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Preview: TNA Impact for July 11, 2013


Women on ladders - and they can actually wrestle! We'll have that pre-taped tonight, along with a Joker's Wild night of Bound for Glory series action and more news of the Main Event Mafia and Aces...

Bears Free Agent Contracts Are Very Team Friendly


No matter who else the Bears sign this offseason, we already know that it will end up being a very team friendly contract. Take a look at how Phil Emery and Cliff Stein have worked the system to...

Red Eye Picks The 20 Greatest Chicago Bears

The Chicago Tribune's Red Eye lists their 20 Greatest Chicago Bears, stop by Windy City Gridiron for some always candid discussion.

In your face Tim Tebow Haters


Week after week one more NFL analyst or so called expert swallows a little more crow as Tim Tebow continues to amaze. Tim Tebow takes the high road when responding to these folks but that doesn't mean we need to. A quick review and response to the most critical Tim Tebow haters.

Broncos tame Bears; Tebow and Prater come up big!


The most amazing winning streak in Broncos history continues in unbelievable fashion. Tim Tebow, strong defense, and Matt Prater's leg carry the Broncos to their 6th straight victory. Tebow now 7-1 as a starter!

Candid Urlacher Interview


Has some great Candid interviews of NFL players. Love the interview with Urlacher. He seems to be enjoying himself, under the circumstances who wouldn't. Wasn't sure how to embed this, scroll down for the Urlacher interviews. Hope this hasn't been posted before, first time I saw it.

Brian Urlacher Out For the Season?


Brian Urlacher suffered a dislocated right wrist in yesterday's loss against the Green Bay Packers. He himself said "season is over" via text message. He's a great linebacker, but good to know he won't factor come week 3. Obviously a crushing blow for the Bears but it's our gain come the 27th.


Bill Swerski’s Superfans Predict the ’09 Bears

Bill - Welcome one and all, to this undisclosed location, as cigar smoking in an indoor place of business in Illinois is no longer legal. Todd – And we like to smoke. Bill – Yes we like to smoke....

The Quotable Bears (Week One)


To start this installment of the Quotable Bears, I'd like to show what the Bears think about us: ''Preseason doesn't count!'' one player bellowed. ''What are they going to write about now?''...

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