 years ago he was perceived as the next Gronkowski Graham type of TE, an unstoppable force in the middle of the field that makes offenses better and give Defensive coordinators nightmares, somehow in the way in the middle of bad Washington teams, Off-field issues, missing the Combine, that notion was lost, but i'm still high on him and think he can be the steal of the draft, the speed is there if you watch the tape, he is huge and play huge, it's a bit of gambling because his effort and character can be questionable but i think we can afford.

-With the 82 pick Bears Select

CB PIERRE DESIR LINDENWOOD 6'1 198 LBs 21 years old



Coming from a small school, lean, tall and fluid, this guy have a lot of upside and have growing to do both physically and on the field, but with our CB situation he can afford to sit and learn behind Jennings, Tillman, Frey and Hayden he can fight for the nickel spot and play special teams first year, but i like his upside

with 117 pick Bears select

RB/WR/KR DRI ARCHER KSTATE 5'8 178 LBs 22 years old



If you think Bears need a guy to stretch the field and replace Hester in KR look no further, Archer is speed in a bottle, a little bottle but still, 4'26 speed 20 BP (fairly good for a guy his size), people will be afraid because of his size bu in my opinion he will be fine.

With 156 pick Bears select:

S KENNY LADLER VANDERBILT 6'0 200 LBs 21 years old



A hard hitter with a thick frame and an ability to cause turnover, 5 FF in his last year in College, played FS in Vanderbilt but his lack of fluidity and his tackle ferocity will make him a SS in the NFL what is just perfect for us, his bread and butter should be hit the ball carrier and hit in hard, preferably close to line of scrimmage

With the 183 pick Bears select:

ILB MAX BULLOUGH MICH STATE 6'4 250 LBs 21 years old



A leader on the field, a guy with football lineage in his veins, old school kind of Mike (we kind like those) that rely on intelligence and intimidation to make up for the lack of athletic ability, he knows what is going on in the field, that fumble debacle last year wouldn't never happen with him on the field, ran a 4.78 @ 250 Lbs, not so bad speed.

With 191 pick Bears select




Not extremely athletic but excellent work ethic and strength, excels at run blocking but could work on his pass protection, have versatility to play all the inside positions on the line, so could wait behind Garza and backup our guards.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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