Post Combine Off-Season wishlist/blueprint

After the combine, the first Franchise Tags applied and the FA approaching is time to re-do my dream off-season for The Bears

First the bad, even with the raise on the Cap i think we gonna part ways with several players, to get younger and to clear Cap Space, i think Peppers, Podlesh and Bush are almost certain Cap Causalities, would clear up close to 20 million in cap space adding to our already 10 million, and if you flex some of the Cutler contract we could be a team with 40 millions to spend on FA, and i think Emery will just do that if the right pieces are available

I don't think Peanut is coming back i think he will get paid more than Bears are willing to pay him, and i think without Lovie he won't give us the hometown discount

i'm still on the fence over Earl Bennett, i think Bears FO will wait to see Marquese Wilson level of development before cut him eventually

With that said i think Bears gonna address 3 key pieces to our Defense in the FA Safety, DE and CB

First and more important, for me the piece that will solidify our Safety situation and even may save Cris Conte career, allowing Emery to go BPA on defense in the draft.

SS: TJ Ward 27 Yrs old - 5'11 200 lbs



An old school, run stopper in your mouth hard hitter safety, i know people will say is sacrilege but i think of Mike Brown when i see he play, i think he played for the wrong NFL team too many years already

CB: Sam Shields 26 ys old 5'11 184 lbs



He is not the most polished CB yet, but he is athletic, young and a ball hawk, i think he would be perfect as our #2 corner behind Jennings and also would hurt the Packers what is a plus.

DE - Justin Tuck 30 ys Old 6'5 270 Lbs



Here is a guy that will cost less than Michael Bennett and the other TOP DE in the free agency, just turned 30, is not washed up as some people might think and may have the biggest upside of any DE FA, he is capable of a 20 sacks season, not saying it gonna happen but he still have some left in the tank

so with 3 important priorities taken care of in the FA, the Draft will be focused on bringing youth and talent to the Defense not feeling obligated to draft any position

DRAFT ------

with the 14th pick Bears select:

Aaron Donald DT Pitt 6-0 285 lbs , 22 ys old





Your prototype 3 Tech DT for a Tampa 2 Defense, agile, compact, disruptive, strong enough to Bull rush guys if needed, his speed is freakish for a guy of his size, 4.60 i know 40 time isn't important for a Dlineman but to put in perspective if he was among RBs he would be in middle of the pack, more important was his 3 cone time that placed him among the best WITH THE DEs

He is a freakish athlete and the only reason he won't go high as TOP7 is because his size limits the amount of teams that he would fit

with the 51th pick Bears select:

Stanley Jean-Baptiste CB -Nebraska 6'2 218 Lbs - 23 ys old



Some people may think it might be a reach at 51 but of all CBs Stanley might be the one the helped his cause the most in the combine, also the run on Tall Physical Corners in these draft will be a trend, he could Start right away, but with Sam Shield and Tim Jennings he could play the Nickel corner position and be aligned with TEs and tall WRs with no problems, learning our scheme and eventually taking the starter position

with the 82th pick Bears Select

Daquan Jones DT - Penn Stat 6'3 320 lbs 22 ys old



Bears double dip in the DT position, not quite tough because one is a 3 tech and the other is a classical Nose Tackle gap eater 4-3 DT, he is a physical specimen that can help stop the run but also versatile enough to go after the QB, he fits the Emery mold being versatile and big, scouts think he can play the NT position both in a 4-3 or 3-4 front

with the 113th pick Bears select:

Taylor Hart DE - Oregon 6-6 285



He is not the guy who gonna collect sacks daily in the NFL, not the best atlhete either but he is the guy who can be lined up in the LDE position and hold his ground against the run making the run game go trough the inside, i think he will be a solid NFL player "Long arms and above-average anchor gives him strong point of attack skills. Powerful upper body. Eats up space and can anchor down as a two-gap defender. Heavy and active hands and uses them well in a phone booth. "

with the 144th pick Bears select :




I don't wanna sound like one of the scouts Brad Pitt make fun of in moneyball but the guy looks like a football player, he come from a lineage of tough Football players, we saw how that worked out for the Longs, he is supposed to be a 2 down Lb, but his 40 yds was among the best in the LB position 4.78 is not Brian Urlacher speed but is pretty good for a guy at his size

with the 167th pick Bears select:

Dri Archer RB, Kent State 5'8 185



Ok there's no point debating anymore the qualities and flaws of Dri Archer i think at this point anyone that follow even lightly the draft know them, he is fast super fast, he is a blur, he is also small the opposite of Bullough, he doesn't look like a football player, he might be undersized to be a NBA PG but the could be the missing point in out Offense, the explosive RB/WR Hybrid that most teams use in today NFL

with the 175th pick Bears select:

Kenny Ladler - Safety Vanderbilt 6'0 200 Lbs , 21 ys old



A developmental safety, with tremendous upside, ball skills and measurements that could learn behind Ward and Conte and contribute largely in the special teams in the first years.

So that's my bears off-season, i'm not including the small one year signings on Free Agency because i think that's makes too much of reading material and is kind of a crap shoot, also i think Peppers only will be cut after the FA and if we sign the players we want, i think if Emery is not satisfied with the players to spend money on he will let Peppers play this year under his contract.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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