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Phil Mushnick is a clueless dolt


The New York Post's Phil Mushnick calls Brandon Marshall a miscreant in his column from Sunday, August 16th.

100 Things Bears Fans Should Know And Do


If we were to ask our readers to list things that every Bears fan should know & do before they die, we'd probably need to leave the comment section open for months. Thankfully Triumph Books has...

Does your town have any NFL connections?


NFL players come from all over the country, and when they play they live anywhere around the cities. Does your city have any connections to a current or former NFL player or athlete?

Is Peanut buying into the Trestman regime?


Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman recently expressed disappointment that he wasn't able to sign with former coach Lovie Smith and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite returning to the team, is...

There is weird Bears stuff on Etsy, y'all


Etsy is full of weird homemade things. The Bears weren't exempt from that.

This is Jay Cutler's Time to Perform


Now that the Bears' offense is in place, the parts around Cutler improved, and his contract secured, it's Cutler's time to show why the Bears have invested so heavily in him.

Bears' Defense Building for Long Term Success


The Bears will head into 2014 with at least five and possibly up to seven new starters, adding several new free agents. How do those roster additions help the team's long-term future?

Bears chairman George has Bears on the right path


George McCaskey took over the Bears three years ago and has erased doubts about ownership by setting a new tone for the organization. And giving fans hope.

Which over-30 DE will be more effective in 2014?


The NFC North saw a couple of notable defensive ends switch teams this offseason. Which player on the wrong side of 30 has more left in the tank?

How do you define a draft bust?


There are many ways of looking at a draft bust. Looking back at some notorious players in Bears history, not all of them should be considered draft busts. How do you define the term?


We can call Alshon Jeffery "The Show"


Even after a break out season that led to a Pro Bowl appearance, fans and media alike were still fumbling Alshon Jeffery's last name. If you find yourself stumbling over his last name, he has...

Could Johnny Manziel be more hated than Jay Cutler


Jay Cutler and Johnny Manziel are polarizing figures who are disliked for trivial reasons. Could Cutler's spot atop the "hated for no reason" mantel be in jeopardy?

Not every National NFL Analyst is clueless


Last season the Chicago Bears were one of six teams that finished with an even 8-8 record. Gil Brandt, NFL Media senior analyst for, is predicting an improvement for the Bears in 2014.

One Year Ago, Brian Urlacher Retired


One year ago on Friday, Brian Urlacher retired from the NFL after two months of searching for a new team. We offer our thoughts on the Bears since then.

The transformation of Brandon Marshall


Brandon Marshall came to Chicago as a talented player who might have been on his last chance in the NFL. Two years later he's a model player with one of the best makeover stories in the league.

Are you ready for some minor league football?


Football has long eclipsed baseball as America's favorite sport according to TV ratings & attendance totals, but why is it that no other outdoor league has been able to last? I recently spoke with...

Does team chemistry matter in the NFL?


The Chicago Bears begin their official offseason program this week but many members of the team spent weeks together this winter training together. Will it impact the Bears on-field?

Which 1st round pick would make you really angry?


The Bears are set to select at 14th overall in the upcoming NFL Draft, and general manager Phil Emery has made two consecutive head-scratching first round picks. With the talent available this year...

Has your perception of Jay Cutler changed?


There is arguably no more polarizing a figure in all of Chicago sports than Jay Cutler. He plays the highest profile of positions on the most popular sport, so he obviously has a lot of eyes on...

Donald: "I'll force a trade if the Bears draft me"


There is some potentially bad news looming if the Chicago Bears decide to draft Aaron Donald at 14. Then again this article was published on April Fool's Day, so you never can tell...

What do you expect from Cornelius Washington?


Chicago has added 2 new starting free agent defensive ends while watching last year's starters move on to NFC North rivals. The Bears still need an edge rusher, but could he be already on the...

Is Josh McCown too popular for the Chicago Bears?


Chicago Bears free agent quarterback Josh McCown is expecting a raise after playing the best football of his career in 2013. If he does leave the Bears, could there be more to his exit than just...

How does Cutler perform in the clutch?


Jerry Angelo said that Jay Cutler is "inconsistent" in the clutch, do the numbers back up his point?

Here are the 2013 Chicago Bears word clouds


Over at they had some fantastic NFL based Word Clouds that were compiled from reddit threads during the '13 season. Here are what they had for the Chicago Bears. A quick glance through...

Which Olympic sport would Bears players compete in


The Winter Olympics are underway and that got us thinking, which events would Chicago Bears players take part in?

The "Defense Wins Championships" myth is back


I'm all for a good old school slobber-knocking defensive performance coupled with a hard nosed running game, but the NFL has put rules in place to make it easier to throw the ball. The NFL is a...

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