It has been revealed to me...

"Conspiracy theories do express a psychological truth. They give voice to a feeling of helplessness and rage, the primal indignation of being cast into a world ruled by institutions and ideologies that are inimical to human well being.-Charles Eisenstein"

That quote has little do to with this post. I just wanted to add it because its awesome.

By a vision in my brain-box thing. Or perhaps was it a connection to my higher self that I was able to tap into for just… long… enough, to clear my perceptions so that I could accurately read the Tea leaves?? We may never know, but what can can agree to agree upon is the likely core concept of this years game plan. barring the failure to appease the war goads or navigate the probability matrix of bad luck and blind ass referees. All opinions expressed by this commenter come standard with the disclaimer of unless injuries or blind refs. As we should all agree with out argument. seconded, movement passes.

I look at this line up and our acquisitions and I see one heck of a run game ready to take over a game. Where should one begin when trying to unfold a conspiracy theory to the uninitiated? I shall begin where it likely will end.

The Running back position.

It is my Assertion that not many runningbacks can achieve the level of success we like to recognize as "greatness" without the help of a very good group of blockers. A Competent Commitment of the Coaching staff to the run and lots of capable blockers who can be counted on to win their battles most of the time. Hester Had that kind of blocking when Brendon Abendayo was here, and Corey Graham and the rest of a very solid group who made sure they made a difference when they had a chance.

Now, look at what we have assembled here in Chicago.

-Brandon Marshall. Bar none, best run blocking wide receiver in the history of… PFF. but still. That’s gotta be worth something right? Fresh off an extension and surgery and feeling very loved and willing to put his body soul and heart on the line for this team. He is going to absolutely crush fools. There is not one better athlete on our entire team nor any defense who compares to his full on beast mode capabilities. I’m pretty sure we’re gonna get his best this year. He will be the the focus of our offense as he should be, many catches, many yards, I fully expect he will get his Thousand yards again this year. He’s also going to be an absolute hammer in the run game. and if they walk up on him, he will do as he does and man handle them. Just like the technique Michael Irvin is always saying would beat Revis Island.

The next two receivers are good size and oughta be able to block the slot cornerbacks that most teams have, heck our guys are as big as linebackers and that’s just the good ones! next think about Hixon and that limo puncher guy. He sounds tough. What I’m sayin is, our boys is big we should be able to get the back side blocked too.

Next up on our Solid keys to the Running game series is Last years first round draft pick! Howie Long. whoops, oh did ya think I made a mistake? nope! Howie is on the flagship Network for the NFC correct? Well in case ya hadn’t heard, his son, ya know, the redeemed drug addict one? He’s pretty much gonna be the strong, agile tip of the spear to our Arron Kromer coordinated Offense. A running based offense with another bad mutha truka in Slauson. You should already know about the best lineman on our team. There is nothing needed to say about him. that’s how good he is. moving on.

Garza may be getting old and can’t push Fairley and Suh straight back but he’s been successful before, he came to us from Atlanta and right off a great season running the ball. Vick days of course. He never had an ACL from the beginning. That picture of him squatting with that bar bending under all the plates? It was a meme for us to remember that he’s taking this team on his shoulders and he’s straining so hard for the team and yadda yadda, remember… The NFL has to provide stories as well as games. Garza Is on his last contract and will be given a hero’s send off if he can lead this O-line. If not, Puente had a great year run blockin with Kromer, who just might know the secret to getting the most out of that man as well as Bushrod and.. heck, has he ever been able not to make a player good?

Did you all happen to see all the BAMF’s we just got in the draft? Imagine that Wisconsin kid playing fullback, Groy pistol snaps it to J. Lynch who fakes it to Carry and caries it himself behind a pulling Kyle Long, a collapseing cascade of Mulligan, Bennett.. Maybe this Leno fella or good ole Britton. Maybe Marshall gets to decide if the situation demands a giant block or if its better to step back for a unstoppable short toss.

