Aaron Donald: "I'll force a trade if the Bears draft me"

Streeter Lecka

There is some potentially bad news looming if the Chicago Bears decide to draft Aaron Donald at 14. Then again this article was published on April Fool's Day, so you never can tell...

In a recent interview with the Pennsylvania Gazette, defensive tackle prospect Aaron Donald opened up to Senior NFL Columnist Art Vandelay about his hopes for the upcoming NFL Draft.

"It's been a dream of mine to play professional football in the Black and Yellow. I'm a Pittsburgh kid at heart, and my heart belongs in Pittsburgh. I played high school ball in Pittsburgh, I played collegiate ball in Pittsburgh, and I should play at the next level in Pittsburgh too."

Chicago Bears fans have seen Donald mocked to their team by just about every mock drafter out there. He may not be only the best player available in the 1st round at 14th overall, but he would also fill a huge need for the Bears. After going "all in" at defensive end in free agency, the Bears could really use a disruptive force at the three technique defensive tackle position. Donald is head and shoulders the top 3-Tech available, but he has other plans for his future.

"I've seen the mock drafts, and I know the Steelers pick at 15. Most of these so called experts have me being drafted by the Bears at 14 and that's just not going to work out for me. If I'm drafted before 15 I won't be happy, but I won't hold out. I know exactly what I'll do because if it's good enough for the pretty boy quarterbacks, it's good enough for me. So make no mistake about it, I'll force a trade if the Bears draft me at 14."

The Pittsburgh Steelers play a 3-4, a scheme that at first glance makes little sense for the 6'1, 285 pound Donald, but he believes he can thrive in their defense. In fact, he asked the Pitt coaches his senior year to play him at defensive end, so he could showcase his skills rushing from the edge. He has the speed to play as a 5-Tech DE, and he has the experience playing on the nose in a 3-4.

From his d-line coach at Pitt, Inoke Breckterfield.

"Junior year, as 3-4 nose tackle, he had 11 sacks," said Breckterfield, who was a third-team All-American defensive end for Oregon State. "He comes back his senior year and knocks it out of the park. He's played in multiple systems. I think he can play anywhere on the defensive line.

"3-4 teams really looking at him to see if he can be that 3-4 end or 3-4 nose. Wherever you put him at, he'll work his tail off. Wherever they decide to take him, he'll mold himself into that guy."

From former NFL scout Sidd Finch.

Donald's low center of gravity is a plus for him. He's able to get lower than the offensive linemen and use his incredible strength to anchor as a two gap player or he can use his freakish speed to shoot his gap in a one gap scheme. If I were still employed in the NFL, my advice to my team would be top draft Donald ASAP, he's that good.

I think it's safe to say that Donald could transcend scheme, which makes him even more attractive to Chicago GM Phil Emery. There was a brief mention at yesterday's presser about Donald's trade demands by Emery.

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