Early 2014 Predictions: Wins and Losses


There has been a lot of heart break in Chicago over these past few years. The bears have been on the cusp of something great every season since acquiring Jay Cutler. They have been right there but just can't get over the hump. Injuries have had something to do with the downfall of the bears. Every disappointment felt has been carried with an injury to Cutler. Whether it is a broken thumb, pulled groin, concussion, or the infamous knee sprain of the NFC Championship Game, Cutler has had issues staying healthy for key games. This year looks to be the year where it all turns around for the quarterback. Reports out of Chicago are that Cutler looks better than he has ever before. Of course he cannot do it by himself. The offensive line has been improved. The guy took a beating his first few years in Chicago, no one can debate that. In addition to the improved line, he has the best wide receiving combo in recent memory along with the most underrated running back in the NFL. The defense was always good during Cutler's time until last year. The Defense was ravaged by injuries the entire season and fell apart. With key additions and more depth the defense will be back to form in 2014. All the pieces are in place for the bears to succeed. So how well will the bears do this season? Let's take a look.

WEEK 1: vs Buffalo - Win (34-17)

WEEK 2: at San Francisco - Loss (21-17)

With the 49ers opening up a new football stadium and the bears will have a tough time crashing the party.

WEEK 3: at New York (Jets) - Win (27-21)

WEEK 4: vs Packers - Win (24-10)

The bears are looking for redemption in this game and they will get it. Look for this game to be the break out game for Marquis Wilson.

WEEK 5: at Carolina - Loss (24-21)

This match up looks to be the smack in the face that wakes the bears up for the entire season. It will be a tough one to swallow but won’t affect the bears playoff hopes.

WEEK 6: at Atlanta - Win (28-10)

The bears will look to rebound after the heartbreaking defeat to the panthers.

WEEK 7: vs Miami - Win (21-10)

WEEK 8: at New England - Loss (28-14)

This is a game the bears will look back on and think they beat themselves. It's hard to win in Gillette Stadium and this game seems to be the perfect place for Cutler to have a few hiccups.


The bears are 5-3 coming into the bye looking to regroup after the loss to the patriots.

WEEK 10: at Green Bay - Win (17-14)

This will be a classic NFC north game with the bears prevailing thanks to a game winning pass by Jay Cutler.

WEEK 11: vs Minnesota - Win (24-10)

WEEK 12: vs Tampa Bay - Win (24-14)

The return of Lovie Smith and Josh McCown will be overshadowed by a huge day on the ground from Matt Forte.

WEEK 13: at Detroit - Loss (31-24)

WEEK 14: vs Dallas - Win (38-21)

WEEK 15: vs New Orleans - Loss (35-28)

This game will be a shootout where Brees gets the best of Cutler in the end.

WEEK 16: vs Detroit - Win (24-17)

WEEK 17: at Minnesota - Loss (21-17)

The bears finish 10-6 along with winning the NFC north. This is a big step over the last few years where the bears have been disappointing. The fourth seed in the playoffs is not a bad spot for the bears. They can compete with anyone they face and once you are in the playoffs it is anyone's game.

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