Speaking of those new guys, I can’t wait to see them play. The players I know a little bit better are these Running backs but only thanks to the great highlight videos and stats. If this offense is capable of what I think it will be… It won’t matter if we have Forte or not. Good ole ball coaches with good Blockers can make any back look pretty doggone gud. We shouldn’t have to pay franchise back money to experience a lot of success at the position. Look at what Forte did last year, at Charlie Garner flash back to Rodger Craig. who was it that was the Saints runner that Kromer can be credited for? Ummm Umm I can’t remember but I do seem to remember a lot of no names like up in Denver during Shannahan days and the zone blocking he had.

We have acquired some really good backs for camp and think we’re gonna be using a couple more than we know this season. There’s no sense in wearing out AJ Free and running up his stats and "mileage" when its just going to max his new contract the better he does, That fella is motivated by making the absolute best of the limited chances he gets. Unless our primary quarterback goes down again and Trestman once again flips the gameplans to feature the decoy instead of the star he should work on being a great blocker and setting up his gotta win third down moves. Worked last year, will work again.

The timing of the Passing offense is being worked on right now. They aren’t going to be practicing the passing game During the season as much this year because they will have down so much better. This year the primary goal is a solid running game. As well as practice stopping it. That’s the second part of this equation. The defense need to prove they can stop the run. The offense needs to perfect it. There’s gonna be a need for fresh backs. One shall rise above the rest and one day Carry the torch of great Bear runners.

As Chicago Bear fans who have watched years upon years of Defensive lead teams we all understand the benefits of a solid dependable run game. Its going to mean wins and closeouts, Our defense is going to be very good this year too. Rested, Clever and creative/adaptive. The new D lineman are learning from good coaches and Prideful Pro Bowl Vets who each have a strong personal desire for a winning team. There will be run fits and there will be opportunities to pass rush and make plays. Don’t let one season removed from success make you forget Tillman, Manning and now Fuller are men who can play ball. These are peak performers and will win battles if given a chance. The back end is a test of Hoke. Can he teach safeties to play given that they are going to have almost as nice a time of it as our Runningbacks are going to? Does he deserve a high draft pick to sculpt? He’s been given a project. One who has what you want as a prospect. athleticism, maturity, and a mind like a coach. I say we see if Vereen can surprise us and if not, there’s still plenty of satisfactory back there.

Has this ramble made its case? Can everyone see the clear path laid out before us? Punishing running games win. Its a thing. It goes back a long ways in this little strategy game. Just ask the old depository of absolute wisdom we call Ed Brown. He’ll tell ya, he knows almost everything. Running games are the foundation, everything builds off that. Passing scores points, Trestman has proven he can provide that as we need it. Much easier in fact if we can get him the shorter downs and distances, as well setting up TE and double move Play action passes. Its a good thing. Also, that strategy is sposed to be safer for the ball and your fancy expensive quarterback with weak backups. Its time for Forte to keep earning the money he wants. He Understands what is expected of him and hasn’t given us any reason to lay off the throttle with using him. Its what he wants, I say we run him till that stallion can’t run no more. If I had used the term "little monkey" would that be racist? or a clever nod to the great Howard Cosell?

Ahh, that felt good. all done. thanks for reading. Btw I went looking for my post from way back earlier when I predicted we were gonna draft a Cornerback before Anyone else? yeah. But there’s a limit to how far I can scroll on my profile. is that all that can be done? My previous premonition cannot be resurrected for respect nor proven by providing? Shame. SO this time, try to really remember this particular prognostication in your bloody brain boxes!

The Chicago Bears offense is going to be one of the best at rushing and T.O.P. in the league. We have a very High ceiling this year. I would wager every last cent of my entire fortune if I lived in Vegas. Anyone wanna gimmie the 20-1? Or dismiss my delusions as very high and explain why? Trust the Trest! Believe in Brandon! Santa Claus is gonna be delivering us a big fat diabetic present this year (git it?) Howdy national scene, nice to meet cha! The Bears are Back.

<em>This FanPost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member, and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.</em>

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