Game Recap

Number crunchin' the Packers vs Bears game


The Bears lost a heart wrenching game to the Packers by a score of 33-28. The defeat gave the division crown to Green Bay, and a quick glance at the numbers tells a familiar story. There will be...

Which position group cost the Bears the game?


For the second week in a row the Bears squandered an opportunity to win the division and get in the playoffs. Which position groups take most of the responsibility for the wasted opportunity?

Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Packers


We're going over our notes from yesterday's loss to the Packers that ended the Bears' season.

Season Over: Bears Lose NFC North; Fall to Packers


The Bears had a lead in the last minute of the game, but the Packers scored on a last minute touchdown to win the NFC North.

Number crunchin' the Eagles game


Chicago Bears head coach Marc Trestman joked that this game film is already in the trash can and it's time to turn the page and get ready for next week. We won't do that here at WCG, we'll break...

Which Bears position group played the worst?


The Bears laid an absolute egg Sunday night with it all there for the taking. Which position group should take on most of the blame?

Bears embarrassed on SNF, lose 54-11


It was an ugly showing for Sunday Night Football, and now the Bears have to refocus on Green Bay in Week 17.

Did Jay Cutler and the Bears play well enough?


The Chicago Bears scored 21 fourth quarter points to pull away from the Cleveland Browns and go on to win 38-31. Let's take a look inside the numbers, and go over some team stats, some individual...

Grading the Bears-Browns game


How did each phase of the game fare against the Browns in yesterday's 38-31 win?

Bears vs Browns: Notes, Scribbles, Etc.


The Bears took down the Browns on their tough road to the playoffs. We noticed some things. Read them.


Recap: Bears defeat Browns 38-31


In Jay Cutler's return, the Bears had some struggles, but ultimately kept their playoff hopes alive...

Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Cowboys


The Bears beat the Cowboys last night, and we're breaking down how they did it with our notes and other minutiae.

Still Alive


It was a wild night at Soldier Field, and the Chicago Bears kept their playoff hopes alive.

Positional grades for Bears-Vikings


Much of the blame for Sunday's loss to the Vikings has been put on head coach Marc Trestman. But how did each position grade, though?

Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Vikings


We're breaking down yesterday's overtime loss to the Vikings.

Bears lose in OT to Vikings 23-20


The Bears defense coughed up another game, which pulls the playoff window nearly as closed as it can be without actually shutting it.

Grading the Bears loss to the Rams


How did each unit grade out in the Bears' 42-21 loss to the Rams in St. Louis Sunday?

Don't panic...


We touch on a few things related to the Bears loss below...

Bears lose to Rams 42-21


Quick recap: The Bears and Rams played an interesting game Sunday afternoon...

Positional grades for Bears-Ravens


How did each position group fare in yesterday's overtime win against Baltimore?

Video recap: Bears vs Ravens


SB Nation studios provided a video recap of yesterday's overtime victory.

Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Ravens


We're going over our notes from yesterday's five hours and twenty minutes of Bears and Ravens overtime football.

Recap: Bears beat Ravens 23-20 in OT


A quick recap of the Chicago Bears vs Baltimore Ravens contest

Positional grades for Bears vs. Lions


How did each positional group grade out after the initial viewing of the Bears-Lions game yesterday?

Bears fall to Lions 21-19


In a big divisional game, the Bears just couldn't quite match-up.

Bears-Packers postional grades


The Bears played with their back up quarterback but scored 27 points and the defense gave up 199 rushing yards but how did each position group grade out?

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