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Which 1st round pick would make you really angry?

The Bears are set to select at 14th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft, and general manager Phil Emery has made two consecutive head-scratching first round picks. With the talent available this year Emery has to take a guy "worthy" of 14, doesn't he?

Has your perception of Jay Cutler changed?

There is arguably no more polarizing a figure in all of Chicago sports than Jay Cutler. He plays the highest profile of positions on the most popular sport, so he obviously has a lot of eyes on him. People either love him or hate him.

Donald: "I'll force a trade if the Bears draft me"

There is some potentially bad news looming if the Chicago Bears decide to draft Aaron Donald at 14. Then again this article was published on April Fool's Day, so you never can tell...

What do you expect from Cornelius Washington?

Chicago has added 2 new starting free agent defensive ends while watching last year's starters move on to NFC North rivals. The Bears still need an edge rusher, but could he be already on the roster? Do they have high hopes for Cornelius Washington?

Is Josh McCown too popular for the Chicago Bears?

Chicago Bears free agent quarterback Josh McCown is expecting a raise after playing the best football of his career in 2013. If he does leave the Bears, could there be more to his exit than just money? Is he too popular for the Bears?

How does Cutler perform in the clutch?

Jerry Angelo said that Jay Cutler is "inconsistent" in the clutch, do the numbers back up his point?

Here are the 2013 Chicago Bears word clouds

Over at they had some fantastic NFL based Word Clouds that were compiled from reddit threads during the '13 season. Here are what they had for the Chicago Bears. A quick glance through the popular words looks like something we'd see on WCG.

Which Olympic sport would Bears players compete in

The Winter Olympics are underway and that got us thinking, which events would Chicago Bears players take part in?

The "Defense Wins Championships" myth is back

I'm all for a good old school slobber-knocking defensive performance coupled with a hard nosed running game, but the NFL has put rules in place to make it easier to throw the ball. The NFL is a passing league whether you want to admit it or not.

Trolling 101: Denver wins the Cutler Trade

The Denver Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl this Sunday, and when some Chicago Bears fans think about the Broncos, they think about the Jay Cutler trade in 2009.


How close are the Bears to winning a Super Bowl?

The Bears haven't won a championship in 28 years but with chairman George McCaskey, general manager Phil Emery and head coach Marc Trestman, how far are the Bears from hoisting a Lombardi Trophy?

WCG Madden Stream: The Preseason

We left the offseason on a down note, with a bunch of free agents gone and a ton of roster overhaul. Tonight, we'll attempt to patch that and play some real football.

Tell Goodell to stop messing with the NFL

Roger Goodell keeps trotting out new ideas to change the NFL. It's already the best and most popular sport in the country so why mess with a good thing?

Go away, extra point. You're unwanted.

The extra point is silly and outdated. Here's some ways to get some excitement in your after-touchdown points.

Bears Defense & Specialists: Final 2013 stats

A look at how the Chicago Bears' final defensive position groups' and specialists' numbers compare to projections coming out of the bye week, and after 12 games.

WCG Madden Stream: The Offseason

In this week's Madden stream, we undertake free agency and the draft, and we've already had some interesting developments.

Was Marc Trestman the right hire?

It's been one year since the Bears hired Marc Trestman to the be the team's 14th head coach. Was it the right move?


WCG Madden Streaming - Offseason Plans

We're putting together plans for our offseason streaming, but we'd also like your input! What do you want to see and what changes would you make to the stream in the future?

Fire Lovie Smith - Again

The Bears tried to fire Lovie Smith but keep his defense. How well did that plan work out?

Jay Cutler and Rebuilding the Defense

The 2014 offseason's major storyline will be how the Bears rebuild the once-proud defensive unit.

WCG Stream Talks Cutler, Playoffs, and Season End

Our now-weekly stream breaks down the new contract extensions for Jay Cutler, Tim Jennings and Matt Slauson, as well as discusses the end of the Bears' season and a bit of the playoff picture.

What is Jay Cutler's Bears legacy?

Jay Cutler signed a new deal this week to be the Bears' franchise QB for the next few years but what is his signature game with the Bears?

Wanna hear a joke? Lacy over Forte for '13 All Pro

We demand a recount. We need an immediate explanation on how Matt Forte was left off the NFL All Pro Team for 2013. What stings even more, is the player he was snubbed for is a Green Bay Packer with lesser credentials.

Bears offensive skill positions: Final 2013 stats

A look at how the Chicago Bears' final offensive skill positions' numbers compare to projections coming out of the bye week, and after 12 games.

Has Marc Trestman made the right QB decision?

Marc Trestman has made several bold decisions as a first-year head coach but none are bigger than the decision to bench the red-hot Josh McCown for Jay Cutler.

Bears Defense & Specialists: Projected stats, pt.2

How are the Chicago Bears' defensive position groups and specialists doing? We revisit their projected stats for 2013 and see how they look compared to the figures coming out of the bye week.

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