Bears History

Devin Hester's 92-yard Super Bowl TD

Is there any other Hester memory that is better than this?

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Where does Gabe Carimi rank in Bears Draft Busts?

Former Chicago Bears first round draft pick Gabe Carimi was released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers yesterday. His career hasn't lived up to his 1st round status, but was he the biggest flop in Chicago drafting history?

Is Matt Forte still underrated?

After six NFL seasons and two Pro-Bowls, the Bears running back is not always mentioned as a top back in the league. What is his place in Bears history so far?

Michael Keller Ditka, by God

It was a special night at Soldier Field, both during official play and halftime. The Bears retired Mike Ditka's number 89, and the coach had a powerful message to the fans of Chicago.

Bears offensive players on record pace

During tonight's game against the Cowboys the Bears could surpass some big milestones on their way to being one of the best offenses Chicago has ever had.

Bears to retire #89 Monday night vs Cowboys

Not only is Mike Ditka's number being retired this week, but it is likely to be the last number ever retired by the Chicago Bears.

Bears vs Cowboys: TV, Streaming, Odds, Ditka, More

The Cowboys come to Chicago to take on the Bears while

The Chicago Bears need defensive reinforcements

Our Chicago Bears are struggling through a historic defensive drought these days. It's been years, and years, and years, since The Monsters Of The Midway looked this non-monstrous. The Bears need help, and we know exactly who they should call.

SI Kids picks the Top 10 of Everything in Sports

SI for Kids has released another awesome book, and this time their editors have selected the Top Ten of Everything in Sports. And when they say Everything, they mean everything. How well represented were the Chicago Bears? Continue on to find out.


Former Bears QB Jim McMahon inducted into Utah HoF

Few Chicago Bears players, past or present, captured the city like Jim McMahon. His iconic run in the 80s was a thing of legend, and his anti-establishment attitude brought him national notoriety. Last night he was inducted into the Utah Sports Hall

Clyde Bulldog Turner, Unsung Monster Of The Midway

Occasionally some of the Chicago Bears all time greats are forgotten about among names like Payton, Luckman, Ditka, Sayers, & Butkus. There is a recently released book about Bears Hall Of Famer Clyde "Bulldog" Turner that we wanted to bring to light.

From the Archive, 1993 - Favre, Player of the Week

Late in the '93 season and with first place in the division on the line, Packers QB Brett Favre came into Soldier Field and found a way to win the game. Unfortunately for Favre, he won the game for the wrong team.

From the Archive - Rams @ Bears, 1966

Step into the WCG time machine to catch Gale Sayers in his prime.

Who are the Bears' statistical Franchise Nemeses?

What players have done the most statistical damage against the Chicago Bears since 1960? Some of the names are no-brainers, while some may surprise you.

Doug Plank is the final face on Mt. Lunchpail

Remember when your football coach said, 'If we had if we had 11 {Insert high effort, hard working kids name here} we'd never lose a game.'? Well, the Mt. Lunchpail guys are kind of like that. Congrats to the four Chicago Bears that were voted on.

Who is the most underrated Chicago Bear ever?

Last week we asked you which current Chicago Bears player was the most underrated, now we want to know which Bear is the most underrated in the history of the franchise.

What would make 2013 a successful season?

We all want a championship... That's what every owner, GM, head coach, player, and fan wants for their team. But sometimes, there are more realistic goals for the season.

What's your favorite sports memory of Dad?

Let's face it... Dads are pretty much the best superheros of them all, and generally speaking like to do sporting things with their kids. What about yours?

PFT gets the Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore wrong

If you're going to ask your readers to select an iconic foursome to adorn a Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore, then you should probably just deal with the results.

Mannelly is 3rd on Mt. Lunchpail, who will be 4th?

A Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore is far too easy, so we're going the unconventional route, and looking for four players to adorn our Mt. Lunchpail!

What's your jersey collection?

Deciding which NFL jersey to buy should require a lot of thought, but sometimes impulses take over and you just splurge. Got any old Chicago Bears jerseys?

Suhey is 2nd on Mt. Lunchpail: Vote round 3 now!

Picking a Chicago Bears Mt. Rushmore is far too easy, so we want to know which four Bears should be chiseled into Mt. Lunchpail. Tom Waddle and Matt Suhey were the first two voted onto the side of the mountain, who will be #3? Voting is now open!

Name one moment you would change in Bears history?

Is there one single moment in Chicago Bears history that you would change? My moment takes us all the way back to 1986.

Waddle is 1st on Mt. Lunchpail: Vote round 2 now!

We're looking for some Chicago guys for our Mt. Lunchpail, a unique version of a sports Mt. Rushmore. The first face to be chiseled is former Bears wide receiver Tom Waddle. Be sure to vote on who you'd like to see as face #2.

It's time to vote for the Bears Mt. Lunchpail

Be sure to vote for your top choice. After a winner is determined in round one, we'll have another poll for the second spot in Mt. Lunchpail, and so on and so forth, until we have all four spots chiseled in some OSS stone.

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